Strange and Unusual Plays

Here is a compilation of the "Strange and Unusual" plays from The Retro Sheet (our newsletter) Volume 3, Number 3 forward. We think you will find them a lot of fun and provide a chuckle or two.

From Volume 8 #2
8-3-1909 BRO @ PIT - Forbes Field was only 4 weeks old when Ed Abbaticchio hit an inside the park home run to RF when the ball rolled to the "corner tank where horses dive."

5-4-1915 SLN @ PIT - After Cardinal 3Bman Beck singled, he started to steal second and the catcher's throw was wide of SS Wagner covering and Beck went to 3B. Beck was out on appeal for missing 2B!

5-9-1915 PIT @ CIN - There was a rare 31E3.B-1 when Schang's grounder to 1B clanged off Mollwitz's glove to pitcher Lear who was running to take the throw. Lear's toss, Schang, and Mollwitz all arrived at the bag and Mollwitz dropped throw.

5-13-1915 PIT @ CHN - The Pirates, down 5-1 after 3.5 innings, started stalling with 2 out and Cub pitcher Pearce up. Buc hurler Cooper started delivering the ball so high the catcher could barely catch it. After a couple of pitches, manager Bresna han signaled Pearce to swing at anything which he did for a couple. Buc manager Clarke then came out to argue and HP ump Byron eventually ejected him. Cooper solved the problem of Pearce swinging at the pitches by throwing the next one at Pearce. Cooper again threw at Pearce who tried to swing at the pitch even as he dodged it and then threw his bat at Cooper. Byron called ball 4 and ejected Pearce. Cubs pinch runner Hippo Vaughn stole 2B and 3B (67% of his 1915 SB production). Vaughn was caught stealing home (slowing appreciably as he neared home) to end the inning. Pirate Costello was ejected for dilatory tactics despite the fact he wasn't in the game. Play was finally halted with 1 out in the home fifth when the umpires waited t he customary 30 minutes then called game.

5-19-1915 PIT @ BS1 - With Carey on 1B, Baird flied to short right. Brave RF Moran caught the ball then dropped it on impact with 1Bman Schmidt; Carey beat Schmidt's throw to 3B and Baird went to 2B. But the umpire ruled Moran had held the ball lon g enough for a double play as Carey, standing on 3B, was called out for not tagging up. 9/FDP.1X3(935)

5-29-1915 SLN @ PIT - The umpires halted game 1 in 6th inning for rain, waited half an hour then called it as a 0-0 tie. Later the teams played game 2.

6-1-1915 CHN @ PIT - Cubbie Good was caught stealing second (851). The Pirate catcher threw the ball into CF when Good broke for second and Good beat CF Baird's throw to 3B but 3B Gerber threw the ball to P Adams at 2B who touched the bag and Good was declared out for not tagging 2B.

6-10-1915 BSN @ PIT - During the 2nd inning (which included a called strike 3), HP ump Orth ejected Evers (who wasn't in the game) from the bench for his remarks. The paper said the "crippled captain" took plenty of time to walk to the exit. In the home 6th after Carey was ruled out trying to steal 3B, base ump Byron ejected player Costello (who wasn't in the game) who was coaching 3B.

7-2-1915 PIT @ CHN - In the fifth, Cub pitcher George Pearce gave up back-to-back 2-out singles to Max Carey and Zip Collins. With Pearce holding the ball, Carey stole 3B. With Pearce still holding the ball, Collins broke for 2B. Pearce bluffed a throw, spun, and ran towards Carey who finally broke for home. Pearce's throw to the catcher hit Carey in the shoulder. HP umpire Bill Klem called Carey out for interference. In the bottom of the ninth with the score 1-1 and 2 out, the Cubs had ru nners on 1B and 2B, Bucs pitcher Bob Harmon was instructed to speed up play by Klem. Manager Clarke called from bench to take his time. Klem ejected Clarke for contradicting him. Harmon then gave up game ending single.

7-3-1915 PIT @ CHN (Gm 2) - In the fourth inning Honus Wagner ran to the Cubs bench to tag a runner he claimed had missed 3B on his way home. Klem refused to accept the appeal. Manager Clarke ran out for a heated exchange and was ejected.

9-3-1917 CIN @ PIT (G2) - In the bottom of the sixth, Bob Steele grounded to 2B for the third out, but didn't run it out. Hal Chase took the throw from Dave Shean, then apparently got cute and instead of touching the bag, tossed the ball to Tommy Gr iffith coming in from RF, who stepped on first for the putout (439).

5-14-1918 NY1 @ PIT - In the 5th, the Giants had runner on third with one out. Rodriguez grounded to the pitcher. Holke tried to score from 3B but was put out in a rundown, 1254.

5-24-1918 BSN @ PIT - The Pirates had 27 assists in the 9 inning game, 1 shy of record they had set 7 years earlier. Catcher Jimmy Archer had 7 assist, only 1 on a dropped third strike.

5-27-1918 BSN @ PIT - In the bottom of the first, the Pirates had Carey on third and Hinchman on first. They tried a double steal, but pitcher Nehf cut off catcher Wilson's throw, ran to the third base line and tagged out Carey, who apparently was fr ozen in his tracks. CSH(21)

6-23-1918 PIT @ CIN (G2) - In the bottom of the second with the game scoreless, Lena Blackburne, batting with two outs and a runner on second, popped a short fly into center. The Bucs' second baseman George Cutshaw went back on the ball and got his mitt on it, but it popped out of his glove. However, centerfielder Max Carey had raced in and was able to grab the ball before it fell, bringing the Cincinnati fans to their feet. The putout was scored 48/F.

6-24-1918 PIT @ CIN - The Pirates had the bases loaded with one out. Pete Schneider, pitching for the Reds, threw a wild pitch, allowing one run to score. But a bat boy touched the ball and it was ruled dead. When the ball was returned to the mound, Howdy Caton, who had started on 2B, tried to score from 3B, and was safe after he crashed into the catcher, Nick Allen, knocking the ball loose (and himself out for a few minutes.)

7-6-1918 BSN @ PIT - In the sixth, Braves pitcher Don Rudolph was ejected for sitting on the mound to protest an umpire's call. His relief, Hugh Canavan, pitched 2.2 innings and allowed 13 runs.

5-20-1919 PIT @ BSN - In the bottom of the sixth, there were Boston runners on 1B and 3B with one out. Walter Holke smacked a hot grounder to the box and Earl Hamilton tossed to his catcher, Jeff Sweeney. Sweeney chased Ray Powell back toward 3B an d tagged him. Meanwhile, Joe Riggert tried to reach 3B but Sweeney leaped to the bag and also tagged Riggert for a double play. FC1/DP.3XH(12);1X3(2)

5-31-1919 CIN @ PIT - With Larry Kopf on 1B in the top of the sixth, Jake Daubert hit a grounder to 1Bman Fritz Mollwitz. Molly tagged Kopf and tossed to pitcher Earl Hamilton covering 1B for an unusual GDP. 3(1)1/GDP

6-11-1919 BRO @ PIT - In the bottom of the 8th, the Bucs had runners on 1B and 2B, with pitcher Babe Adams at 2B. Zeb Terry grounded to short and the throw to 2B was late trying to get Carson Bigbee. However, Adams was caught in between 2B and 3B f or an unusual force. 64(2)/FO.1-2

5-1-1922 CHA @ DET - The Tigers scored a run in the second inning when Shovel Hodge, the Chicago pitcher, tossed the ball into the Detroit dugout without permission from umpire Evans. Harry Heilman was allowed to score from 3B.

7-1-1927 CIN @ PIT: With one out in the top of the eighth inning, Cincinnati had Dolf Luque on third and Chuck Dressen on second. Billy Zitzmann tapped to Pie Traynor, and Luque was run down between third and home. Dressen was also run down between third and home after Pittsburgh tried to retire Zitzmann between bases: FC5/DP.3XH(525);2XH(53436425)

7-18-1927 PIT @ PHI (Gm 2): Philadelphia used three pinch-hitters and a pinch-runner in the game, and all four were pitchers, In the seventh inning, Jack Scott batted for shortstop Jimmy Cooney and singled to drive in a run. Tony Kaufmann then ran for Scott. Clarence Mitchell then batted for pitcher Alex Ferguson and grounded into a force play. In the ninth, Les Sweetland batted for pitcher Claude Willoughby and drove in a run with a single to left. The lack of depth on the bench may have contri buted to their 103 losses in 1927.

7-23-1927 PIT @ BSN (Gm 1): As the Braves were coming to bat in the bottom of the 8th inning, the game was stopped as the transatlantic fliers came on to the field behind a brass band. Aviators Hagenberger and Maitland gathered near home plate with t he players from both clubs. Both aviators were given huge ovations by the crowd. Both fliers were presented with gold passes allowing them to see any game in the National League. Boston manager Dave Bancroft was introduced to the two fliers by Braves President Emil Fuchs. Then all rose for the playing of the National Anthem. The game was then resumed.

9-4-1927 PIT @ CIN: In the top of the 5th inning, Lloyd Waner's drive down the left field line bounced into the seats for a home run. Two batters later, brother Paul hit the ball to almost the exact same spot down the left field line for another bou nce home run.

9-27-1927 PIT @ CHN: In the bottom of the 6th inning, as Carmen Hill of Pittsburgh delivered strike two to Charlie Grimm, one of his lenses fell to the ground. Hill picked up the broken glasses, and left the game.

7-17-1951 CHN @ NY1 - In the eighth inning with the Cubs ahead 5-0, Hal Jeffcoat of the Cubs stole 3rd and home on successive pitches to make the score 6-0 (the Cubs hung on to win 7-4). In the game story the next day, the New York Times noted the tension between Cubs manager Frankie Frisch and Giants skipper Leo Durocher since the June 15 trade of Andy Pafko from Chicago to Brooklyn. The story, by Louis Effrat, states clearly that Jeffcoat's two steals were ordered by Frisch, who presumably found the situation funnier than Durocher did.

5-25-1953 CHA @ SLA - The Browns used 23 players in the game, with 10 of them in the 9-hole in the order. They used 6 pitchers, 6 pinch hitters, 3 third basemen and 3 pinch runners and lost 7-5.

9-22-1974 CLE @ NYA - In the bottom of the sixth, Lou Piniella was on 1B with 2 out. Thurman Munson grounded to SS Frank Duffy who tossed to Angel Hermoso for the apparent force out. Umpire Jerry Neudecker gave a grandiose out sign. However, Neudecker noticed after that Hermoso had never caught the ball, a fact that was masked because the fielder's back was to the arbiter. Neudecker then signaled safe. After the game, Neudecker said: "But I can't coach Piniella. I can't tell him to get back on the bag. He didn't. Hermoso picked up the ball and walked over to Piniella and tagged him. I had to call Piniella out." The scoresheets and the box score in the next day's paper show Munson 0 for 2; however, the play was later changed to a hit.

7-31-1983 PIT @ NYN (Gm 2) and 8-3-1983 MON @ NYN - These two games ended with exactly the same set of plays in the last half inning. The first game went 12 innings. Here are the plays. Mookie Wilson singled and was sacrificed to 2B by Hubie Brook s. Keith Hernandez was walked intentionally. George Foster forced Hernandez (46 the first time and 64 the second time) as Wilson scored from 2B with the winning runs. There was one game in between, so these were not consecutive games.

From Volume 8 #1: There were none in this issue.

From Volume 7 #3-4
5-15-1902 BRO @ CHN - In the top of the 12th, Bill Dahlen was on second with two outs. Hughie Hearne singled to right, the Cub's third baseman, Charlie Dexter, tripped Dahlen, who had to stop at 3B. There was only one umpire, Bob Emslie, who didn't see the play. The Cubs won the game in the bottom of the 12th.

5-16-1902 BRO @ SLN - In the top of the third, with two outs and a runner on first, Cozy Dolan was batting for the Dodgers. He hit a foul ball that ran up his bat, hit him in the head, and knocked him unconscious. The hard-headed Dolan remained in the game after he came to. The runner on first was picked off to end the inning, but Dolan led off the fourth with a single, his third of the game.

8-21-1902 BRO @ CIN - With former Orioles teammate Joe Kelley playing out of position at third for the Reds, Willie Keeler took advantage by laying down four bunts. He got two hits, and reached third on Kelley's throwing error before Kelley threw him out in the ninth. Brooklyn won 7-4, Keeler scoring 3 times.

4-16-1914 PIT @ SLN - In the home 7th, Walton Cruise singled to RF for an RBI. The RF's throw got through the catcher and rolled to the backstop with no Pirate backing up. Cruise should have scored, but as he went to second on throw home SS Wagner bluffed taking a throw (f orcing Cruise to slide) and then Wagner proceeded to argue with umpire Emslie while Cruise lay on ground at second and the catcher recovered the ball.

5-3-1914 PIT @ CIN - The Reds were down 3-1 in the home 11th when the first batter was called out on strikes when he stepped out of the batter's box. He saw a ball thrown from the stands and the pitcher then delivered strike 3.

6-8-1914 PIT @ PHI - In the home 4th, Fred Luderus hit a line drive to the brick wall in deep centerfield where it stuck. Luderus circled the bases while CF Kelly "danced frantically underneath but the ball would not fall". Apparently a piece of brick was missing- forming a hole where the ball stuck in the "jagged edges of two broken bricks" for the first true inside-the-park homer. In the 5th, Pirate Mitchell singled to right, his smash tearing the nail off Phillie 2Bman Byrne's finger. Byrne left the game immediately.

6-20-1914 PIT @ BRO - In home first, Zach Wheat batted with men on 1B and 2B and 1 out. Wheat singled to Max Carey for an RBI. Wagner cut off Carey's throw to prevent the other runner from going to 3B, but Wheat dashed to 2B almost passing the runner. The runner headed for 3B and was tagged out by Wagner. Wheat meanwhile went back towards first and was doubled up. The Pirates #3 hitter Viox finished game 1-for-4 with a walk and a sacrifice, a bit unusual when the Pirates in 9 innings scored only 4 runs and left 10 on base. There should be only 5 PAs for Viox. In the top of the third, Viox led off with a walk and was forced out by Wagner. Viox managed to bat twice in a row without getting caught in that inning.

6-29-1914 CIN @ CHN - In the top of the 6th, Moran hit a foul down the third base line. 1Bman Hoblitzell argued the ball was fair and umpire Eason ejected him. Player manager Herzog ran into the argument and was ejected. One of the Reds took Moran's bat and threw it toward the players' bench but the aim was wide and the bat landed in the field boxes. Immediately some spectators charged the field but they were calmed by attendants and players. The arguing continued and Mullaney, Miller, and Douglas were ejected. A few moments later Moran slid into second and spiked Cub 2Bman Sweeney's thumb. Players and ump Quigley had to separate them. Quigley escorted Sweeney to the bench but did not eject him.

7-17-1914 NY1 @ PIT - Rube Marquard beat Babe Adams in 21 innings, 3-1 and Adams set the record for most innings (21) pitched without a walk. A Pirate run was taken off the board in home 6th that cost them the game. With one out and Wagner on 1B, Viox singled to CF and Wagner went for 3B. The CF's throw "got under Wagner's arm as he slid into 3B and he ran towards home, dropping the ball." Wagner was called out for interference and Viox sent back to 2B. In the 21st, the Giant lead-off hitter singled and stole 2B with 2 out. 2B Doyle followed with a hit "through Kelly" (the Pirate CF) for an IPHR. Marquard retired the Pirates in the home half on 1 hit for a well-earned victory.

7-18-1914 NY1 @ PIT (Game 1) - Usually the baserunner pits his speed against the strength of the catcher's arm, but in the fourth inning, the strength helped the baserunner. With a man on 1B and no one out, Carey bunted in front of the plate. Catcher Meyers threw over the second baseman's head into deep CF and Carey swiftly circled the bases. Apparently Carey may have interfered with Meyers because the Giants "kicked" and manager McGraw was ejected.

8-3-1914 PIT @ BRO - In the home 10 th , the Dodgers loaded the bases with no out but the next two batters made outs. Clean-up hitter Zach Wheat hit a shot that 3Bman Mowrey fielded on the hop. Mowrey had the time to run to 3B for the force, but he threw wide to 1B instead. 1Bman Konetchy cut off the wide throw and threw home in time for a pedestrian 532 force out to save the game. 8-29-1914 BRO @ PIT (game 2) - In the 11 th inning of a 1-1 game, Brooklyn had a runner on 1B with one out. Jake Daubert hit a fly ball to short CF, where Pirate 2B Viox gloved the ball, fell, flipped the ball to CF Kelly who fired to 1B for the 483 DP.

4-22-1915 CIN @ PIT - In the 7th inning, the Bucs RF, Bill Hinchman, hit the ball to the flag staff for an inside-the-park home run. That earned him (and all future Pirates hitting HRs in Pittsburgh) a 25-pound can of Radium fertilizer. 4-29-1919 SLN @ CHN - The Redbirds managed to run into fielder’s choice double plays in the game. In the second inning, they had runners on 1B and 3B with one out when Jakie May hit the ball back to the mound. Joe Schultz was thrown out at the plate and Frank Snyder ran from 1B to 3B on the play. However, May was thrown out after overrunning 2B on the play. FC1/DP.3XH(1253);1-3;BX2(34) In the fourth, Schultz was on 2B when Snyder grounded to SS. Schultz was tagged out in a rundown and then Snyder was tagged after overrunning 2B with 3Bman Pete Kilduff getting the putout. FC6/DP.2X3(6546);BX2(635)

4-26-1924 PIT @ CHN - In the 7th inning a Cub fan in RF tried to distract Pirate hitters with a mirror. Konetchy complained and ump Klem put stop to it.

