Hilltop Park National League Lasts
New York, NY
Also used by the American League (1903-12)

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Game 05/30/1911 Superbas (Dodgers) 0, Giants 3 (game 2)
  Umpires Bill Brennan, Hank O'Day
  Managers John McGraw, Giants
    Bill Dahlen, Superbas
  Starting Pitchers Bugs Raymond, Giants
    Nap Rucker, Superbas
  Attendance 20,000
  Batter Bob Coulson (ground out)
  Hit Zack Wheat (single)
  Run Art Wilson
  RBI Josh Devore
  Single Zack Wheat
  Double Josh Devore
  Triple Fred Merkle (05/30/1911 game 1)
  Home Run Fred Merkel (05/15/1911)
  Grand Slam NONE by NL player
  IPHR Fred Merkle (05/13/1911)
  Stolen Base Josh Devore
  Sacrifice Hit Red Ames
  Sacrifice Fly Mike Mitchell (05/25/1911)
  Cycle NONE by NL player
  Win Bugs Raymond
  Loss Nap Rucker
  Shutout Bugs Raymond, Red Ames (05/30/1911 game 2)
  Hit by Pitch Bert Humphries hit Fred Merkle (05/29/1911)
  Wild Pitch Earl Moore (05/27/1911)
  Balk Roy Golden (05/15/1911)
  No-Hitter NONE by NL player
  Putout Fred Merkle