Retrosheet is pleased to introduce basic search capabilities for calendar and player pages. At present, these searches are very simple and do not incorporate Negro Leagues data. It is our hope to expand our search capabilities in the near future.
Calendar Search

Enter a date below to get details of what happened on that date: games played, standings, births, deaths, and more. Use four digits for the year (e.g., 1948), two digits for the month (e.g., 05 for May), and two digits for the day (e.g., 09 for the 9th).

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Player Search

For now, the player search requires one to know - or accurately guess - a player's RetroID. RetroIDs take the form {llllfnnn} where {llll} is the first four letters of the player's last name (all lowercase), {f} is (usually) the first initial of the name by which the player went, and {nnn} is a 3-digit number which (usually) starts with "1" for players whose careers ended prior to 1984 or "0" for players whose careers extended into 1984 or beyond. For example, Babe Ruth's RetroID is ruthb101; Shohei Ohtani's RetroID is ohtas001.


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