8-29-1933 CHN @ BRO (Game 1) - In the Cubs lineup Billy Herman played 2B and Floyd 'Babe' Herman played RF. Then in the third inning the new pitcher was Leroy Herrmann. Yikes!

4-16-1935 BOS @ NYA - The Yanks lost on Opening Day due to a Lou Gehrig error. This loss broke Lefty Gomez’ winning streak against the BoSox; Gomez had never lost to Boston in his career, having won 11 games. From Lyle Spatz’ Yankee Openers, here is the description: “Max Bishop, the former Athletic, opened the sixth with a single to center, but catcher Bill Dickey threw him out trying to steal second. Then Werber lined a hit to left, rounded first at full speed and beat left fielder Earle Combs's throw to second. Werber took a long lead, but when Gomez attempted to pick him off, he made the Yankees' first bad throw of the inning. His high toss caromed off second baseman Tony Lazzeri's glove, allowing Werber to go to third. Carl Reynolds went down swinging, but the ball got away from Dickey requiring a throw to first. As Dickey released the ball, Werber took off f rom third, heading f or the plate. Reynolds was out at first, but Lou Gehrig's return throw to Dickey was high and Werber came home with the game's only run.” Score the play K23.3-H(E3/THH)

7-3-1935 PHI @ NY1 - In the 8th, there were Giants at 1B and 2B with 1 out. Lieber flied to CF Ethan Allen who purposely dropped the ball. 84 forced the runner from first and 45 retired the runner from second at third. GDP/F?

7-18-1935 BRO @ PIT - As the Dodgers are throwing the ball around the infield before the bottom of the third, 3B Jim Bucher hurts his hand throwing the ball and has to leave the game.

7-26-1935 WS1 @ NYA - In the home second, there men on 1B and 2B with one out and the top of the lineup up. Hill lines a pitch off Linke's forehead back to the catcher in the air. He throws down to 2b to double up the runner there. Linke is carried off the field inconscious and taken to the hospital for X-rays.

8-16-1935 NYA @ CLE - Ladies day (8000 of them vs. 5000 men) saw Yanks score in each of first three innings to back Johnny Allen's shutout pitching. In the home third, after an out and a single, Allen was so incensed by a called ball that he threw his glove high in the air prompting umpire Geisel to eject him. Pat Malone relieved and finished walking the opposing pitcher. Malone gave up a single and an Earl Averill HR to fall behind 4-3. The Yankees pecked away for two more single runs to regain the lead. In home 6th, the Indians went out, E4, E4, W, WP, 2-RBI single to break the tie and instead of replacing the 2B, the Yanks replaced the pitcher! Cleveland wins 8-5.

8-26-1935 NYA @ CHA - In the home 15th, Zeke Bonura won the game with a steal of home (1 of his 4 1935 SBs).

8-27-1935 NYA @ CHA - Bill Dickey was put out 57/FL when Rip Radcliff caught the foul pop Jimmy Dykes muffed.

9-4-1935 NY1 @ CIN - In the top of fourth inning , Dick Bartell got credit for an infield single by hitting a pitch into the stomach of the opposing SS Gordon Slade. Slade was knocked out and was replaced in the game. The Giants went on to win 6-4.

4-20-1948 BSN @ PHI - This play took place in the very first inning of the season. In the top of the first inning, the Braves had Jim Russell on third with one out and Bob Elliott at the plate. Elliott struck out, but the ball got away from catcher Andy Seminick. Russell tried scoring on the play, but was out at the plate. Philadelphia third baseman Bert Haas noticed that Elliott had not run to first after striking out, so he grabbed the ball and ran over and tagged first base for this bizarre double play, K+OA/DP.3XH(21);BX1(15)

5-6-1948 DET @ BOS - In the top of the 4th, Sam Vico was on third and Hal White was at the plate when Vico was charged was a caught stealing of home. White attempted to bunt on a squeeze play but missed the pitch. Vico crashed into Tebbetts and a fight between the two players broke out. Vico claimed that Tebbetts had hit him in the head while Tebbetts claimed Vico's head had struck his shinguard. Both benches emptied as the umpires tried to separate the two players. Umpire Jones ejected Vico and Tebbetts but more trouble broke out when both men had to use the same runway to get to their respective clubhouses and they resumed the fight, followed down the runway by players of both teams. Umpire Jones had to call the police in to break up the fight. It was 15 minutes before order was restored. Vico had a black eye and Tebbetts' nose was bleeding. Both men claimed the other had done no damage and their minor injuries were caused by peacemakers.

5-26-1949 SLA @ BOS - In the bottom of the third inning, Johnny Pesky was the runner at 1B with no one out. Ted Williams hit a double play ball back to the pitcher. However, third baseman Bob Dillinger took the throw at 2B as the pivot man due to the shift St. Louis employed on Williams: 15(1)3/GDP.

6-24-1949 SLA @ BOS - In the bottom of the 8th inning with Boston leading 19-2, the Red Sox pulled off a double steal with Ted Williams stealing 2B (his only stolen base of the season) and Johnny Pesky stealing home.

7-9-1949 BSN @ PHI - In the top of the 6th inning, Braves manager Billy Southworth was showered with pop bottles as he took his position in the third base coach's box. The Philadelphia fans had been booing him the entire series for his failure as N.L. All-Star game manager to select Philadelphia pitchers Ken Heintzelman and Robin Roberts to the team. The P.A. announcer had to warn the fans to stop or the game would be forfeited.

8-5-1949 SLA @ NYA (Game 1) - It has been said that no one ever saw Joe DiMaggio get thrown out going from first to third on a single. However, it happened today, but not in the traditional way. In the bottom half of the first inning, the Yankees already had one run in with Charlie Keller on third, Tommy Henrich on second, and DiMaggio on first with one out. Bobby Brown then singled to right, scoring Keller. St. Louis right fielder Dick Kokos threw home, and Henrich retreated toward third. Catcher Sherm Lollar then threw to first trying to catch Brown off the bag. Henrich then broke for home and scored, beating Paul Lehner's throw. However, DiMaggio was out trying for the third on the play, S9.3-H;2-H(NR);1X3 (92325)

9-13-1949 DET @ BOS - In the bottom of the 3rd inning Johnny Pesky was on 2B with two out. Detroit CF Hoot Evers snuck in behind Pesky for a very weird pickoff: POCS3(185).

6-26-1977 KCA @ OAK (Game 1) - Due to an error, the Athletics managed to have three batters get credit for sacrifice hit in the same inning! Rob Picciolo bunted but reached on Dave Nelson’s bobble. Bill North and Marty Perez also bunted during the inning.

7-27-1978 NYN @ HOU - Umpire Joe West ejected Manager Joe Torre and utilityman Bobby Valentine of the Mets in the seventh inning of New York's 8-3 loss for protesting a call at 2B. West ruled that second baseman Doug Flynn did not tag the base on a potential double play. "West is so insecure," said an angry Torre, "that he has to do things like that to draw attention to himself. He leads the league in calling balks, phantom

From Volume 7 #2: There were none in this issue.

From Volume 7 #1
5-4-1910 NY1 @ BRO - The top of the second ends when Devlin was caught stealing at third while Schlei was batting. When the top of the third began, Ames (the next batter in the order) came to the plate, "with one strike against him made by Schlei in the former half on the advice of the umpire"!

8-28-1929 PHA @ NYA - In the top of the seventh, Cochrane hit to Durocher who tagged Haas on the line between 2B and 3B but dropped the ball. He recovered it and threw to Lary and Haas was hung up. Lary threw to Lazzeri who returned the throw but a s Lary tagged Haas he also dropped the ball so that Haas was safe at 3B. Cochrane took 3B and Bishop scored. This play is a simple one: FC6.3-H;2-3;B-2

9-25-1934 CIN @ CHN - The Reds pulled an interesting double switch. Andy High pinch hit for the pitcher and remained in the game at 3B. Bucky Walters moved from 3B to the mound.

5-14-1950 PIT @ CHN (G1) - The play is: FC1.2X3(165435636);B-2. A few things make this interesting besides the fact the ball was touched nine different times: every infielder in fair territory touched the ball before anyone touched it a second time; the first baseman got into the act at the end on the left side of the infield and Pete Castiglione was already on 2B and never made 3B but the batter, Ralph Kiner, made it to 2B.

5-17-1950 PIT @ BSN - Braves pitcher Ernie Johnson could not seem to stay out of everyone's, including the ball's, way. With Johnson on the mound in the top of the ninth inning, Pittsburgh's Clyde McCullough led off the inning with a single off Johns on's shins. Cliff Chambers followed with what appeared to be a 6-4-3 double play, but umpire Bill Stewart ruled that Johnson obstructed Chambers on his way to first base. After a big argument, Pete Castiglione followed with a single, this time off Jo hnson's knee. The Boston pitcher was then able to strike out Tom Saffell and retire Ralph Kiner on a comebacker.

8-4-1950 BOS @ CHA - With one out in the bottom of the third, Chicago's Nellie Fox blooped a double to center that struck his own glove lying in shallow center field.

6-13-1951 DET @ BOS - In the bottom of the eighth, Ted Williams took a close pitch with two strikes that plate umpire John Stevens called a ball. Dizzy Trout argued and Fred Hutchinson was ejected for arguing from the bench. Williams then doubled o ff the left field wall to drive in a run.

7-7-1951 BSN @ NY1 - In the top of the tenth inning, Sam Jethroe of the Braves was on 1B with one out. He stole 2B, and raced to 3B when New York catcher Sal Yvars threw the ball wildly to 2B. Jethroe then scored when second baseman Eddie Stanky thre w the ball wildly to 3B in an attempt to get Jethroe. Jethroe had to slide into 2B, 3B, and home to score on a steal and two errors, SB2.1-H(E2/TH)(E4/TH)

7-28-1951 BSN @ PIT - In the top of the third inning, the Braves had Warren Spahn on 1B with one out. Roy Hartsfield then hit a ball which caromed off the first base bag and hit Spahn, thus giving Hartsfield a single, S/BR.1X2(3)

9-13-1951 NY1 @ SLN & BSN @ SLN - For the last time in baseball history, a team plays two different teams on the same day. Due to a rainout, the Cards were forced to play the New York Giants in an afternoon game prior to their regularly scheduled nig ht game against the Boston Braves. St. Louis won the first contest 6-4, but were 1-hit by Warren Spahn in the nightcap, losing 2-0.

7-13-1979 BOS @ OAK - In the top of the ninth, the Red Sox had Yaz on 3B, Bob Watson on 2B and Fisk on 1B. Dwght Evans hit a grounder to Jim Essian who stepped on 3B and then threw home where catcher Jeff Newman completed a very unusual GDP.

From Volume 6 #4
7-4-1906 CHN @ PIT - Pittsburgh's Lefty Leifield held the Cubs hitless through eight innings, while mound opponent Mordecai Brown gave up just one hit -- Leifield's -- in the same span. In the ninth, the Cubs strung together a single, sacrifice, error, and infield out to score the game's only run.

5-08-1912 NY1 @ SLN - In the 7th inning, with a man on 3B, Jeff Tesreau hit a roller to Wally Smith at short. Smith threw to 1B, but hit umpire Brick Owens in the head. Owens was knocked unconscious and his wife fainted in the grandstand. The runner was sent back to 3B and Tesreau was ordered to bat over again. Owens was helped from the field, but was back on the job the next day feeling alright except for a bump on the back of his head. No word on Mrs. Owens.

5-18-1923 WS1 @ CHA - In the 1st inning, after Goose Goslin is caught looking at a 3rd strike for the second out, Bucky Harris is cut down on a delayed double steal attempt that involved every member of the White Sox infield. POCSH(16343252)

6-6-1931 CLE @ NYA - With the Indians ahead, 7-4, in the top of 9th and threatening for more, Jim Weaver was pitching for Yanks against Eddie Morgan, who singled to cf. Joe Vosmik singled to lf with Morgan stopping at 2b. Willie Kamm then lined to Gehrig for a triple play: 3(B)3(1) 6(2)/LTP. The Yanks lose anyway, 7-5.

6-12-1931 NY1 @ PIT - In the top of the ninth inning the Giants led 7-2 and Spades Wood was pitching for Pittsburgh. Mel Ott walked to lead off the inning. After Travis Jackson and Johnny Vergez flied out, Hogan singled to left, Ott stopping at second. Pitcher Freddie Fitzsimmons struck out but the third strike was a WP and Ott scored from 2b, Hogan went from 1st to 3rd and Fitzsimmons went all the way to 2nd: K+WP.2-H; 1-3;B-2.

6-13-1931 NY1 @ PIT - The Giants led 1-0 in the fifth with Erv Brame pitching for Pittsburgh. Giants’ pitcher Clarence Mitchell singled to lead off the inning. After Ed Marshall sacrificed, Freddy Leach lined to Pittsburgh lf Adam Comorosky who ran in and touched second to complete an unassisted twin killing: 7(B)7(2)/LDP

6-26-1931 SLN @ BRO - With one out in the top of the third and the Redbirds down 10-3, Sloppy Thurston was pitching for the Robins. George Watkins singled and Jim Bottomly was thrown out by Dodger 2b Neal Finn. Watkins, thinking there were three outs, headed to his position in rf after reaching 2b. Thurston then had an easy pickoff: PO2(16)

7-7-1931 BRO @ PHI - In the bottom of third, Fred Brickell was on 1b with 2 out. Chuck Klein singled to rf and when Brickell slid into 3b he was somehow knocked out before touching the bag. Manager/3B coach Burt Shotton ran over and pulled Brickell's foot to the bag. The umpire called Brickell out because of coach's interference since the rules state that a coach may not assist a runner. S9/INT.1X3(5)

8-4-1933 BRO @ BSN (G2) - In the second inning Brooklyn shortstop Glenn Wright hit a liner back at pitcher Bob Smith. The ball cromed off Smith’s stomach back towards the plate and catcher Shanty Hogan threw out Wright. The play went 123. 8-5-1933 NY1 @ PHI (G1) - In the fifth inning, Johnny Vergez was on first with a single for New York. Gus Dugas was holding him on the bag when Gus Mancuso hit a liner towards Dugas in fould territory. Dugas snagged it to retire the batter while standing on the bag. When Vergez stepped off the bag he was doubled. 3(B)3(1)/LDP/FL

8-19-1933 NYA @ CHA - In the top of the fifth, Ben Chapman and Tony Lazzeri each singled, putting runners on 1b and 3b. After a Bill Dickey pop out, Frank Crosetti grounded to Luke Appling, who tossed to 2b for a force out. Hal Rhyne, who had entered the game as an injury replace-ment, dropped the throw with Chapman scoring. Red Ruffing grounded to Appling but his throw to Rhyne was late, filling the bases. Earle Combs also grounded to Appling for a force of Ruffing. Rhyne relayed the ball to Red Kress to complete the double play but Kress dropped the throw. On the play both Lazzeri and Crosetti scored. The inning mercifully ended when Joe Sewell flew out. Totals for the inning: 3 runs (1 earned), 2 hits, and 2 errors.

8-19-1933 CHN @ NY1 - The Cubs’ starting lineup had Billy Herman and 2b and Babe Herman in rf. Babe is listed by his given name, Floyd. In the bottom of the sixth inning, a new pitcher comes in from the bullpen - Leroy Herrmann! There are only three players in the history of the major leagues with the last name “Herman” and two of them were teammates.

6-26-1951 PHA @ BOS - With one out in the top of the eighth inning, the A's had Joe Astroth on 1b and Ray Murray at the plate. Murray grounded out to shortstop Johnny Pesky, but Astroth took too big a turn around 2b, and was caught in a long rundown for a double play, with Ted Williams finally coming in from left field to get the put out. 63/DP.1X3(635427)

4-20-1952 BSN @ PHI (G1) - In the top of the third inning, the Braves had Sam Jethroe on 2b with one out. Jethroe stole third and kicked the ball out of Willie Jones' glove when he slid into the bag. The ball rolled to the wall, where it was picked up by a fan. The umpire called fan interference, and allowed Jethroe to score. The scorer gave Jethroe a steal of third, but no error was given on the play which was scored SB3.2-H(INT).

6-14-1952 CHN @ BSN - The Braves could do nothing to support Warren Spahn this day. Spahn took the Braves into extra innings with the score knotted 1-1 (made possible by Spahn's homer). He eventually lost 3-1 in a 15-inning complete game which saw him strike out 18 batters, tying the then single-game high of the century. The Braves had 4 hits in the entire game.

6-22-1952 SLN @ BSN (G2) - In the bottom of the first inning, the Braves’ Sid Gordon hit a two-run homer over the wall in lf. What Gordon didn't realize was that his homer won him a live 100-pound bear cub for being the first Brave to homer on "State of Maine Day". Gordon was somewhat stunned when the Maine delegation came to the door of the clubhouse after the game to present him with the animal. There is no record of what became of the animal.

