County Stadium American League Firsts
Milwaukee, WI
Used by the National League (1953-1965 and 1998-2000)

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Game 05/15/1968 Angels 4, White Sox 2
  Umpires Al Salerno, Bill Haller
    Jerry Neudecker, Larry Napp
  Managers Bill Rigney, Angels
    Eddie Stanky, White Sox
  Starting Pitchers George Brunet, Angels
    Tommy John, White Sox
  Ceremonial Pitch  
  Attendance 23,510
  Batter Paul Schaal (ground out)
  Hit Luis Aparicio (single)
  Run Rick Reichardt
  RBI Bob Rodgers
  Single Luis Aparicio
  Double Chuck Hinton
  Triple Russ Snyder (06/17/1968)
  Home Run Chuck Hinton
  Grand Slam Roberto Pena (05/30/1970)
  IPHR Roberto Pena (05/30/1970)
  Stolen Base Rick Reichardt
  Sacrifice Hit Tim Cullen
  Sacrifice Fly Paul Casanova (08/02/1968)
  Cycle Gary Ward (09/18/1980)
  Win George Brunet
  Loss Bob Locker
  Shutout Dean Chance (06/24/1968)
  Save Jim McGlothlin
  Hit by Pitch Tommy John hit Rick Reichardt
  Wild Pitch Tom Phoebus (05/28/1968)
  Balk Tommy John
  No-Hitter Steve Busby (06/19/1974)