Columbia Park National League Firsts
Philadelphia, PA
This park was the temporary home for the Phillies (08/20/1903 through 09/10/1903).

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Game 08/20/1903 Cardinals 8, Phillies 5
  Umpires Bob Emslie
  Managers Chief Zimmer, Phillies
    Patsy Donovan, Cardinals
  Starting Pitchers Fred Mitchell, Phillies
    Chappie McFarland, Cardinals
  Ceremonial Pitch None
  Attendance 2,039
  Batter John Farrell (double)
  Hit John Farrell (double)
  Run John Farrell
  RBI Homer Smoot
  Single Jack Dunleavy
  Double John Farrell
  Triple Rudy Hulswitt (08/21/1903 game 1)
  Home Run Rudy Hulswitt (08/21/1903 game 2)
  Grand Slam Dan McGann (09/10/1903 game 1)
  IPHR Rudy Hulswitt (08/21/1903 game 2)
  Stolen Base Jack Dunleavy
  Sacrifice Hit Jim Hackett
  Sacrifice Fly No sacrifice fly in rules at this time
  Cycle None by NL player
  Win Chappie McFarland
  Loss Fred Mitchell
  Shutout Lave Winham (08/25/1903)
  Save N/A
  Hit by Pitch Fred Mitchell hit Jimmy Burke
  Wild Pitch Chick Fraser (08/21/1903 game 2)
  Balk None by NL player
  No-Hitter NONE