7-27-1952 BOS @ SLA (G1) - The 100 degree heat took its toll on the players during the doubleheader. St. Louis pitcher Gene Bearden took a 4-1 lead into the bottom of the 6th inning, when he walked with one out. After an Al Zarilla fly out, Cass Michaels singled, and Bearden raced for third base. As he reached third, Bearden began to keel over from the heat and had to be held up by third base umpire Hank Soar. Bearden was forced to leave the game, although he did find the strength to make a pinch-hitting appearance in the second game.

7-27-1952 BOS @ SLA (G2) - Red Sox manager Lou Boudreau batted pitcher Willard Nixon 6th in the lineup (ahead of 1B Dick Gernert, C Sammy White, and SS Johnny Lipon). Nixon was coming off a .289 season in 1951, and would finish his career with a .242 batting average. Nixon went 1-4 with 2 RBI, and pitched his club to a 9-3 victory.

8-12-1952 PHA @ BOS - The A's took a 4-3 lead into the bottom of the 13th inning. With two out, George Kell of the Red Sox hit a fly ball down the left field line. Left fielder Gus Zernial went over near the stands to make the catch, but a fan knocked the ball out of his glove. The umpire called fan interference and the game was over.

6-19-57 CLE @ BOS - In his rookie season, Roger Maris was hit by a pitch only once, but chances are that HP didn't hurt as much as getting nailed by a return throw from a Red Sox catcher. The New York Times reported: "A rookie, Roger Maris, was struck near the left eye in the ninth inning when (catcher Sammy) White was returning a pitch to (Frank) Sullivan. The young Cleveland centerfielder was removed from the game for examination." Eddie Robinson finished Maris's AB by striking out. Maris was 0-for-3 up to that point in a 6-0 loss. Ouch!

From Volume 6 #3
7-4-1944 SLA @ PHA (G1) - In the top of the third inning, the Browns had runners on 1b and 2b with no one out. Mike Kreevich moved the runners up with a sacrifice bunt so Connie Mack ordered George McQuinn to be walked intentionally. Vern Stephens hit into a force play on which Zig Jakucki scored from 3b and Don Gutteridge scored from 2b. 64(1)/FO.3-H;2-H

Aug.-1944 CHA @ PHA - Eddie Lopat, rookie LH starter for the Chisox, has a 2-1 lead going into the home fifth. He walks the other pitcher and gives up three straight hits. Frankie Hayes, the season clean-up hitter for the A's (the only man to hit d ouble-figure HRs for them that year), a right-handed bat, comes up with first and second, 0 out, and a 3-2 lead. The result? 13/SH.2-3;1-2

6-14-1958 KCA @ BOS - With one out in the bottom of the second inning, Red Sox center fielder Jimmy Piersall hit a ground-rule home run. His long drive to left center hit off the center field wall and caromed into the center field bleachers. Under ex isting ground rule, the hit was ruled a homer.

9-30-1966 HOU @ NYN - Jack Fisher of the Mets pitched a complete game win but only had two plate appearances! This isn't a trick; the Mets beat Larry Dierker in the bottom of the ninth when Ron Hunt, batting for eighth place batter Danny Napoleon, s ingled to end the game with the Mets having a total of 26 batters.

9-11-1972 BOS @ CLE - In the bottom of the 6th inning, in a 5-5 game, the Indians had Buddy Bell on 3b, Jack Heidemann on 2b, and Kurt Bevacqua on 1b with one out. Pinch-hitter Roy Foster flew to Ben Oglivie in LF, but Oglivie dropped the ball. Ogliv ie recovered and threw to Rico Petrocelli at 3b to get the force on Heidemann. At almost the same instant, Foster was called out for passing Bevacqua between 1b and 2b for an inning ending double play. Bell had crossed the plate just before both of t he outs, and therefore his run counted in a very weird sacrifice fly/double play, where neither out was made on the fly ball: 75(2)/FO/SF/DP.3-H;BX2(4). The run proved crucial, as Cleveland won 6-5.

5-8-1984 MIL @ CHA - The game was suspended at 1:05 AM at the end of the 17th inning with the score tied at 3. The game was resumed the next evening at 6:35 PM before the regularly scheduled contest. Each team scored three runs in the 21st inning, with the White Sox losing a chance to win in the 21st when runner Dave Stegman was called out because he was touched by third base coach Jim Leyland, leading to a protest of the game by Chicago manager Tony LaRussa. The game finally ended when Harol d Baines homered in the bottom of the 25th to complete the eight hour and six minute affair. The White Sox scoresheet (which covers three pages) notes that Baines' homer came on the 753rd pitch of the game. It is the only homer after the 22nd innin g in history.

From Volume 6 #2
9-03-1921 (Gm 1) SLA @ CLE - The Browns batted out of turn in the first inning and scored two runs. However, the mistake was not detected until the end of the inning and the runs counted. The Browns resumed the correct order the next time around the lineup.

8-7-1923 -21-year-old Washington pitcher, Squire Potter, made his ML pitching debut against the Indians, entering the game in the 7th with his team down 1 3-1. The kid's 1st 8 pitches were called balls, prompting the reporter to quip, "[Senator catch er Patsy] Gharrity then halted the game to walk over and show the youngster where the pitcher's rubber was." It didn't help. Potter would finish the game yielding 9 runs on 11 hits, 4 walks, and a wild pitch in his 3 innings of work (final score: 22- 2). But it could've been much, much worse! According to the reporter, 3 Indian baserunners "allowed" themselves to be caught stealing while Potter struggled, and o n e batter "purposely stretched" his double into an out at 3B with a 20-run lead. Poor Squire would never pitch in the majors again. But 15 years later his brother, Dykes, met a similar fate as a pitcher with the Dodgers. His career numbers: 2 IP, 4 H (1 HR), 4.50 ERA.

9-29-1923 CLE @ DET - Umpire Holmes stopped the game and ruled Cobb was using an illegal bat. The bat was thrown out of the game. Cobb submitted the bat to Umpire Owens, picked up 3 other bats, and came to the plate, but asked that he be given a chan ce to go to his locker for another. You have to wonder what Cobb had up his sleeve.

5-23-1931 PHI @ BRO -In the top of sixth inning, the Phils are batting and leading, 2-1, when catcher Spud Davis singles to rf off Dodger pitcher Fred Heimach . The Phils' behemoth pitcher Jumbo Jim Elliott follows with a poke to rf and is thrown out at 1b by Babe Herman: 93.1-2.

6-4-1965 LAN at MLN -In the bottom of the 9th inning, with 1 out and men on 1b and 2b, Dodger manager Alston made four defensive changes, but brought in no new players to do it! The changes were: Wes Parker cf to 1b; Ron Fairly 1b to rf; Lou Johnson lf to cf; Al Ferrara rf to lf. Parker had just entered the game to start that inning, replacing cf Willie Davis, who had a sore hamstring. Eddie Mathews showed what he thought of this defensive brilliance by hitting a three run homer to end the game.

8-22-1967 CIN @ LAN -Tommy Harper led off the game with a single. Don Drysdale picked him off and six Dodgers handled the ball with cf Willie Davis making the putout. POCS2(1361548)

8-25-1967 CIN @ HOU -This is not an unusual play but rather an unusual night at the ballpark for Pete Rose. The "Hit King"struck out in all four plate appearances against Don Wilson. Wilson pitched eight innings and struck out ten batters but lost th e game 2-1.

5-27-1972 MIL @ BOS -In the top of the seventh inning the Brewers had George Scott on 2b, Johnny Briggs on 1b and one out. Mike Ferraro flew to Tommy Harper in cf for the second out, but it turned into a double play when Briggs was called out for pas sing Scott on the basepaths. The Boston scoresheet gives Harper an assist on the play although it appears he does not deserve one. The play should probably be scored 8/DP.1X3(6). The exact same play too k place in the 4th inning of Game 3 of the 1992 World Series and the center fielder there was NOT given an assist in the 8-6 double play. In that instance, Terry Pendleton passed Deion Sanders -not exactly an easy thing to do!

6-13-1972 KCA @ BOS -Carlt on Fisk led off the bottom of the fifth inning with a long drive near the top of the cf wall at Fenway Park. A fan reached over the wall and interfered with the play. Instead of awarding the usual two bases when a fan reach es onto the playing field (not a requirement), the umpires decided to give Fisk a triple in accordance with Rule 3.16. Fisk later went on to tie Joe Rudi for the AL lead with nine triples.

7-11-1972 NYA @ CAL -In the top of the first, the Yanks had Horace Clarke on 3b and Thurman Munson on 1b with no outs. Bobby Murcer hit to 1b and Bob Oliver threw home. Art Kusnyer ran Clarke back and threw to Ken McMullen for the out. Meanwhile, Mun son got caught between 2b and 3b and was eventually tagged out by cf Ken Berry. The entire double play was: FC3/DP.3XH(325);1X3(5168);B-2(TH)

7-15-1972 BOS @ MIN -Danny Thompson of the Twins could not stop getting hit with the baseball. In the third inning, with Cesar Tovar on 1b and no outs, Thompson bunted in front of the plate but was called out for being hit with his own batted ball. I n the sixth, Thompson was on 1b with two out when he was hit by Rod Carew's batted ball, thus ending the inning and giving a single to Carew: S/BR.1X2(4).

10-3-1972 MIL@ NYA -Here’s a GDP you don’t see too often. Yankee Celerino Sanchez was on 1b when Jerry Kenney grounded to Ron Theobald at 2b. Theo flipped to George Scott for the putout on the batter. Scott then fired to ss Rick Auerbach who ran Sanc hez back towards Scott. The play went 43(B)63(1)/GDP

8-30-1974 CLE @ TEX -Dave Nelson led off the Texas first inning with a walk off Dick Bosman. Nelson swiped 2b with Cesar Tovar at the plate. Tovar then flew to lf. Before Jeff Burroughs struck out, Nelson stole 3b. With Mike Hargrove up, Nelson stole home, thus completing a rare feat of stealing three bases in one inning.

8-30 to 9-1-1974 BOS @ MIN -At the start of the series, the Red Sox were in first place by five games over the Yankees. In the first inning, Rick Miller, Cecil Cooper and Darrell Evans are all struck out by Bert Blyleven. Blyleven fanned 14, while gi ving up just four hits as the Twins won 3-2. The next night, Tommy Harper, Miller and Evans start the game off as strike out victims of Dave Goltz. Goltz scattered nine hits over eight innings as the Twins won 6-2. On Sunday, Miller, Dick McAulifffe and Evans go down in order in the first, though not on strikes. The Twin s struggled to a 9-6 victory. Meanwhile, the Yanks swept the White Sox, cutting the Boston's lead to 2 games.

From Volume 6 #1
6-01-1901 BSN @ NY1 - In the sixth inning, Gene DeMontreville fanned. His bat flew out of his hands to Christy Mathewson, who picked it up and threw to first base, retiring the runner by the bat route, a new play.

6-04-1901 BRO @ CIN - Jimmy Sheckard walked and stole 2b. Daly walked. Sheckard went to sleep off second and was nailed, Pietz to Steinfeldt. Sheckard kicked on the decision and made some remark that brought a bench warrant from the umpire. 'Left y' Davis was sent to left. En route to the bench Sheckard stopped at the plate long enough to spit in Cunningham's face. Sheckard was ejected from the field by the police, while the crowd cheered wildly and hissed the offender.

7-16-1904 DET @ NYA - Highlanders’ pitcher Jack Chesbro stole home in the tenth inning to win his own game, 9-8.

5-12-1911 NYA @ DET - Detroit’s Ty Cobb put on a one-man-show to beat the Highlanders, 6-5. Cobb scored from 1b on a short single to rf, tallied from 2b on a wild pitch, and stole home with the winning run.

5-13-1911 PIT @ BSN - After Braves manager/1b Fred Tenney was ejected for arguing a call in the ninth, Bill Rariden replaced him at 1b according to the Pittsburgh Post account. However, encyclopedias list Rariden as never playing 1b in his career. (Coincidentally, his only non-catching appearances came in 1911: 3 games at 3b and 1 at 2b.)

6-3-1911 CHA @ BOS - With Harry Lord on 2b and Nixey Callahan on 1b and one out for the Pale Hose in the top of the sixth, Shano Collins struck out. However, he was put out K23 with the runners advancing. Here is a good example of a rule that has b een changed during the Retrosheet era.

6-10-1911 BRO @ PIT - The Pirates' Bobby Byrne stole around the horn in an unusual fashion. His trip began as part of a double steal with Fred Clarke on 3b. Clarke scored on a controversial call, and while Dodgers' catcher Bill Bergen jawed at plat e umpire Bill Klem, Byrne snuck to 3b and apparently was awarded a stolen base. Dots Miller walked, and the double steal was worked again, completing Byrne's circuit. It was an unusual game for baserunning: the Pirates suffered a 64(1)4(2)/DP when p itcher Babe Adams running on 2b for some reason attempted to scamper back to second on a ground ball (perhaps forgetting the force?), and the Pirates attempted a triple steal in the eighth up 8-0, which succeeded in scoring a run but only due to a th rowing error (no stolen bases were awarded).

6-10-1911, 6-12-1911 BRO @ PIT - Dodgers shortstop Bert Tooley left two consecutive contests with nosebleeds.

6-22-1911 PHI @ BRO - Phillies pitcher Bill Burns failed to cover 1b on a slow roller off the bat of Dodgers' leadoff hitter Al Burch, and was immediately replaced. Burns was one of the people involved on the gamblers’ side in the betting scandal wh ich tainted the 1919 World Series.

6-28-1911 CIN @ PIT - In the ninth inning with two outs and the game tied, manager Fred Clarke wanted to send George Gibson to hit in place of the pitcher Lefty Leifield with runners on 1b and 2b. Umpire Eason would not allow him to enter the game a s he had been announced as catcher prior to the game, even though he did not appear. (If this is true, should not Gibson be credited with a game played for this game?)

8-8-1911 PHI @ PIT - Bill Keen joined the Pirates and got the call to start at 1b, making his debut at 18 years old. In trying to go from 1b to 3b on a double by Owen Wilson in the fifth inning, Keen injured his leg and had to leave the game. He pl ayed in six more contests that year, all as a pinch hitter, but never played again in the big leagues. After he left the 8-8 game, the next batter singled; thus the injury deprived Keen of scoring his only ML run.

4-26-1921 - George Smiley, cf of the Knoxville team in the Appalachian League, made an unassisted triple play against Pellico. With runners on 1b and 2b, Smiley ran in for a line drive, caught the ball and stepped on 2b. Then he touched the runner from 1b to complete the play.

5-7-1922 CHA @ DET - Ty Cobb homered off Red Faber in the seventh inning with two runners on base. Alfred Kenning, a 65-year-old fan, dropped dead while cheering for the Tiger leader.

7-18-1922 CHA @ NYA - White Sox 3b Eddie Mulligan crashed into the stand while chasing a foul and was slightly shaken up. According to the NY Times, "Time was taken out while Doctors Huggins and Gleason examined the player and the fence. "

6-1-1923 CLE @ DET - With the score tied at 1 in the top of 3rd with no outs, Bill Wambsganss was on 2b and Tris Speaker was on 1b. Cleanup hitter Frank Brower attempted to sacrifice, but popped it up into a triple play! [1(B)6(2)3(1)/BP/ TP] Instead of motivating the Tigers, it's Cleveland that goes on the rampage, scoring in 5 of the final 6 innings to win easily, 17-4, thanks to 16 hits and 11 walks.

6-3-1923 CLE @ DET - After tossing a complete game just the day before, Tiger pitcher Herman Pillette was summoned to the mound again in the 8th inning, ahead 7-5, 1 out, 2 on. Pillette blew the save, allowing both inherited runners to score to tie the game, but got the side in order in the 9th. He's then credited with his 2nd win in two days when his team pushed across the winning run in the bottom of the 9th.

6-23 to 7-22-1923, Cleveland enjoyed a 31-game(!) homestand during which every team in the AL would pay a visit. It started slow (2-7 record, including 5 losses in a row) and ended on a low note (2-3), but were 12-5 in between (16-15 record).

7-4-1923 (G1) DET @ CLE - In the 10th inning, Tiger catcher Larry Woodall was called out at 2b on a force play. He argued the call and was ejected, leaving Manager Cobb in a predicament. Woodall was the 3rd (and last) catcher available. When India ns Manager Speaker refused to let any of them return to the game, out came 41-year-old Fred Carisch to catch the bottom of the 10th. Carisch, one of Cobb's coaches, hadn't played in the majors since 1914 (ironically, for the Indians)! Speaker objec ted due to Carisch not being on the "eligible list", and announced his Indians would play the rest of the game under protest. After the first batter, Lutzke, was retired on a groundout, Brower and O'Neill drew walks, setting the stage for Glen Myatt 's game-winning, pinch-hit, 3-run shot over the rcf wall.

7-24-1923 (G2) CLE @ SLA - Jim Joe Edwards (Indians) and Ray Kolp (Browns) pitched 13-inning complete games against one another. Charlie Jamieson's lead-off HR in the top of the 13th off Kolp was the difference in a 3-2 Cleveland win. Kolp faced 52 batters, at one point retiring 19 straight. He could have helped his own cause in the 11th, but struck out with the bases loaded. Edwards (50 BFP) finished with 10 strikeouts (8 through 1st 9 IP), an unusually high figure in 1923. (He only struck o ut 68 all YEAR in 179 IP)

7-22-1924 (1) BSN @ CHN - The Cubs lost their catcher, Bob O’Farrell, when his skull was fractured by a foul tip. Stuffy McInnis tipped a pitch in the first inning that struck that struck O’Farrell’s mask, driving the top of it into his forehead. H e suffered a fracture over his right eye.

