County Stadium American League Lasts
Milwaukee, WI
Used by the National League (1953-1965 and 1998-2000)

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Game 09/28/1997 Orioles 7, Brewers 6
  Umpires Mike Everitt, Larry Young,
    Rich Garcia, Dale Ford
  Managers Phil Garner, Brewers
    Davey Johnson, Orioles
  Starting Pitchers Scott Karl, Brewers
    Jimmy Key, Orioles
  Attendance 15,036
  Batter Fernando Vina (force out)
  Hit Mark Loretta (single)
  Run Aaron Ledesma
  RBI Brady Anderson
  Single Mark Loretta
  Double Mark Loretta
  Triple Fernando Vina (09/26/1997)
  Home Run Jeromy Burnitz
  Grand Slam Jeromy Burnitz
  IPHR Mike Felder (09/26/1989)
  Stolen Base Jeff Huson
  Sacrifice Hit Gerald Williams (09/27/1997)
  Sacrifice Fly Jeff King (09/24/1997)
  Cycle Gary Ward (09/18/1980)
  Win Jesse Orosco
  Loss Alberto Reyes
  Shutout Jose Mercedes (08/24/1997)
  Save Terry Mathews
  Hit by Pitch Mark Davis hit Brady Anderson
  Wild Pitch Bob Wickman (09/24/1997)
  Balk Jose Rosado (09/23/1997 game 1)
  No-Hitter Steve Busby (06/19/1974)
  Putout Mike Bordick