Shibe Park National League Firsts
aka Connie Mack Stadium (1953-70)
Philadelphia, PA

This park was the temporary home for the Phillies (05/16/1927-05/28/1927) and the permanent home (07/04/1938-10/01/1970).
This park was the home of the American League Athletics from 1909 through 1954.

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Game 05/16/1927 Cardinals 2, Phillies 1
  Umpires Bill Klem, Peter McLaughlin, Frank Wilson
  Managers Bob O'Farrell, Phillies
    Stuffy McInnis, Cardinals
  Starting Pitchers Alex Ferguson, Phillies
    Jesse Haines, Cardinals
  Ceremonial Pitch None
  Attendance 4,000 (est.)
  Batter Taylor Douthit (single)
  Hit Taylor Douthit (single)
  Run Taylor Douthit
  RBI Frankie Frisch
  Single Taylor Douthit
  Double Frankie Frisch
  Triple Cy Williams (05/20/1927 Game 1)
  Home Run Jim Bottomley (05/17/1927)
  Grand Slam George Kelly (05/20/1927 Game 1)
  IPHR Lonny Frey (05/08/1939)
  Stolen Base Frankie Frisch (05/17/1927)
  Sacrifice Hit Alex Ferguson
  Sacrifice Fly Stan Lopata (04/15/1954)
  Cycle Gus Bell (06/04/1951)
  Win Jesse Haines
  Loss Alex Ferguson
  Shutout Joe Genewich, George Mogridge (05/28/1927 Game 1)
  Save Art Neff (05/21/1927 Game 2)
  Hit by Pitch Unknown
  Wild Pitch Eppa Rixey (05/21/1927 Game 2)
  Balk Hugh Mulcahy (07/04/1938 Game 1)
  No-Hitter Sandy Koufax (06/04/1964)