8-25-1925 BOS @ DET - The Tigers hit into one of the funniest double plays on record in the seventh inning as the twin killing was made on a single to cf. Johnny Bassler walked and Lil Stoner sacrificed him to 2b. Fred Haney drew a pass. Topper Ri gney socked a long fly to cf which Ira Flagstead reached for but only touched with the tips of his fingers. At this time Bassler and Haney were between 2b and 3b and both set sail for home. Haney, the faster runner, caught Bassler a few feet from t he plate and the two came in side-by-side. Al Stokes got the ball an instant before their arrival and touched them both with one motion, the two being called out in rapid succession by Umpire Moriarty. S8/DP.2XH(82);1XH(2)

6-14-1933 NYA @ BOS - In the second, Lou Gehrig fouled out. He tripled off the top of the rcf fence in the fourth and was stranded by his mates. He fouled out again the sixth and walked and scored in the next frame. In the bottom of the inning, th e Yankees got into a violent argument with umpire Bill Summers, which resulted in the ejection of the Iron Horse as well as his skipper, Joe McCarthy. The argument resulted when the New Yorkers claimed that Rick Ferrell ran out of the baseline betwe en 1b and 2b trying to interfere with Tony Lazzeri’s throw to Gehrig. This was the fifth of six occasions that Lou was asked to leave a contest early by the arbiters.

6-19-1933 SLN @ BRO - We have seen many "zip code" plays (which have fielding credits that look like a zip code) but this one is a palindrome. In the top of the fourth, pitcher Bill Walker and third-sacker Pepper Martin attempted a double steal. Walker proved that he was a pitcher and not a runner on the play as he was out at home. CSH(24342).1-2 More weirdness happened in the bottom of the ninth with the score tied at 5. Jesse Haines went in to pitch for the Redbirds and the firs t batter he faced, Jimmy Jordan, doubled to left. That brought up pitcher Joe Shaute, who was walked intentionally. In the fine tradition of Bill Walker, Shaute was picked off by catcher Jimmy Wilson. Then the Cards intentionally passed Danny Tayl or but Johnny Frederick ruined that strategy by driving Jordan in with a single.

6-20-1933 SLN @ BRO - In a continuation from the game of the previous day (see above), there were more pitcher base running antics. In the top of the ninth with the score 15-4 in favor of St. Louis, Syl Johnson was on 1b with Pepper Martin at bat. Martin hit a short fly to cf which was captured by Danny Taylor. Taylor then retired Johnson for an unassisted double play by an outfielder. 8(B)8(1)/FDP/F8S

6-21-1933 SLN @ BRO - This contest featured four separate ejections. Dodger third-sacker Joe Stripp was called out on strikes during a five run rally in the first and was not happy. Umpire Barr asked him to leave. In the top of the second Cardinal shortstop Leo Durocher suffered the same fate for the same reason after throwing his bat in the air. In the bottom of the seventh, Johnny Frederick tripled to rf but overslid 3b. After he was tagged out he protested the call and umpire Quigley tol d him to cool off in the shower. In the bottom of the eighth, Casey Stengel was ejected by Barr for making remarks after pinch hitter Joe Judge was called out on strikes. There were twelve strikeouts in the game with five of them called.

7-17-1933 (G1) BRO @ PIT - In the top of the first, Buzz Boyle was on 3b with Joe Stripp on 1b. On an attempted steal, Boyle scored when catcher Earl Grace dropped Arky Vaughan’s return throw. However, when Stripp attempted to go to 3b on the error he was out. CSH(26E2)(UR).1X3(25)

7-18-1933 BRO @ PIT - With the score tied at 8 in the top of the eighth inning, Chink Owen batted for ss Glenn Wright and fouled out. Then pitcher Rosy Ryan singled to lf and Jake Flowers is sent in to run for Ryan. That is a situation that doesn’t happen anymore.

7-19-1933 (G1) NY1 @ PIT - The umpires conferred to get a call correct and angered the fans at Forbes Field. It happened with runners on 1b and 3b and two men out in the top of the fourth inning. Freddie Fitzsimmons hit to cf Freddy Lindstrom who s cooped the ball off the ground and held it up for umpire Barr to see. Barr declared it a fair catch causing Giants’ manager Bill Terry to rush out and protest. Umpire-in-chief Moran held a conference and reversed the call, allowing Gus Mancuso to s core. The fans began yelling at Moran and hurled bottles at him without success.

7-20-1933 NY1 @ PIT - The Giants had runners on 2b and 3b with one out when Jo-jo Moore hit a liner to rf Paul Waner. Waner threw home preventing a run but pitcher Roy Parmelee got too far off 2b and was doubled on a relay from catcher Earl Grace. 9(B)26(2)/LDP

7-22-1933 NY1 @ PIT - Pop bottles again rained onto Forbes Field as the fans objected to another call by umpire Moran. They had performed the same act in the opening game of the series (7-19 above). Moran called Tony Piet out at 1b on a close play, which caused the glass shower to occur.

7-22-1933 BRO @ CIN - Reds pitcher Bob (not Dave) Smith played smart in the top of the fifth. Catcher Al Lopez was on 1b with one out when pitcher Van Mungo hit a little fly towards the mound. Smith allowed the ball to drop and threw to 1b where Ji m Bottomley tagged Lopez and stepped on the bag for a double play. 13(1)3/GDP

7-24-1933 (G1) WS1 @ PHA - The Senators had runners on 2b (Dave Harris) and 3b (Fred Schulte) with one out in the fifth inning. Joe Kuhel bounced to Eric McNair at 2b and McNair threw home, trapping Schulte. Catcher Mickey Cochrane ran Schulte back to 3b and tagged both Harris and Schulte. Umpire Geisel called both runners out which caused manager Joe Cronin to storm out protesting. As usual, the umpire’s call stood and the inning was over.

7-25-1933 (G1) CHN @ PIT - Billy Herman, playing 2b for the Cubs, made three putouts at 1b. In the third, Billy took a throw on a sacrifice bunt by Steve Swetonic. One inning later, Pie Traynor attempted to sacrifice but hit into a double play [16( 1)4/GDP/BG]. In the fifth, Herman again took a throw on another successful Swetonic sacrifice. Billy also had three assists and two other putouts in the game before he left for a pinch hitter in the eighth.

7-26-1933 (G2) NYA @ BOS - Lou Gehrig was ejected by Bill Summers for riding him. It started in the third inning and Lou was asked to leave in the middle of the fourth. This was the second time in six weeks that the Iron Horse left the game early d ue to an umpire’s "request." The previous occasion was on 6-14 also in Boston by Summers (see above.)

4-27-1944 BRO @ BSN - A no-hitter by the Braves' Jim Tobin capped off a month in which he gave up just four hits and one run in 27 innings, spanning three complete game victories.

6-13-1944 SLA @ CHA - Playing in his final major league game, the Browns' Frank Demaree went 0-for-3 against Chicago's Eddie Lopat. The final out dropped Demaree's 12-year career average from .29954 to .29947, thus preventing from having a .300 care er average.

7-19-1946 CHA @ BOS - Joe Haynes threw an inside fast ball to Ted Williams in the third inning which forced The Kid to hit the dirt. Umpire Red Jones cautioned Haynes which brought a chorus of yammering from the White Sox dugout. Jones ejected four players from the bench: Ralph Hodgin, Dario Lodigiani, Ed Smith and Bing Miller. To leave the field, the players had to cross over past home plate. Miller offered his glasses to Jones on the way by. Williams brushed himself off and hit a line-dr ive single. When the heckling persisted in the next inning, ten more players were ejected leaving only the manager, one coach and the trainer in addition to the players in the game on the bench.

9-18-1946 CHN @ NY1 - Umpire George Barr suffered a heart attack during the Cubs-Giants game. More fortunate than John McSherry, Barr would return to ump for three more seasons.

9-15-1950 SLN @ BRO - The Cards' George Munger got credit for a complete game but not a game started. Scheduled starter Cloyd Boyer, who injured his arm while warming up, was awarded the GS.

5-28-1954 BRO @ NY1 - There is always a freak play in Dodger-Giant games. How about a pitching balk caused by the catcher? It happened when plate umpire Art Gore signaled a balk in the sixth inning with Peewee Reese at bat, and signaled Rube Walker to come home from 3b. Pitcher Marv Grissom wasn’t at fault. As Gore explained to Leo Durocher, catcher Ray Katt had called for time after Grissom started his windup. "You can’t do that," said Gore.

5-23-1965 NYN @ SLN - The Mets' Ron Swoboda took the field with a batting helmet stuck on his foot. Swoboda had kicked the helmet in disgust and, when he wasn't immediately able to extricate it, Casey Stengel ordered him to take the field as he was.

7-20-1968 HOU @ SFN - At age 37, Willie Mays scored from first on a single by Jim Ray Hart for the game's only run.

8-16-1970 MIN @ BOS - In the top of the first, Tony Oliva was on 2b and Brant Alyea was batting. The third strike got by Tom Satriano, who threw to 3b trying to get Oliva. The ball was thrown around before Alyea was put out at 1b for a very strange K+PB.2-3;BX1(2513)

8-25-1970 BOS @ MIN - In the bottom of the fourth with Rich Reese at bat the game was delayed 43 minutes for a bomb delay. Evidently the bomber was protesting the coming end of the game. In the ninth the Sox had a 1-0 lead. With Tony Oliva was on 2b and Rich Reese on 1b, pinch hitter Jim Holt hit a grounder to the BoSox 2bman Mike Andrews. Andrews tossed to ss Rico Petrocelli for a force on Reese. However, Oliva tried to score and was run down to end the game. 46(1)/FO/DP.2XH(6525)

5-16-1972 CIN @ SFN - As the Giants tried to walk him intentionally, Pete Rose swung at a pitch and reached on an error, bringing in the Reds' winning run.

7-29-1974 CHA @ OAK - With the White Sox ahead 2-0 in the third, the Athletics commit four errors in the inning but the Pale Hose only score two runs. Carlos May singled to lf and Angel Mangual booted the ball, allowing May to reach 2b. Vida Blue f anned Jorge Orta and Dick Allen reached on an error by Sal Bando, May going to 3b. Bill Melton hit a sacrifice fly to rf which Reggie Jackson booted. Ken Henderson reached on an error by ss Ted Kubiak, which loaded the bases. A walk to Brian Downing forced in the second run of the inning and that was it for Blue. Blue Moon Odom got Ron Santo to fly to cf and Ed Herrmann fanned to end the inning.

From Volume 5 #4
4-25-1912 NY1 @ PHI - In the sixth inning, Fred Snodgrass led off with a drive past 3b, which rolled down the line to the fence. Snodgrass thought umpire Cy Rigler had called the ball foul and therefore did not run. The ball was relayed by Gavvy Cr avath to 1b for a 7513 putout.

4-25-1912 SLN @ CHN - As the top of the third began, a fire broke out under the rf bleachers. Without interrupting the game, Cubs trainer Doc Semmens, rushed out of the clubhouse, limbered up the hose, and made an unassisted play that retired the bl aze in quick order while SLN catcher Jack Bliss was busy flying out to lf.

6-30-1923 CHA @ CLE - Cleveland rookie 3b Rube Lutze played both ends of the twin-bill at ss. Wayne Townsend reports this as new information as none of the baseball encyclopedias that he owns give Lutze credit for any games at ss in his career. By the way, the rookie handled nine chances flawlessly.

7-1-1926 NY1 @ BRO - In the bottom of the first, Rabbit Maranville singled. Gus Felix reached on a bunt single. Babe Herman hit a grounder towards shortstop that struck Maranville for an automatic out and a single for Herman. Zack Wheat into a for ce out but the throw to 1b was late. Meanwhile, Felix tried to score from 2b on the play and was caught in a rundown for the following play: 64(1)/FO/DP.2XH(325)

7-2-1926 NYA @ WS1 - With the bases loaded and one out in the bottom of the fourth, Danny Taylor hit a grounder to Lou Gehrig who stepped on the bag and threw home for a very unusual double play: 3(B)2(3)/GDP

7-10-1926 CLE @ NYA - In the bottom of the sixth the Yanks had a runner on 3b and two out. The Indians decided to pass Ruth but he stepped out of the batter's box trying to hit one of the intentional balls. Umpire Owens called Ruth out; the Babe w as not happy and threw the ball into the lf bleachers. Miller Huggins also protested the call to no avail.

7-10-1926 BRO @ CHN (G1) - In the bottom of the fifth the Cubs had runners on 1b and 2b with no one out. Sparky Adams fanned but had to be thrown out by Charlie Hargreaves and the runners advanced. Now there is a radical difference from modern rule s. K23.2-3;1-2

7-14-1926 NY1 @ PIT (G1) - In the top of the fourth, George Kelly was on 1b. Travis Jackson hit back to the mound and Joe Bush threw to 2b. However, the umpire got in Eddie Moore's way as he was trying to make the play at 2b and Kelly was safe. Yi kes!

7-22-1926 CHA @ NYA - The Yankees sixth inning was eventful. With runners on 1b and 3b and one out, Tony Lazzeri batted. A foul tip off Lazzeri's bat struck catcher Buck Crouse and caused a fractured thumb. He left the game. As Lazzeri struck out , Ben Paschal stole 2b [ K+SB2 ]. Mike Gazella batted and on ball four the two base runners pulled a double steal. However, ball four was a wild pitch so Paschal scored from 2b and Gazella reached 2b. W+SBH;SB3.2-H(WP);B-2

7-24-1926 BRO @ PIT (G2) - Zack Wheat led off the second inning with a fly ball to deep rf. A fan in the front row stretched his hands over the railing and caught the ball. Wheat was allowed a home run.

7-26-1926 PIT @ BRO - As Glenn Wright stepped to the plate to start the top of the eighth inning, the U.S. Navy dirigible Los Angeles flew over Ebbets Field. A sign of future events, perhaps?

7-27-1926 NYA @ SLA - Hank Severeid led off the Yankee fifth with a single. With Herb Pennock at the plate, Severeid attempted to steal 2b. However, Pennock tried to block Wally Schang's throw to cut down Severeid. Pennock was called out for inter ference and Severeid was sent back to 1b.

8-2-1926 CHN @ BRO - The Robins had Babe Herman on 1b with one out in the fifth inning. Zack Wheat doubled and Herman advanced to 3b. However, the Cubs appealed at 2b and Herman was called out for failing to touch the bag.

8-2-1926 SLN @ NY1 - We have many instances of unassisted double plays. On this day, we acquired an interesting version. The bases were loaded with Redbirds in the eighth inning and Specs Toporcer hit a line drive to cf. Ty Tyson caught the ball, r an in and touched 2b thus doubling up Tommy Thevenow. 8(B)8(2)/LDP

8-2-1926 NYA @ CHA - With Yankees on 1b and 2b, White Sox hurler Walter Beall tried to catch Willie Kamm sleeping off 2b. However, Beall's throw went into cf and Kamm scored. John Grabowski tried to go from 1b to 3b on the play but was thrown out. PO2(E1).2-H(UR);1X3(835)

8-6-1926 NYA @ CLE - The Indians had Luke Sewell on 2b and Ray Knode on 1b with one out in the eighth inning. Pinch hitter Cliff Lee hit a fly ball to cf. Earle Combs tried to double Knode off 1b and Sewell ran to 3b. Gehrig took the throw and rel ayed to the plate to prevent Sewell from scoring. However, Lou made a wild throw, scoring Sewell and allowing Knode to advance to 2b. 8.2-H(E3/THH)(NR)(UR);1-2

8-19-1926 BRO @ SLN - In the fifth inning the Robins had runners on 2b and 3b and ran themselves into a double play. Taylor Douthit hit to Chick Fewster at 2b. Fewster threw to the plate to get Rogers Hornsby and catcher Hank DeBerry relayed to ss Johnny Butler to get Douthit (the batter) at 2b. FC4/DP.3XH(42);BX2(26)

8-20-1926 SLA @ NYA - The Yankees loaded the bases with one out in the first inning. Hank Severeid grounded to Charlie Robertson at 3b who stepped on the bag forcing Tony Lazzeri. Robertson then threw home to double Bob Meusel for a weird GDP. The totals for the half inning were three runs (two earned), two hits, and three errors. 5(2)2(3)/GDP

8-26-1926 NY1 @ PIT - In a game where Paul Waner had six hits in six trips to the plate, Pirates pitcher Lee Meadows was guilty of a baserunning goof. With Meadows on 2b and Waner on 1b with one out, Kiki Cuyler grounded to 3b. Fred Lindstrom threw to George Kelly to force Waner. Meadows stopped between 2b and 3b to watch the play and Kelly's return throw to Lindstrom doubled up the hurler. Meadows surrendered five runs in the next half inning. 54(1)5(2)/GDP

8-26-1926 NY1 @ BRO - In the top of the ninth Ty Tyson singled. Heinie Mueller hit back to pitcher Leon Williams who threw to 1b. However, Tyson never left 1b and was tagged out [ FC1.1X2(13) ]. Paul Florence doubled to move Mueller to 3b. Floren ce failed to touch 1b and was out on appeal at 2b. 74.2-3

9-10-1926 CIN @ PIT - In the bottom of the first inning, the Bucs had runners on 1b and 3b with no outs. Kiki Cuyler sent a fly ball to Cuckoo Christensen in rf. Christensen lived up to his nickname by muffing the fly; however, he recovered in time to force Paul Waner at 2b. Fred Brickell scored on the play for a most unusual sac fly: 96(1)/FO/SF.3-H

4-14-1955 MLN @ SLN - The Cardinals apparently scored the winning run in the tenth inning when Bill Sarni walked and was forced by Bob Stephenson. Frank Smith hit a grounder to Dave Jolly who threw wide to 1b and Stephenson went to 3b. Wally Moon s ingled past 1b and Stephenson scored. When Smith failed to go to 2b, Hank Aaron's throw to Danny O'Connell turned Moon's hit into a force play and the third out. Bill Virdon won it in the eleventh with a homer.

