Sportsman's Park III National League Firsts
aka Busch Stadium (1953-66)
St. Louis, MO

This park was used by the AL Browns 1909-1953.

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Game 07/01/1920 Pirates 6, Cardinals 2 (10 innings)
  Umpires Charlie Moran, Cy Rigler
  Managers Branch Rickey, Cardinals
    George Gibson, Pirates
  Starting Pitchers Ferdie Schupp, Cardinals
    Hal Carlson, Pirates
  Ceremonial Pitch None
  Attendance 18,000 (est.)
  Batter Carson Bigbee (walk)
  Hit Billy Southworth (single)
  Run Carson Bigbee
  RBI Max Carey
  Single Billy Southworth
  Double Howdy Caton
  Triple Carson Bigbee
  Home Run Cliff Heathcote
  Grand Slam Rogers Hornsby (06/21/1921)
  IPHR Ivey Wingo (04/29/1921)
  Stolen Base Cliff Heathcote
  Sacrifice Hit Doc Lavan
  Sacrifice Fly Rogers Hornsby (07/03/1920)
  Cycle Chick Hafey (08/21/1930)
  Win Hal Carlson
  Loss Bill Sherdel
  Shutout Bill Doak (07/02/1920)
  Save N/A
  Hit by Pitch Bill Sherdel hit Buck Herzog (07/05/1920 Gm 2)
  Wild Pitch Marv Goodwin (07/03/1920)
  Balk Jack Wisner (08/15/1920 Gm 2)
  No-Hitter Jesse Haines (07/17/1924)