Shibe Park National League Lasts
aka Connie Mack Stadium (1953-70)
Philadelphia, PA

This park was the temporary home for the Phillies (05/16/1927-05/28/1927) and the permanent home (07/04/1938-10/01/1970).
This park was the home of the American League Athletics from 1909 through 1954.

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Game 10/01/1970 Expos 1, Phillies 2 (10)
  Umpires John Kibler, Harry Wendelstedt,
    Andy Olsen, Ken Burkhart
  Managers Frank Lucchesi, Phillies
    Gene Mauch, Expos
  Starting Pitchers Barry Lersch, Phillies
    Carl Morton, Expos
  Attendance 31,822
  Batter Oscar Gamble (single)
  Hit Oscar Gamble (single)
  Run Tim McCarver
  RBI Oscar Gamble
  Single Oscar Gamble
  Double Bobby Wine
  Triple Tim McCarver
  Home Run John Bateman (09/29/1970)
  Grand Slam Tony Taylor (08/02/1970)
  IPHR Joe Pepitone (09/26/1970)
  Stolen Base Tim McCarver
  Sacrifice Hit Gary Sutherland
  Sacrifice Fly Larry Hisle (09/30/1970)
  Cycle Gus Bell (06/04/1951)
  Win Dick Selma
  Loss Howie Reed
  Shutout Rick Wise, Joe Hoerner, Dick Selma (08/23/1970)
  Save Mike Marshall (09/30/1970)
  Hit by Pitch Fred Wenz hit Mike Marshall (09/29/1970)
  Wild Pitch Rick Wise (09/30/1970)
  Balk Rich Robertson (08/01/1970)
  No-Hitter Bill Stoneman (04/17/1969)
  Putout Ron Fairly