4-30-1970 DET @ KCA - In the top of the 6th, Cesar Gutierrez tripled to leadoff the inning. Kansas City pitcher Bill Butler threw to first on an appeal that Gutierrez had missed the base, but he threw the ball away, allowing the run to score: OA.3- H(E1/TH1)

5-27-1974 CHA @ NYA - In the top of the third, the White Sox had runners thrown out at the plate (72) on consecutive singles to left. The first runner retired was Jorge Orta, trying to score on a hit by Dick Allen who took second on the throw home. Allen was then thrown out on Bill Melton's single to end the inning.

From Volume 5 #3
6-16-1902 PIT @ BSN - After a loss on 6-14, Boston had a record of 34 - 10. In the next game on June 16th, the Pirates were leading Boston 4-0 in the fourth inning. It was raining very hard, and Boston requested that the game be called. The umpire re fused so Boston's pitcher attempted to stall by holding the ball longer than the 20 seconds allowed by rule. Before the inning concluded, the Boston fans were rushing onto the field and attacking the grandstand. Boston was forced to forfeit the fame .

4-15-1910 SLA @ CHA - In his first start of the season, Ed Walsh batted left-handed in his first at-bat, leading off the bottom of the 2nd. He popped out to first. In the fourth, he turned around at hit right handed, and singled. No reference book mentions him batting left-handed.

4-20-1910 CHN @ SLN - The Cubs were leading the Cards 4-2 after seven innings. The Cubs scored in the top half of the eighth to make it 5-2 then pitcher Jack Pfeister and his relief Orval Overall went wild. Walks accounted for two runs for the Cards, who then had the bases loaded with one out. At that moment, the game was called to allow St. Louis to catch their train to Pittsburgh so the score reverted to 4-2.

4-29-1910 CHN @ SLN - The Cubs were leading the Cards 4-2 after seven innings. The Cubs scored in the top half of the eighth to make it 5-2; then pitcher Jack Pfiester and his relief Orval Overall went wild with walks, accounting for two Cardinal run s. At that point, the Cards had the bases loaded with one out. However, the game was called to allow St. Louis to catch their train to Pittsburgh, so the score reverted to the previous inning's 4-2.

8-24-1911 CHN @ BRO - Tex Erwin won the game in the bottom of the ninth with an over-the-fence hit for which he only received credit for a triple. This is due to the scoring rules of the time. A batter who hit a game-ending homer only received cred it for as many bases on the hit as were required to score the winning run. In this case, the winning run scored from 1b. There was some controversy in 1969 when a special committee was formed to review statistics in preparation for the first editio n of the Macmillan encyclopedia. The committee decided to change these hits to homers retroactively until it was discovered that one of the batters affected was Babe Ruth. Somehow changing that "magical" 714 was more than they could do.

9-12-1911 NY1 @ BSN (G1) - With Merkle on third, Herzog gets thrown out by Donlin.while Merkle scores: 83.3-H

9-12-1911 NY1 @ BSN (G2) - With one out in the bottom of the second and Miller on first, Gowdy flew out to Snodgrass in center, and Miller was doubled off first, Snodgrass to Doyle to Mathewson to Merkle -- that is, 8(B)413(1)/DP.

9-23-1911 CHA @ NYA - The top of the first ended with a strange double play. With Harry Lord on 2b and Matty McIntyre on 1b, Ping Bodie grounded to Cozy Dolan at 3b. The Highlanders threw the ball around a little before recording the two outs: 54( 1)545(2)/GDP.

9-30-1911 SLA @ NYA (G1) - In the bottom of the ninth, with runners on 1b and 3b and two out, Guy Zinn hit a triple which would have tied the game. However, Stubby Magner, the runner at 1b, was declared out for failing to touch the plate. The next batter grounded out to preserve the Browns victory.

10-12-1911 BRO @ NY1 (G2): In the ninth inning in the last game of the season, the Giants put Charlie Faust in to pitch -- his second and final ML appearance (his first was a few days prior). He pitched a scoreless top of the ninth, and led off the bottom of the inning in his only ML plate appearance. He was hit by a pitch, and then stole 2b and 3b while Brooklyn pitcher Eddie Dent "looked the other way". The headline in the New York Telegram for the game humorously gushed "Faust shines on ba ses".

9-6-1922 CLE @ CHA - Ray Schalk was injured by a foul tip and replaced by Yam Yaryan in the top of the tenth inning. In the bottom half of the frame, Yaryan led off with a game winning homer. Five days later Yaryan was still playing in place of Schalk.In the top of the second, Yaryan was injured by a foul tip and was replaced by Roy Graham.

9-12-1922 CLE @ CHA - In the top of the first, the Tribe had the bases loaded with no one out. Larry Gardner grounded to Eddie Collins who tossed to Ernie Johnson, forcing Pat McNulty at 2b. Johnson threw to Earl Sheely completing the double play a t 1b. Charlie Jamieson scored from 3b on the play. Bill Wambsganss tried to score from 2b and was thrown out Sheely to Yam Yaryan to complete a very unusual triple play. Note that this is also a GDP. 46(1)3/GDP/TP.3-H;2XH(32)

9-13-1922 WS1 @ CLE - In the bottom of the third, Luke Sewell was on 1b. Dan Boone hit a popup that George Mogridge dropped. Mogridge threw the ball to 1b to get Boone and then Sewell was trapped between the bases for an unusual double play: 13/DP /F.1X2(364)

9-16-1922 NYA @ SLA - Eddie Foster led off the bottom of the ninth with a fly to rcf. As Bob Meusel caught the ball someone in the overflow crowd on the field threw a pop bottle that struck Whitey Witt on the head. Witt had to be carried from the f ield and the Yankee players rushed into the crowd to find the culprit without success. Fans came onto the field but were pushed back by mounted police.

9-19-1922 BOS @ CLE - In the top of the first, the Bosox had Joe Harris on 2b and Del Pratt on 1b with two out. Pinky Pittinger singled to lf scoring Harris but then Pittinger ran Pratt off 2b. Pratt was run down and tagged: S7.2-H;1X3(72545)

9-4-1923 NYA @ PHA - Sad Sam Jones pitched a no hitter for the Yanks. After the game (according to one newspaper account), "Ruth doffed his Yankee uniform in a twilight baseball game and played 1b for the Ascension Catholic Club in a game with the L ittle Brothers' team. Even his efforts, however, could not win the game for the Ascension team, which lost 2 to 1. Ruth was credited with a hit and a run, and handled 15 chances without an error. The AL's leading batter played as a favor to the Re v. William Casey, rector of Ascension parish, a close friend of his."

9-7-1923 BRO @ BSN - The Braves had Stuffy McInnis on 3b and Hod Ford on 2b. Bob Smith hit a 2-run single to rf and advanced to 2b on the throw home. Following the play at the plate, Zack Taylor, the Dodger catcher, started arguing with Umpire O'Da y claiming Ford ran out of the base line as he was scoring and should have been called out. Taylor held onto the ball during the debate while Smith continued around the bases and scored! 4. Bob was credited with 2 stolen bases on the play according to the NY Evening Telegram's game account and also in their box score.

9-8-1923 BOS @ NYA - Red Sox right fielder Ira Flagstead gunned down three Yankee base runners, all on different plays. The first New Yorker was Babe Ruth who tried to advance after a fly out [9/DP.2X3(95)]. Later, Flagstead ran over to the foul li ne, speared Schang's wicked liner and doubled Ward off 1b [9(B)3(1)/L9L/LDP]. The final Yankee who thought he could outrun Flagstead's whip was Bob Meusel who attempted to advance to 3b on a single [S9.1X3(95) ]. That's a good afternoon for any outf ielder.

9-11-1923 BOS @ NYA - One week after pitching a no-hitter against the Athletics, Howard Ehmke nearly did it again. He yielded a leadoff scratch roller off the glove of Howie Shanks at 3b then allowed only one walk to the New Yorkers. Ehmke also had 3 of the Sox' 6 hits.

9-29-1923 NYA @ BOS - The pitching matchup was Waite Hoyt vs. Jack Quinn and the game was completed in 1:03!! The NY Evening Telegram reports it as "one of the fastest games of the year." Incredibly there were 9 runs scored on 24 hits. Wayne Town send's reaction was "ONE of the fastest??? Maybe time ran slower back then."

4-30-1932 BRO @ PHI - In the bottom of the fourth, the Phillies had Kiddo Davis on 3b with one out. Joe Stripp tried the hidden ball play on Davis but umpire Pfirman called Davis safe. Stripp bounced the ball showing his disgust at the call and was ejected immediately.

5-12-1932 CHA @ NYA - Two weird plays in this game. In the bottom of thefifth, the Yankees had Frank Crosetti on 1b and George Pipgras sacrificed. Crosetti tried for 3b on the play and was doubled up for a 53/SH/DP.1X3(35). Then in the top of the sixth, Frank Grube walked. Sad Sam Jones bunted and was safe when Tony Lazzeri muffed Pipgras' throw. Grube tried for 3b on the play and was out. This play is scored 1E4/SH.1X3(45).

6-25-1932 NY1 @ PHI - In the bottom of the second, Ray Benge led off the inning against his counterpart, Hi Bell. Benge hit a popup in foul territory near 1b. Benge was called out when Phillies 1b coach Jack Onslow interfered with Bill Terry while he attempted to catch the ball. Then in the next half inning, Travis Jackson doubled to rf to score Terry. However, Jackson was called out when he stepped off the bag and was tagged out by his opposite number, Phillies shortstop Dick Bartell. Jack son was hurt on the play and had to be carried off the field. He was taken to a local hospital for x-rays.

5-20-1970 PHI @ SFN - In one of the oddest coincidences of all time, the Phillies lost two catchers to broken hands in the same inning. In the bottom of the sixth, a foul tip on the 2-1 pitch struck Tim McCarver and broke a bone in his hand. Mike R yan replaced McCarver. After Mays singled and Willie McCovey had an rbi double, Ken Henderson singled to rf. McCovey was thrown out at the plate and during the play, Willie spiked Ryan, breaking his hand. Jim Hutto then replaced Ryan.

5-14-1971 ATL @ PHI - Allen Lewis' description of events: Lersch led off the third inning with his first hit of the season and then was forced by Bowa. Larry broke for 2b as the Braves' winning pitcher, Ron Reed, committed a balk delivering the ball to Doyle at the plate. Doyle took the pitch and Didier threw to 2b, where shortstop Gil Garrido, believing a balk had been called and that time was out, made no attempt to catch the ball. Bowa jumped up and ran to 3b, scoring moments later on Doyl e's sacrifice fly to center. The 1971 addition to Rule 8.05 provides that a base-runner may advance more than one base at his own risk if the pitcher commits a balk while throwing wild to the base or to home plate. In this case, the catcher - not t he pitcher - made the wild throw and Bowa should have been sent back to second. The umpires misinterpreted the rule. Atlanta manager Luman Harris asked plate umpire Stan Landes about the play but accepted his explanation without protest. The umpires admitted they called the play wrong. "The bulletin covering that was sent around late in spring training, and this is the first time the play came up," said third base umpire Tony Venzon. "The throw has to be made by the pitcher. We should have sent Bowa back to second."

5-26-1971 (1) HOU @ SDN - Padres manager Preston Gomez started Al Santorini against an Astro lineup that included 7 lefties. Santorini got the first out and then lefty Dave Roberts finished the game. Santorini started game 2 and pitched about 6 innings.

4-24-1974 MIL @ CHA - The White Sox killed the Brewers softly with their singles, 7-2. All thirteen Pale Hose hits were singles, and the Brewers tossed in three errors and two walks for good measure. The oddity was compounded by the Brewers, whose eight hits were all singles. In total, the teams combined for twenty-one hits - all singles. With all of this, the most impressive stats in this game were contained in Terry Forster's pitching line: 3 IP, 1H, 0 R, 1BB, 8 K.

8-24-1974 SLN @ LAN - Dave Lopes had 5 stolen bases in the game and then was caught stealing twice! He spent the game dueling with Cardinal catcher Ted Simmons.

7-2-1975 SDN @ LAN - As reported by The Sporting News, Manager Walter Alston left the game after the ninth inning to catch a 1 a.m. flight in order to attend a funeral. Replacement Tom LaSorda was instructed "don't win it until I can get out on the freeway and can listen on the radio". Evidently Tommy knew how to follow orders as he led his "Blue Crew" to a 14 inning 6-5 victory.

8-10-1975 LAN @ NYN - Ken Sanders came in to start the eighth inning in relief of Rick Baldwin. During his warm up pitches, he was hit on the right eye by a throw and had to leave the game. Sanders never made a single pitch in his appearance.

7-20-1978 SFN @ CHN - In the top of the eighth inning after a Jack Clark single, the game was suspended (it was 6:34pm in Chicago - any guesses for the suspension reason?) Since this was the last trip into Wrigley for the Giants, the game was comple ted at Candlestick Park on 7-28. An unusual but not unprecedented way to complete a game.

6-19-1998 (Carolina League) - It was another night of bizarre plays with your editor making the calls. The most unusual play started with runners on 1b and 2b and one man out. The batter hit a sharp grounder between 1b and 2b. The second baseman fi elded the ball and threw out the batter. The first sacker threw to 2b trying to double up the runner from 1b. However, the runner on 2b had rounded 3b and started for home so the shortstop threw to the plate instead of tagging his runner. This wei rd double play was scored 43/DP.2XH(362).

From Volume 5 #2
5-30-03 (G1) PHI @ BRO - In the top of the first, the Phillies had a runner on 1b and two out. Bill Keister hit a ball that got past the fielders into lcf and he ran all the way around for an IPHR. However, umpire Johnson ruled that he cut 2b (not touching it) and Keister ended up with an RBI single.

7-26-1911 NY1 @ CIN – In the top of the third, Josh Devore tripled. On Larry Doyle's single to rf, Mike Mitchell threw home in time to head off Devore at the plate for a S9.3XH(92).

8-18-1911 PHA at CHA - Sox catcher Fred Payne had several teeth knocked out and left the game after being hit in the face by a foul ball being returned from the grandstand. "Give that fan a contract."

9-14-11 (G2) CHN @ PIT – In the second inning with one out and Wilson on 3b, Miller on 2b, and Gibson batting, here's the account from a contemporary writer: "Gibson grounded to Zimmerman and Wilson was out between third and the plate, Zimmerman to Archer to Doyle to Archer. Archer got the putout near third base and no one covered the plate. Miller went to third and Gibson started for second. Miller saw that nobody was at the plate and started home. It was a race between the base runner and Archer and Tinker threw as they neared the plate. Archer fell, Miller scored, and the ball rolled to the stand. Gibson tried to score and Heine [Zimmerman] recovered the ball in time to throw him out, Richie getting the putout." That would be: FC3.3XH(3252);2-H(E2)(NR);BXH(31). No DP because of the intervening error.

7-14-1923 NYA @ CLE – In the second game of the day, the Yankees had Joe Dugan on 2b and Babe Ruth on 1b. Wally Pipp singled to rf sending Dugan to 3b. Ruth rounded 2b and headed to 3b. The relay through went to first sacker Frank Brower and he ran over and tagged Ruth. Dugan must have thought he was out because he walked off to the dugout. Tris Speaker (what's he doing in the infield?) took the ball and tagged 3b and Dugan was ruled out. Here's the weird double play: S9/DP.1X3(913);2X3(8 )

7-22-1923 (G1) BSN @ BRO - Up 14-0 with 2 outs in the ninth, the Braves' Billy Southworth (on 2b) and Al Hermann (on 1b) pull a double steal. Southworth getting plunked 2 batters earlier likely had something to do with it. Poor Dutch Henry was forced to get the complete-game drubbing of 17 hits and 14 runs (8 earned). Rube Marquard got the shutout against his old mates and the Dodger crowd warmly applauded him after the game for his effort.

8-6-1923 SLA @ NYA – In the bottom of the fifth, Fred Hofman was up with Aaron Ward on 1b and two out. Hofman singled to lf sending Ward to 3b. The Browns' Ken Williams picked up the ball and held it. Ward defied Williams and set sail for the plate. He scored and Hofman reached 2b. Fred Lieb's game story credits each runner with a stolen base. We checked with Pete Palmer who confirmed that these batters did receive credit for stolen bases in that game (Pete notes that Lieb may very have been the official scorer) and it is clear that there are no other situations in the game where they could have gotten them. Since our software can't deal with this as one play (because it is a bizarre ruling by the official scorer that goes against the rules) Dave Smith's suggestion was to turn it into two plays: "S7.1-3;B-2" followed by "SBH;SB2" which will at least cause our game to agree with the official totals although we miss the point of the continuity of the events.

