Ejections are a common feature of baseball with some confrontations being especially memorable. The first systematic compilation
of ejection details was that of Doug Pappas. David Vincent wrote a brief history of ejections in a paper that is on the research page
of the Retrosheet website: (Ejection History). The ejection database is now maintained by Retrosheet.

David noted that umpires only gained the authority to remove unruly players, coaches, and managers in 1889. Prior to that time,
the only penalties for misbehavior were monetary fines and possibly suspensions. David Smith analyzed patterns of ejections
for SABR50. That presentation is also on the Retrosheet research page (Ejection Patterns).

As a prelude to the SABR50 paper, the Retrosheet compilation of ejections was expanded, put into standard format and proofed
for accuracy. Rob Wood was instrumental in these enhancements.

Retrosheet now has detailed information on nearly 18,000 ejections and our full data base is available for download here: Ejection Data,.
This chronologiclal list is a standard text file suitable for import into spreadsheets or database programs or for use in programs
written by interested individuals.

Each record in this file has the following fields.
Retrosheet Game id
Game number (blank for single games)
Retrosheet id of individual ejected
Name of individual ejected
Retrosheet abbreviation of the team of the ejected person
Role of the ejected person (P for player, M for manager, C for coach:
Retrosheet id of ejecting umpire
Name of ejecting umpire
Inning of ejection (-1 when inning is unknown)
Brief reason

There is no doubt that more ejections remain to be discovered. If you find any new information, please send supporting evidence to


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