10-3-1916 NY1 @ BRO – On the day when Brooklyn clinched its first NL pennant, the Dodgers pulled off an unusual double play. In the first inning, New York had runners on 2b and 3b with a run in after pitcher Sherry Smith had misplayed two bunts. Heine Zimmerman also bunted and Smith threw him out at 1b. Buck Herzog was run down trying to score on the play and cf Hi Myers was involved in the rundown. Here is the play: 13/BG/DP.3XH(3682) In the bottom half of the inning, Jake Daubert was picked off 3b by Bill Rariden. This play is POCSH(212456).

6-22-1925 PIT @ SLN – This game had a number of unusual events. The Pirates won 24 to 6 and scored 8 runs in the top of the first (nice deficit before you even come to bat!) The Bucs also scored 10 runs in the eighth. Lead-off hitter Max Carey had two singles in the opening inning and then again in the eighth. It marked the first time a player had two multiple hit innings in the same game. In the top of the first, Eddie Moore had hit a pitch and flied out to Ray Blades in lf but plate umpire Sweeney called a balk and the play was negated. Moore returned to bat and hit a foul to lf which Blades missed in a one-handed effort. Moore then singled to cf driving in two runs.

6-4-1936 CLE @ BOS – In the top of the eighth the Indians had the bases loaded with two out. George Blaeholder struck out but catcher Moe Berg dropped the ball but picked it up and stepped on the plate to force Joe Vosmik. Berg then rolled the ball to the mound. Meanwhile the Indians' dugout yelled to Blaeholder to keep running. Boston third baseman Billy Werber picked up the ball and threw to Jimmie Foxx at 1b. The scorer ruled that the putout at 1b took precedence over the force at the pl ate for a bizarre K253.

8-25-1936 (1) BSN @ SLN – Boston scored eleven runs in the first inning on ten hits including seven doubles. The doubles set the major league record. Boston won the game 20-3 by pounding out 25 hits.

9-25-1936 BOS @ WA1 – In the third inning, the Senators had Joe Kuhel on 3b and Johnny Stone on 1b. Red Sox pitcher Jim Henry went behind the mound and picked up the rosin bag. However he turned his back on the runners and they pulled a double steal. Henry was so startled that he threw the rosin bag to 2b instead of the ball. The played was scored a double steal and no error. On the next pitch, Stone stole 3b as the flustered Henry went into his windup. Joe Cronin then removed Henry from the game.

7-02-1965 CLE @ BAL – In the bottom of the third rookie pitcher Jim Palmer pinch hit for Don Larsen (that other Yankee perfect gamer) with two out and no one on. Palmer then went to the mound in the next half inning.

5-9-1968 BOS @ WS2 – Ed Stroud of the Senators enjoyed a rather unusual trip around the bases leading off the bottom of the second inning in this night contest. Stroud bunted for a base hit against Red Sox starter Jerry Stephenson. With Ed Brinkman, at the plate Stroud stole 2b. The rattled Stephenson then balked Stroud to 3b. Brinkman grounded out 63 with Stroud holding. With Phil Ortega at the plate, Stephenson uncorked a wild pitch allowing Stroud to complete his unusual basepath excursion. S1/BG + SB + BK + WP = RUN without a ball being hit more than 15 feet.

5-23-1968 CLE @ CAL - Some exciting baserunning on a sacrifice fly: in the top of the seventh, the bases were full of Indians with Duke Sims on 3b, Jose Vidal on 2b and Tony Horton on 1b. Larry Brown hit a sacrifice fly to rf scoring Sims. However , Horton is out for passing Vidal.

4-5-74 PIT @ SLN – On Opening Day, the teams played 10 innings. In the bottom of the tenth with the bases loaded, Lou Brock hit Ramon Hernandez' first pitch of the game. The soft liner was ruled a trap by 1b umpire Lee Weyer. Pirate rf Gene Clines threw home to force Jim Dwyer and catcher Mike Ryan threw to 3b to double up Tim McCarver. No one had moved because it looked like the ball was going to be caught. How often do you see an outfield single turned into a GDP? The play string is: 92 (3)5(2)/GDP/L9S.1-2

5-17-1980 SLN at SFN - We have a most unusual play with Ken Reitz batting in the 9th: 64(1)/FO.3-H(NR);2-3. The unusual part is the absence of an RBI. The Giants scoresheet says "run scores on defensive indifference -no RBI". The official totals confirm this and the San Francisco Chronicle chastized the Giants for their slow play.

5-29-1982 NYA @ MIN – Stew reports that he attended this game. In the top of the second Bobby Murcer and Graig Nettles singled. With the runners on the move, Roy Smalley struck out. Sal Butera's throw to Gary Gaetti at 3b was so far ahead of Murcer that he stopped and retreated toward 2b where Nettles had arrived. Nettles then ran back to 1b. Gaetti threw to Kent Hrbek, who tagged Nettles out. Murcer then broke for third. Hrbek threw to pitcher Terry Felton covering the bag and Murcer was ou t for a triple play. This is the play that caused Murcer to say, "We need a second base coach." The play is: K+CS3(25);CS2(31)/TP

From Volume 5 #1
7-1-01 CHN @ NY1 -- in the early innings, Jack Doyle of the Cubs (but a former Giant) had been subjected to a lot of verbal abuse. One of the spectators, described as a large man in the rf bleachers, became personal and Doyle ordered him to be silent. Two or three more remarks aroused Doyle and the fan "invited" Doyle to come out to him. The man stood waiting for the first baseman. When Doyle arrived he hit the fan once with his left hand (he was a righty) when the police and other players interfered. Doyle resumed play and the crowd stopped yelling at him. After the seventh inning Doyle removed himself from the game because he had re-injured the hand which he had broken some weeks ago.

7-31-11 CHA @ NYA -- According to the game account, Roy Corhan pinch hit for Harry Lord in the eighth and played 3b in the ninth. According to Total Baseball, Corhan never played third in his ML career, only ss. The NY Times box score the next day listed Corhan at 3b.

8-4-11 (G1) CHA @ WS1 -- In the bottom of the ninth with a tie score, Germany Schaefer, who had previously stolen 2b, ran back toward 1b to try to draw a throw to allow the runner on 3b to score. However, the steal of home failed.

8-4-11 (G2) CHA @ WS1 -- Carl Cashion makes ML debut for the Nats, and defeats Big Ed Walsh. In the seventh, Walsh stole second --but TB credits him with 0 steals that year.

4-15-14 BRF @ PTF -- The Pittsburgh Press described a play in the first Federal League game as follows: "Lennox lifted a high fly to Delahanty [2b]. Oakes 'Merkleized' by leaving 1b and was easily doubled."

4-12-22 DET @ CLE -- In the bottom of the eighth with Les Nunamaker on 1b, pitcher Guy Morton hit a short liner to cf. It landed just out of the reach of Ira Flagstead. The Tigers' fielder picked up the ball and fired it to ss Topper Rigney for an easy force out. However, Rigney dropped the ball resulting in the following very odd play string: FC8/L8S.1X2(8E6)

4-16-22 SLA @ CLE -- In the game account from the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, a Walter Mails strikeout was described thus: "Mails breezed." The inputter's first reaction was to walk Mails, but since that left us 1 out short, it then was turned into a K!

4-21-22 CLE @ DET -- In the bottom of the first with runners on 1b and 2b, Bob Fothergill hit a short fly to cf. Tris Speaker trapped the ball and threw to Bill Wambsganss. Wamby was intent on getting Bobby Veach running to 3b and forgot to step on 2b. Larry Gardner threw back to Wamby for a force on Lu Blue, who had not run right away. The play is: 8454(1)/FO/F8S.2-3

5-30-22 (1) NY1 @ PHI -- In the bottom of the tenth, Butch Henline batted with the score tied and runners on 1b and 3b. He hit the ball into the lf bleachers for a game-ending homer. However, after Tilly Walker scored from 3b, Henline stopped at 2b. Thus he gave up a homer for a double. Considering he only hit 40 home runs in his career it should have been a bigger deal. Maybe winning the game was enough (what a concept!)

5-30-22 (1) PHA @ NYA -- In the top of the eighth, Doc Johnston singled of the rf wall. After Bob Meusel had thrown the ball into Aaron Ward, the latter showed umpire Nallin where the ball was cut and threw it into the Yankee dugout. After Johnston ran to 3b the Yankees kicked but Nallin insisted he did not give Ward permission to throw out the ball. One very strange error. Johnston later scored on a sacrifice fly.

6-9-22 NYA @ CHA -- [Courtesy runner] In the top of the sixth, Wally Schang singled to shortstop and was hurt sliding into 1b. He was carried off the field and replaced with Al DeVormer. The next batter ended the inning. As the bottom of the inning started, Schang returned to his catching duties. In the top of the eighth, DeVormer again ran for Schang, but this time he stayed in the game behind the plate.

6-14-22 NYA @ DET -- In the bottom of the third, plate umpire Chill accused Yankee hurler Sam Jones of nicking the ball. The arbiter kept placing new balls in play and warned Jones to stop.

6-15-22 NYA @ DET -- We've seen a lot of "zipcode" plays in past issues where a team throws the ball around too many times to nab a runner. In this game a grounder was played like a billiard ball. Tiger catcher Johnny Bassler hit the ball back towards Yankee pitcher Carl Mays. It caromed off Mays to Frank Baker and then off Baker to shortstop Everett Scott. Scott was able to field the ball and throw to Wally Pipp for the putout. The play is scored 1563 with no rundown in sight.

6-18-22 SLN @ NY1 -- The Cardinals started the game with singles by Max Flack and Jack Smith. Rogers Hornsby then singled to cf scoring Flack from2b. As Smith ran to 3b, Hornsby was caught between 1b and 2b. Here is the description from the account: "the crowd gave [Hornsby] a great hand when he delayed his retirement for about 3 minutes while almost the entire Giant team surrounded him." Smith scored during the rundown. The played ended up as follows: S8.2-H;1-H(TH);BX2(86439)

6-24-22 NYA @ BOS -- In the top of the first inning in the second game, Chick Fewster walked and Mike McNally followed with a fly out to rf. Then Red Sox first baseman George Burns (the one without the cigar) pulled off the hidden ball trick. He held Elmer Smith's return throw in his glove and waited for Fewster to step off the bag. [See a story above about the hidden ball trick.]

7-26-22 SLN @ NY1 -- In the bottom of the 7th, the Giants had Frank Snyder on 3b and Dave Bancroft on 1b with Johnny Rawlings at bat and two out. As Bancroft stole 2b, the pitch was strike 3 on Rawlings. However, Cardinal catcher Eddie Ainsmith did not catch the ball. He was charged with a passed ball as Snyder scored, Bancroft continued to 3b and Rawlings reached 1b. This is a very unusual collection of events to happen on one pitch: K+SB2.3-H(PB)(UR);1-3;B-1

7-28-22 SLN @ NY1 -- In the first game of a doubleheader there were two zip code plays in succession. In the bottom of the 4th, Ross Youngs was on 3b and George Kelly was on 1b with no one out. Casey Stengel tapped to Cardinal pitcher Bill Doak and a general rundown ensued. Both Kelly and Youngs ended up on 3b and umpire Sentelle called Youngs out after both runners were tagged. The Giants claimed that Kelly should be out since Youngs had rights to the bag as the lead runner. Sentelle's ruling stood, however. Earl Smith then grounded to Jack Fournier and Kelly was run down. The plays:

7-30-22 PIT @ NY1 -- In the top of the seventh at the Polo Grounds, Johnny Morrison hit a ball to lf. As the ball struck the fence, a fan reached out and pushed it. Morrison protested that it should be a homer but the umpires ruled that the interference did not prevent the ball from passing into the bleachers and held Morrison and 2b. [These kinds of actions seem to happen a lot in NYC.]

8-4-22 CIN @ BRO -- In the top of the first, Pat Duncan was on 3b and George Harper 2b with Lew Fonseca at bat. Fonseca hit a grounder that becomes a routine 53 in our event file. However, that is not the whole story. Firstbaseman Ray Schmandt threw to shortstop Ivy Olson to get Harper, who had run almost to 3b but he got back safely. Then Duncan started home but Olson's throw to catcher Hank DeBerry sent Duncan back to 3b. DeBerry's throw hit Duncan on the back. None of those extra throws show up in the event file since nothing happened.

8-5-22 NYA @ CLE -- In the top of the second, the Yankees had runners on 1b and 2b with no outs. Bob Shawkey hit the ball to short cf which Tris Speaker trapped. He then threw wildly to 2b trying for a forceout. The play string is: FC8.2-3;1-2(E8/TH2)

8-5-22 CIN @ BRO -- In the top of the fourth, the Reds had runners on 2b and 3b with one out. Lew Fonseca hit the ball to 3b and Jake Daubert was trapped off 3b but got back safely. Meanwhile, Pat Duncan was trapped between 2b and 3b and when the play moved there Daubert tried to score again. This time Daubert was out and then Duncan was trapped and tagged. The play becomes: FC5/DP.3XH(5242);2X3(26)

8-5-22 CHN @ NY1 -- In this game the Giants scored 19 runs on 27 hits, scoring in every inning except the eighth (they did not bat in the ninth.) In the bottom of the seventh, with the score 19-4, the Giants had a runner on 1b and 1 out. Irish Meusel hit a grounder to 2b and purposely slowed up so that he would be retired on the double play.

8-6-22 CHN @ NY1 -- In the top of the eighth, Charlie Hollocher grounded out 43. However, Cliff Heathcote running from 2b rounded 3b too far and was rundown. The description in the NY Evening Telegram says that "at the finish he was surrounded by practically the entire Giant team." The play went as follows: 43/DP.2XH(35626)

8-22-22 CLE @ NYA -- [Courtesy runner] In the top of the sixth, pitcher George Uhle singled to cf. The Yankees then agreed to let Les Nunamaker run for Uhle while the latter had a shoe repaired. Nunamaker was out rounding 2b on a strange play when Joe Dugan threw poorly to 2b trying for a force on Nunamaker. Les started for 3b but retreated towards 2b and was tagged before he got back to the bag. The inning ended when Nunamaker, now coaching 3b for the Tribe, grabbed Bill Wambsganss as he rounded 3b to hold him there on a single to lf. Uhle returned to the mound in the bottom of the inning and finished the game, beating the Yanks 6-2. [Not a good inning for Nunamaker!]

8-24-22 BRO @ CHN -- In the bottom of the third, Ray Grimes stole 2b. Thrilled with his success, he tried to steal 3b. Unfortunately, when he got there he found teammate Charlie Hollocher already on the bag. Hollocher then tried to score but was tagged out.

6-19-23 DET @ NYA -- [Courtesy runner] In the top of the 1st inning, Lu Blue singled to RF. Ty Cobb then got the consent of the Yanks to let Ray Francis run for Blue, who was still weak from being knocked unconscious by a batted ball during fielding practice before the game. Blue would start at 1b in the bottom of 1st and play the rest of the game.

6-25-23 PHI @ NY1 -- The New York Evening Telegram says: "When Wilson came to bat, Ryan came in to pitch (replacing Nehf). But Fletcher then called on Williams to bat instead of Wilson. McGraw countered this move by sending Nehf back to the pitcher's box. Fletcher countered this move by calling Williams back to the bench and again sending up Wilson." Dave Smith pursued this remarkable description with the help of Joe Dittmar. Joe examined five Philadelphia papers and Dave checked five from New York. The only other detail comes from the New York Times which wrote: "... John McGraw motioned Arthur Nehf to come out of the bull pen. Differing from his boss, Nehf walked into the dugout and pleaded with such eloquence that John J. let him go out again for another fling." So the question is whether or not the Giants were really allowed to bring in a pitcher, then change their minds. The resulting play saw Jimmy Wilson beat out a bunt to Travis Jackson at third and Ryan then was "summoned in earnest" as the Times wrote.

5-5-55 BOS @ DET -- On this unusual date, the two teams combined for 5 runs in the only AL game of the day.

5-24-66 (G2) CLE @ DET -- In this game there were nine foul fly outs recorded which, if not a record, is certainly an unusual number in one game. Norm Cash fouled out to catcher Jose Azcue on three consecutive at bats. The other six foul-out victims were Chico Salmon, Chuck Hinton, Fred Whitfield, Rocky Colavito, Bill Freehan and Don Wert.

8-26-71 CHA @ BAL -- This game saw the Birds blow a six run lead against the Pale Hose. The Sox scored twice in the top of the ninth to lead 9-8, but with 2-out, the rains came. After a 1:29 delay, the game was called, and it was ruled that the ninth inning rally didn't count, reverting back to the score after 8, for an Oriole "victory". The first run in the inning came on a pinch hit homer by Mike Andrews off Eddie Watt.

8-26/28-71 -- In seven consecutive at bats over these two games, Oriole Don Buford struck out. He went down in all five plate appearances on the 26th and on the first appearances on the 28th. On the next at bat he homered! In the five games previous to this streak and the four games after it, Buford did not strike out at all.

8-31-71 BAL @ BOS -- Red Sox centerfielder Reggie Smith gunned down a runner at 3b in consecutive innings. The first one was the ol' "85(2)/FO.1-2" force play on Andy Etchebarren and the second victim was Merv Rettenmund trying to go from 1b to 3b on a single.

4-26-72 CHN @ HOU -- In the bottom of the seventh with 2 out and Jesus Alou on 1b, Tom Phoebus threw a wild pitch. Randy Hundley's throw to 2b went into cf and Alou continued to 3b. Rick Monday threw out Alou at 3b for the following: WP.1X3(85).

5-16-72 (G1) CIN @ SFN -- With Dave Concepcion on 1b and 1 out, the Giants attempted to walk Pete Rose intentionally. Rose refused the walk and swung at a wide one, hitting a grounder to Jim Hart at 3b. Hart kicked the ball for an error but Rose was thrown out trying to advance to 2b: E5/G.2-H(NR);BX2(64)

5-29-72 SDN @ ATL -- In the bottom of the third, Bill Greif was facing Felix Millan. As Greif struck out the batter he pushed off so hard that he uprooted the pitching rubber.

5-31-72 LAN @ SFN -- In the top of the fourth, Frank Robinson was on 1b with 1 out. Wes Parker hit a liner to Bobby Bonds who doubled Robinson off 1b unassisted: 9(B)9(1)/LDP

9-13-72 CIN @ ATL --In the bottom of the second with the bases loaded and one out, Sonny Jackson hit a ball to lf. Pete Rose faked Rod Gilbreath into thinking he would catch the ball. Rose played it on a hop and threw home for a force: 72(3)/FO

Aug/Sep-72 -- As Maury Wills reached the end of his playing career he became a designated pinch-bunter, making almost all his appearances in that capacity. Of four tries, he succeeded twice, popped out once and bunted into a force the other time.

9-27-75 CAL @ OAK -- In the penultimate game of the season, pitcher Ken Holtzman batted ninth for the home team instead of a designated hitter. He went 0 for 2 before being replaced on the mound. In the seventh, Rollie Fingers pinch hit for Stan Bahnsen and flew out. No other pitchers batted that day when Oakland had already clinched the AL West title.

8-1-76 (G1) OAK @ MIN -- The Athletics stole 12 bases during this 12 inning game and the Twins added two of their own.

8-7-76 PHI @ SLN -- With the score tied in the top of the ninth, Greg Luzinski singled to lf. Jim Kaat ran for Luzinski and Jay Johnstone doubled to rf. Johnny Oates then ran for Kaat and scored the eventual winning run. So, we have a pitcher pinch running only to be replaced with another pinch runner who is a catcher. The Phillies manager was Danny Ozark.

9-23-76 MIN @ CHA -- White Sox hurler Ken Brett batted in the eighth spot that day instead of a desginated hitter. He went 0 for 3 while batting ahead of his catcher, Jim Essian.

5-22-77 SEA @ OAK -- The Mariners had six runners thrown out on the base paths. They were caught stealing for the cycle --out at 2b, 3b, and home (which was the front end of a double steal attempt by the slow-footed eight and nine hitters with two out --so much for the element of surprise!). This wonderful strategy occurred in the sixth inning. The M's also scored a run and had a runner picked off 2b in this frame. In the fourth, Ruppert Jones was forced at 2b 96 and then Skip Jutze was thrown out at the plate. The other runner thrown out was a "normal" (for this game) out trying to advance from 1b to 3b on a single. In trying to input this game, Doug Burks had to contend with two difficult scoresheets. There are four plays with disagreements. They are 962 vs 62, 24 vs 26, 53 vs 3/G (gulp), and 8 vs 63 (gulp, gulp). So who wasn't watching the game?

From Volume 4 #4
4/28/22: In the top of the sixth with runners on 1b and 3b the Phillies attempt a double steal. The runner on 3b is thrown out by the Dodgers 1365. Not your everyday CSH.

4/28/22: In the top of the fifth the Giants had a runner on 3b and 1 out. Dave Bancroft hit a sacrifice fly to rf. Earl Smith scored easily. Bancroft stopped Walton Cruise's throw home between 1b and 2b because there was no chance to get the runner. The Braves protested that Smith should be sent back to 3b to no avail. In the top of the eighth the Giants had the bases loaded with 1 out. Johnny Rawlings hit a ball to 3b for a force out at the plate. Catcher Mickey O'Neil tried to complete the double play but his throw hit Rawlings on the back of the head and Art Nehf scored from 2b. Bancroft tried to score from 1b and was safe when Walter Barbare's throw sailed to the grandstand. Score it:


5/13/22: In the top of the fourth of a game between the Tigers and the Yankees at the Polo Grounds, there was a commotion in the lf stand when several gamblers were ejected by the security force; one man objected and put up quite a battle.

5/14/22: In the top of the sixth Yankee Carl Mays walked his opposing pitcher, Tiger Herm Pillette. In anger, he kicked the ball and it landed at the grandstand. Johnny Bassler moved from 2b to 3b on the error.

5/14/22: The game at Cubs Park was delayed by rain at the start and the field was in terrible shape. However, the game was played due to the 15,000 people in the stands. In the top of the fourth, the rain was falling heavily and the fans in the lf bleachers hurled pop bottles, boxes and seat cushions onto the field as a protest against the game. In the bottom of that inning, Charlie Hollocher was put out at 3b because he slid through the mud and shot past the bag.

In the top of the sixth, Jess Barnes hit an easy grounder. Ray Grimes juggled the throw and the Giants claimed that he was not holding the ball as Barnes passed over the bag. They gathered around umpire Paul Sentelle kicking loudly. Meanwhile, the crowd in the bleachers rushed on the field to escape the rain and the game was held up for several minutes until the fans got to the shelter of the grandstand. The Giants appealed Sentelle's decision to Klem who reversed it, ruling Barnes safe; at this the Cubs set up such a roar that Klem held up the game to warn them to be quiet as cushions were hurled at him from the stands. To top it all off, the game went 10 innings in those conditions!

5/23/22: In the bottom of the sixth, Yankee Wally Pipp beat out a single to Browns first baseman George Sisler. Sisler tossed the ball to Urban Shocker for the play at 1b but when Shocker was slow covering Sisler ran over and caught his own throw!

5/24/22: In the bottom of the seventh, Sam Jones hit an apparent sacrifice bunt but home plate umpire George Hildebrand called it a foul ball. Both teams gathered around to argue. The Yankees claimed it was fair while the Browns claimed that Jones was hit by the batted ball and therefore out.

5/25/22: In the bottom of the third, Babe Ruth singled to cf and tried to stretch it to a double. He was out and argued with umpire George Hildebrand. During the argument he threw dirt at the arbiter, which struck him on the shoulder. Ruth wa s ejected and as he reached the dugout the crowd booed. Ruth jumped into the reserved seats after one of the fans who had booed him; no blows were struck as the fan made a hasty exit upon seeing Ruth enter the stands. Ed Barrow quickly came down and as Ruth walked out to the locker room he shook his finger at someone in the rf stands. Ruth was suspended one game by AL president Ban Johnson.

6/1/23: The Giants set a modern record by scoring in all 9 innings in a 22-8 romp over the Phillies at the Baker Bowl. The Phillies made 7 errors (3 on dropped popups), two wild pitches, and a passed ball. Ross Youngs drove in 7. Jimmy O'Connell went 5-for-6, slugged the game's only HR, added 3 doubles (he only had 9 the whole year), and drove in 5. Bancroft and Groh (the 1st & 2nd hitters in lineup), went 8-for-12 and scored 8 runs. The Giants had 23 hits, 9 bases on balls, and a hit batsman. Leading 19-7 in the 7th, the Giants tried a double-steal which resulted in a caught stealing home.

6/19/23: In the top of the 1st inning, Tiger Lu Blue singled to rf. Ty Cobb then got the consent of the Yanks to let Francis run for Blue, who was still weak from being knocked unconscious by a batted ball during fielding practice before the game . Blue would start at 1b in the bottom of 1st and play the rest of the game. This is another courtesy runner for our list which now includes 7 of these odd events.

6/16/23: As you may recall, balls which bounced into the stands were counted as home runs in the 1920s. Many people have wondered if Babe Ruth ever hit any in this way and in fact Bob McConnell has researched the matter carefully, concluding that the Babe never bounced any. The Babe nearly had one in this game however, as noted in the NY Times: “A near home run by Babe Ruth featured the fifth. The ball dropped at the base of the left field stand - away off the Babe's usual channel - and almost bounced into the seats. But Ken Williams rescued it in time and held his home-run rival to second base.”

6/23/30: In the top of the sixth, the Phillies had runners on first and second with none out. Pinky Whitney walked but Lefty O'Doul overran 3b and was run down by the Cubs. The unusual play is scored:


7/30/30: In the bottom of the sixth inning, Browns second baseman Ski Melillo fielded a grounder behind the bag. He was out of position to throw to 1b so he flipped the ball to shortstop Red Kress who threw to first retiring the batter. The nex t time you hear a commentator talk about Roberto Alomar remember Ski Mellilo.

8/8/30: In the bottom of the sixth, the Cubs had runners on 1b and 2b with 1 out. Guy Bush hit a ball in front of the plate which Braves catcher Bill Cronin grabbed, tagged the batter and threw to 3b to retire Charlie Grimm on an unusual GDP: 2( B)5(2). In the top of the ninth with the Cubs up 6-1, Freddie Maguire was on 1b. He was allowed to go to 2b unmolested but when he tried to go to 3b Gabby Hartnett threw him out to end the game!

8/11/30: In the top of the third, Brave Bill Cronin was on 1b with 1 out. Ben Cantwell hit back to Cubs pitcher Bud Teachout who made a wild throw to 2b. Cronin overran the bag and was out out 65. By this time, Cantwell was on his way to 2b and was run down for a double play:


8/16/30: The White Sox game at Yankee Stadium was rained out in the top of the fourth inning. Carl Reynolds, Chicago outfielder, had singled in the first inning. This hit was reported as the eighth hit he has lost to “misbehaving elements” duri ng the 1930 season. Although there are no records kept of this sort of event, that total seems incredibly high.

8/28/30: The Pirates had runners on 1b and 3b with 1 out in the bottom of the fifth inning. George Grantham popped out in foul territory to Reds catcher Johnny Gooch. Paul Waner on 1b ran to second after the catch; any runner advance made the f ly out a sac fly in 1930. When Gooch threw to 2b Jim Mosolf tried to score from 3b but was out. This play is then a foul sac fly double play with no run scoring: 2/FL/SF/DP.3XH(265);1-2.

9/15/30: In the bottom of the first with runners on 1b and 2b, Dodger Glenn Wright hit the ball to right-center. It looked like it might be caught so Babe Herman slowed up as he neared 2b. The ball bounced over the fence for a home run but Wright had his head down as he ran between 1b and 2b. Consequently, he passed Herman and was called out. He lost a homer but still knocked in 2 runs.

4/24/66: Senator pitcher Pete Richert tied the AL record by striking out 7 consecutive Tigers. This is an odd finding since several years ago Retrosheet helped to determine that Richert struck out the first 6 batters he faced in the majors. What a double feature!

5/25/69: On "ball day" at RFK Stadium in Washington, 24,015 fans watched a wild 12-inning affair that the visiting Royals won 3-2. There were several outstanding highlight-film catches made during the game by the Royals' Ellie Rodriguez and Hawk Taylor. The Senators scored two runs in the home first and were scoreless on just five hits for the next 11 innings. The Royals won it in the 12th on an RBI triple by Ellie Rodriguez. KC ran out of position players to use, however, and had to use second-year reliever Tom Burgemeier in right field in the bottom of the 12th. Washington had the tying run on base in the 12th, but Ed "The Creeper" Stroud was picked off by Dave Wickersham.

5/29/69: Mike Fiore scores from first on a two-out, first-pitch single by Joe Foy. Ed Kirkpartick singles, sending Foy to third. Juan Rios then singles to left, Foy scoring. Kirkpatrick also tries to score and is out 7-2. How many times does a team try to score a runner from first base twice in the same inning? The play is the first of three outfield assists for Boston's Carl Yastrzemski on the day. Kansas City also notched two outfield assists (from Kirkpartick and Pat Kelly), but lose 8 -6 as the Red Sox' Reggie Smith hits two homers.

6/19/71: In the top of the 14th at Shea Stadium, Larry Bowa was on 2b and Oscar Gamble on 1b for the Phillies. On a double steal attempt, Bowa reaches 3b and Gamble is caught in a rundown. Bowa continues on to score and draws a throw while Ga\mble reaches 2b. NL president Chub Feeney ruled that Bowa should be credited with 2 stolen bases on the play and Gamble 1.

6/30/71: Al Kaline ends wins a game by grounding into a double play! While the Red Sox threw the ball around the infield, 2 runners scored and Kaline gets no RBI. Here is the play: 43(B)634(1)/GDP.3-H(NR);2-H(NR).

7/18/71: In the bottom of the sixth at Yankee Stadium, Jerry Kenney started with a single, Bobby Murcer then walked and Roy White was hit by a pitch from Tom Bradley to load the bases. Nothing unusual about that. However, in the Yankee eighth, Jerry Kenney led off with a single, followed by a walk to Bobby Murcer and then Terry Forster hit Roy White with a pitch. Weird.

9/24/71: In the top of the fourth, Cubs pitcher Milt Pappas struck out three Phillies on nine pitches. The victims were Greg Luzinski, Don Money and Mike Anderson.

7/23/86: In the top of the seventh in the Kingdome, Tony Fernandez singled and was thrown out at 2b. Five players touched the ball a total of eight times with the catcher getting the put out at second. (93643462)

From Volume 4 #3
5-5-23 BRO @ BSN - In the top of the first with a runner on 3b and 1 out, Bernie Neis hits a grounder to ss and Boston traps Jimmy Johnston between 3b and home. Neis overruns 2b during the rundown and when Tony Boeckel threw to Jocko Conlon, Nei s ran for 3b. Boeckel muffed the return throw and Neis scored as it rolled to the Braves' bench. FC6.3XH(625);BXH(54E5)

In the bottom of the fourth of the same game with runners on 1b and 3b and 1 out, Tim McNamara hit a ball back to the mound and Brooklyn caught Larry Kopf in a rundown. He made it back to 3b but Mickey O’Neil was also standing there and tried to make it back to 2b. The putout was made by cf Gene Bailey. FC1.1X3(15258);B-2

5-5-23 PHA @ NYA - In the top of the first, Wid Matthews is on 3b with 1 out. Sammy Hale hits the ball back to the pitcher and the Yankees throw the ball around a little for a double play. FC1/DP.3XH(1256);BX3(61)

In the bottom of the first, the Yankees had the bases loaded with 1 out. Wally Pipp (remember him?) singled to lf. Whitey Witt scored from 3b but Joe Dugan stumbled around 3b. He made it back to the bag safely, but when Ruth got in a rundown be tween 2b 3b, Dugan tried for home and was nailed. S7.3-H;2XH(725641);1-3;B-2

5-7-23 NY1 @ PHI - Casey Stengel, beaned in the second, is nearly beaned again in the fourth. He hurls his bat at pitcher Lefty Weinert and rushes out to the mound. The two get into it, and both benches empty! Stengel had to be escorted off the field by 3 policemen. Both he and Weinert are ejected.

4-19-24 BSN @ NY1 - There was a weird managerial move in the bottom of the ninth. Down a run, with Hank Gowdy due up McGraw sent up pinch-hitter Bill Terry. Terry made out ... and then McGraw allowed reliever Rosy Ryan to hit for himself. And no, Ryan wasn't a particularly good-hitting pitcher. But it worked, as Ryan walked and wound up scoring the winning run. Go figure.

7-2-1925 CIN @ PIT - Vic Aldridge had to be removed from a game after he cut his hand on some glass in the dugout. He attempted to rub some stuff off the bench before sitting down after coming in from the field and a piece of glass was among the debris.

7-22-1925 PIT @ PHI - This game was called in the middle of the fifth inning by umpire Charlie Moran due to rain. The account in the Pittsburgh Gazette-Times noted some unusual events. In the top of the fifth, the Pirates, ahead 7-3 at the time, hustled through their three outs and took the field hoping to make this game official. Howie Sand was due to bat for the Quakers but manager Art Fletcher called him back and sent Walter Kimmick in his place. All of this required time. Kimmick then played a "waiting hand" with Bucs pitcher Vic Aldridge and eventually drew a walk. Cy Williams followed Kimmick and he also waited out the poor pitching in the downpour. With the count 3-1, Moran called a halt to the proceedings.

Earlier in the game, Phillie George Harper came to the plate and had his bat examined by umpire Moran. According to Charles Doyle of the Gazette-Times "the official found nails or something of that nature in the cudgel and refused to let him use it." After getting another bat, Harper struck out on three pitches.

8-15-1925 CIN @ PIT - In the bottom of the fifth, Eddie Moore hit a liner to right fielder Curt Walker. Walker ran to 1b to double Glenn Wright for an unassisted DP - 9(B)9(1)/LDP

8-23-1925 (G2) PIT @ NY1 - In the bottom of the fourth with the bases loaded, Billy Southworth tapped to first baseman George Grantham. The first sacker threw home and umpire Ernie Quigley appeared to call Travis Jackson out but then reversed him self. Southworth was credited with a hit on the play.

8-25-1925 PIT @ BSN - In the top of the fifth after two outs, Johnny Rawlings was on 2b and Kiki Cuyler on 1b. Clyde Barnhart singled to left and Rawlings slid past catcher Mickey O’Neil and the plate. O’Neil took a chance, went after Rawlings and tagged him. Umpire Cy Rigler, in the opinion of many of the reporters, was tricked by O’Neil’s stunt and called the runner out. The unexpected ruling drew vehement protests from Rawlings, manager Bill McKechnie and others. From the press box it appeared that Rawlings’ foot got about half the plate.

9-4-1925 CIN @ CHN - In the top of the third, Sam Bohne walked and Ernie Krueger singled to center. Jakie May then tried to sacrifice his mates over. However, Gabby Hartnett pounced on the ball and fired to 3b for the force out. Howard Freigau then relayed to 1b for a double play. The relay throw was caught by second baseman Sparky Adams for a play scored: 25(2)4/GDP/BG.1-2

9-8-1925 CHN @ PIT - In the bottom of the second, there were runners on first and third with one out. Johnny Gooch hit a popup behind the plate that was caught by Mike Gonzalez who threw to 2b in an attempt to double George Grantham who was running after the catch. Shortstop Glenn Wright returned the throw home to double Glenn Wright at the plate: 2/FL/FDP.1-2;3XH(262)

Later in the game, Max Carey hit a drive that bounced off a grandstand seat in right field and caromed back onto the field for a triple. The "lost home run" came off Grover Cleveland Alexander to lead off the seventh inning.

5-27-1930 (G2) CHA @ CLE - Right fielder Smead Jolley pulled off an unassisted double play in the top of the fourth off the bat of Pete Appleton. Carl Lind was the hapless runner at 1b.

6-4-1930 NYA @ CHA - In the top of the first, Earle Combs was on 2b and Lyn Lary on 1b with one out. Tony Lazzeri bounced back to pitcher Pat Caraway, who chased Combs back to 3b and tagged him out when Lary was also on the bag. Lazzeri started for 2b and when Caraway threw to second baseman Bill Cissell, Lary started for home. Lary was doubled at the plate for an unusual play with the runner on 3b out at 3b and the runner on 2b out at home: FC1/DP.3X3(1);2XH(142)

4-30-55 WS1 @ DET - Game called with 2 outs in bottom of the 8th because Washington had to catch a train!

6-26-55 DET at WS1 - Harmon Killebrew was yanked for a pinch hitter in this game. But WHAT a pinch hitter-- it was pitcher Mickey McDermott!

4-23-67 (G2) PHI @ NYN - In the bottom of the sixth, Bud Harrelson led off the inning with an infield hit to short, bringing Met starter Bill Denehy to the plate. Mgr Gene Mauch obviously figured the Mets were going to bunt, since the Phillies were leading 2-1. Mauch swapped third baseman Dick Allen with ss Bobby Wine and put the rotation play on. Denehy's bunt was fielded by Clay Dalrymple, who threw to 2b Tony Taylor, covering at first. Harrelson kept running to 3b where... nobody was covering! So much for that idea. Wine and Allen swapped back after the play.

5-15-1970 NYN @ PHI - In the top of the second, Ron Swoboda reached on a dropped throw by Deron Johnson (5E3). Joe Foy flied to center, but Oscar Gamble dropped the ball. Swoboda retreated to first, thinking the ball was caught. Foy ran by Swoboda on the basepaths and was called out.

7-24-1970 LAN @ NYN - In the bottom of the tenth, Tug McGraw singled to cf. Tommie Agee tried to bunt him over, but bunted too hard. Wes Parker fielded the bunt and fired to 2b only to have Billy Grabarkewitz drop the ball. Al Weis ran for McGr aw at 2b and got picked off. Agee stole 2b and went to 3b on a wild pitch while Bud Harrelson struck out and Ken Singleton walked. Donn Clendenon batted for Mike Jorgensen and also walked to fill the bases. With the count on Cleon Jones 1-1, Agee stole home to win the game.

8-10-1970 NYN @ PIT - The start of the game was delayed 27 minutes because the lights would not come on.

8-26-1970 ATL @ NYN - A near phone number play ended the bottom of the first with Art Shamsky on 1b and Ken Boswell hitting: S9.1XH(963642).

8-22-71 MIN @ BAL - Don Buford hit the ball over the 1b bag; John Stevens ruled foul, then signaled fair. The ball boy down the rf line picked up ball, then put it down. Rich Reese picked it up and got Dave McNally at home.

6-9-77 NYA @ MIL - Ted Turocy notes: "This game looks like a real winner in terms of defensive originality: we have a 232/FL, 313, a rather mundane 825 to get a trailing runner... and my personal favorite, a CS2(284) on Nettles. Are these defensive plays or area codes?"

From Volume 4 #2
06-30-1920 (1) BRO @ NY1 - Here is the bottom of the ninth inning: Lee King (batting 6th) singles; Al Lefevre (batting 9th - out of order!) strikes out; Frank Snyder (batting 8th - out of order!) grounds out; Bil l Hubbell (batting 7th - out of order!) is pinch hit for by Benny Kauff, who singles and scores King; George Burns (batting 1st - out of order!) grounds out. So the progression of batters is 6, 9, 8, 7, 1 in that inning.

Here is a description: "A PH, Benny Kauff, came up thinking he was batting for Hubbell. If the Dodgers appeal now, Burns is out, King returns to 1b, and Bancroft has been replaced by Kauff."

Confused??? Good, so was everyone at the game!

5-2-1955 NYA @ DET - A note about this play was posted on SABR-L which generated a long discussion among the subscribers. This play occured in the bottom of the third inning with Tigers on every base and Ferris Fain at bat. The play string is: 3 61.3-H(RBI);2-H(E6)(E2)(NR);1-2. The description is as follows: "Weird play. SS got E for missing 2d; Fain out at 1st; then Berra dropped throw at plate and 2d run scored."

6-17-1926 CHN @ BRO - Concerning a goofy Dodger play, Tom wrote: "I've heard the stories and it appears they are true! In the 6th inning, Gonzales led off, grounding out. He then went to coach at third. With bases loaded, Herman threw to Maranville at 2nd for a force out. Maranville made a wild throw back to Herman trying for the DP. Herman retrieved the ball. Gonzales (now the coach) ran toward home. Herman threw to catcher O'Neill who, seeing Gonzales head toward the dugout without t ouching home, chased him to the bench to make the tag. In the meantime, 1 run scored and the batter went to third. Umpire Klem allowed the play to stand."

7-7-1923 BOS @ CLE - Cleveland beats Boston 27-3 by scoring in every inning. In the 6th, CLE scored 13 times, but with the score 22-3 and 11 runs already in, Luke Sewell singled and stole second! He had been hit in the back earlier in the game, so maybe this was a payback. The inning ends when Riggs Stepehenson is caught stealing third (15) (an odd CS for the period). In the 7th, with the score now 24-3, Rube Lutzke leads off with a single and steals second. Later in the inning, Frank Brower is thrown out at plate trying to score from 2nd on a single. This inning ends on another CS3(15) by Steve O'Neill, the catcher. In 8th Luke Sewell is thrown out at plate trying to score from 1b on a double. Was there bad blood between these two teams?

During the years 1922 through 1924, the New York Evening-Telegram would run a daily box with a pitch-by-pitch account of every one of Babe Ruth's at bats. The Pittsburgh Gazette-Times has "The Truth about Ruth" nearly every day in 1921, which is a pitch-by-pitch account like that in the Evening-Telegram. This was a nationally syndicated feature produced by Al Munro Elias. For both of those features, Retrosheet says "Thank you!"

8-21-1969 SDN @ MON - In the bottom of the second inning, Coco Laboy hit a ball to lf on which he reached 3b when it was dropped. Stu entered the following commentary into the game account: "Catchable ball dropped by Ferrara; scoresheet says the Expo dugout exploded in a 'juvenile display' when the E7 ruling was put up; official scorer for game was Jacques Doucet, who is now an Expos broadcaster; Gene Mauch (Expos manager) called pressbox during game, arguing 'That's not Ty Cobb out there', referring to Ferrara; Doucet countered, 'I'm the official scorer! The guy had it in his hands and dropped it. How can I call that a hit? I don't want to hear any more about it.'" [Way to stand up to the manager, Jacques!]

07-02-1925 DET @ CLE - In the top of the 4th, the Cleveland Plain-Dealer describes a SB/E2 thus: "Cobb injured his leg sliding into 2b but wiggled his way to 3b where he collapsed and had to be carried from the field."

08-11-1925 BSN @ CHN - In the top of the first, the Braves got a little confused about the batting order. Gautreau grounds out; Bancroft singles; Welsh singles, moving Bancroft to 3b; Burrus (batting 4th) singles, scoring Bancroft and moving Welsh to 2b; Felix (batting 7th - out of order!) walks; High (batting 6th - out of order!) singles, scoring Welsh and Felix and moving Felix to 2b; Mann (batting 5th - out of order!) grounds into a double play. That makes the progression through the batting order 1234765. In the second, High bats again (correctly) after Mann. The Chicago Daily News account of the game notes that Felix is batting out of order.

09-04-1925 CIN @ CHN - With runners on first and second, Jakie May bunted. The catcher, Gabby Hartnett, threw the ball the 3b to force Sam Bohne. Howard Freigau then relayed the ball to Sparky Adams at 2b for an unusual double play 25(2)4/GDP/BG .1-2.

From Volume 4 #1
On September 18, 1980 the White Sox beat the Mariners in Seattle. The bottom line was 9 pitchers, 10 pinch-hitters, 4 pinch-runners, and 41 total players. Doug's comment: "I hope the over-heating managerial brain cells did not detract from seeing this taut 5-4 game in person. Only 4293 know for sure".

In the game of June 14, 1974, Boston at California, Luis Tiant pitched a complete game of 14.1 innings and lost, while Nolan Ryan went 13 innings and struck out 19. Cecil Cooper was 0 for 8.

Stu found an odd play in the San Diego at Philadelphia game of August 23, 1969. Rick Joseph of the Phillies was retired on play scored as K53. Yes, you read that correctly. Newspaper research does not reveal any details, but the fielding credit for the day in two box scores makes it seem that K53 is correct.

The first game in Ebbets Field was played on April 9, 1913. The Philadelphia Evening Telegraph noted that the park was still receiving "finishing touches", and said: "The diamond is covered with grass, but the outfield is as bare as Mother Hubbard's cupboard. This should make the handling of hard-hit grounders in the outfield very difficult".

On September 7, 1953 (second game), Billy Hoeft struck out the side on 9 pitches. The Chicago victims were Jim Rivera, Mike Fornieles, and Chico Carrasquel.

Tiger manager Fred Hutchinson plays himself at first base the last three innings to end the season (September 27, 1953). This was the only game in his career that he appeared at a position other than pitcher.

June 15, 1955, New York at Detroit: "The game was delayed 23 minutes due to an air-raid alert test. There's a piece of Americana for you".

How about a strikeout with the batter being retired 767? In the game of April 25, 1970, Tiger pitcher Earl Wilson struck out to end the seventh inning in the Twin Cities. Or so it appeared to everyone except Detroit third base coach Grover Resinger. He saw that Twins catcher Paul Ratliff trapped the pitch in the dirt, did not tag Wilson and rolled the ball to the mound. Resinger told Wilson to start running as most of the Twins entered the dugout. Earl got to first easily and headed for second. Since no one interfered with him, he started for third. By this time, Brant Alyea, who was trotting in from left field, heard Resinger shouting at Wilson. Alyea hustled to the mound but had trouble picking up the ball. Wilson headed for home where Twins Leo Cardenas and Ratliff had returned. Alyea finally picked up the ball and threw to Cardenas. Wilson turned back to third but was tagged out by Alyea for a K767. Rookie catcher Ratliff was charged with an error. After the game, Detroit catcher Bill Freehan said "If Alyea had been hustling, Earl might have made it [home]. Tell him [Alyea] to start coming in and off the field a little quicker." The aftermath of the story is that Wilson pulled a hamstring muscle running the bases and had to leave the game.

May 15, 1925, Cardinals at Dodgers: (From The New York Evening World account of the top of the fifth)
"The game was delayed while Umpire Sweeney directed Rickey to keep all but the next 2 batters on the bench. It was a thrilling argument and served only to delay what was already a very slow game. After several minutes Sweeney went to consult with Unpire O'Day about the rules regarding the occasion. Apparently Sweeney won the argument as only Bottomley and Bell were allowed to stand alongside of the bench while Hornsby was hitting."

July 18, 1925, Senators at Indians: In the top of the sixth with Washington ahead 11-4, Bert Cole's first pitch sailed near Goose Goslin's head. Goslin walked towards Cole with his club raised but Umpire Connolly grabbed him by the arm and led him back to the batter's box. Goslin then knocked four pop fouls and grounded out (31). As Goslin neared the bag, he jumped on Cole and knocked him down; when Cole got up he rushed Goslin. Umpire Evans got between them and both benches emptied. As Goslin returned to the bench he was greeted with a shower of pop bottles; police went to the left field stands to quiet the crowd. Connolly ejected Goslin, who was escorted from the park by police. Nothing like a nice day at the ballpark!

August 30, 1925, Indians at Red Sox: In the bottom of the fifth, Val Picinich doubled. Pitcher Paul Zahniser followed him to the plate and hit a "come-backer" to the pitcher. Picinich was run down (1654) and Zahniser was doubled trying for second (438) with Indians' center fielder Tris Speaker sneaking in to make the put-out.

From Volume 3 #4
8/4/79 (White Sox at Blue Jays) - Ralph Garr leads off the game with the following play S5.BX2(46); Jon reports that both scoresheets agree and that newspapers should be checked to figure out just what happened.

5/26/68 (Mets at Braves) - The game was called by rain after six innings. According to the scoresheet, the umpires wore turtlenecks that day and NY GM John Murphy asks: "When are they going to wear beads?"

5/2/19 (Tigers at Cleveland) - With Ralph Young at the plate and a runner on 1b, the play is 13/SH/DP.1X2(38). It seems that Tris Speaker, known for playing shallow, snuck in behind the Ira Flagstead for an unusual double play.

9/22/80 (Angels at Brewers) - With Sal Bando on 3b, Jim Gantner on 2b, and Buck Martinez at bat, we have the everyday double play CSH(25)/DP.2X3(46).

While copying the 1923 games from the New York Evening Telegram, Dave came across an amazing exhibition game. On 10/3, the Giants and Yankees had wrapped up their pennants and they formed a combined squad to play against the Baltimore Orioles, champions of the International League. The Major League team was mostly Giants, but Babe Ruth, Aaron Ward, and Elmer Smith of the Yankees played as Giants. There were four home runs, including one by Ruth, who retired after his clout in the fifth inning. The New York team won 9-3 and the entire play by play was in the Evening Telegram (which Dave copied, of course). The final amazing point is that the regular season did not end until October 7. Given the realities of the modern game, it is hard to imagine such a game occurring today.

9/20/83 (Cardinals at Expos) - "Herzog (and SLN scorer) thought Carter was out on last play. Whitey got ejected. Scorer apparently allowed to stay."

9/17/80 (A's at Rangers) - Rick Langford pitched 8.2 innings, ending his string of 22 consecutive complete games. The 1981 Sporting News Baseball Guide noted this was the most in over 30 years. For the 1980 season, the Oakland staff had 94 complete games (most since DET in 1946). Mike Norris, Matt Keough, Langford, and Steve McCatty each pitched 14 inning complete games, with McCatty the only loser in the bunch, 2-1 to Seattle on August 10. By now everyone must be wondering who the manager of that team was - it was Billy Martin! That team was also known for its base-running adventures, stealing home seven times, as well as pulling off 14 double steals and one triple steal.

6/12/25 (Giants at Pirates) - With runners on second and third and no outs Kiki Cuyler hits a grounder to Travis Jackson at ss. Jackson throws home to get Max Carey and Johnny Rawlings then tries to reach 3b and is nailed. Finally, Cuyler is out in a rundown between first and second - a very unusual triple play with all three runners caught in rundowns and the right fielder getting an assist. The play is:

6/30/1925 (Dodgers at Phillies) - In the top of the eleventh inning with a runner on 2b and no one out, Zach Wheat hits the ball back to the pitcher, Dutch Ulrich. Ulrich traps Milt Stock between 2b and 3b in a rundown. Eventually the play turns back to Wheat, who attempts to reach 2b but is put out. Then the play returns to Stock who is out at 3b. The play:

Detroit at Cleveland 7/1/1925: With runners on first and second and one out, Frank O'Rourke singles to cf. Tris Speaker throws behind Fred Haney when he rounds 2b but Haney gets back. However, O'Rourke runs all the way to 2b thinking Haney was headed for 3b. With two runners standing on 2b, Joe Klugman tags O'Rourke. Haney walks off the bag confused and is also tagged out. An outfield single that turns into a double play. The play:

Unknown game: Here is one that will appear once in a while: runners on first and second and no outs. The batter hits a grounder to the third baseman who steps on the bag and throws to second for another out. This is a GDP even though the batter is safe.

From Volume 3 #3
We continue to find the most distressing disagreements between different sources for a single game, usually base hit fielders, but all too often 53 vs 63, 8 vs 7, etc. On one occasion there were three scoresheets to work from, which would lead one to believe that he could resolve some of the differences. Nope. On one play the three scorers had it: S7, S8, S9.

An eyewitness account from a minor league game: The second play was the absolutely strangest I've ever seen live. With Tacoma Rainier All-Star dh Jim Bonnici on first, Raul Ibanez crushed a ball to deepest Cheney Stadium (425ft) and Albuquerque Duke cf Reggie Williams just missed a great catch. The next thing I noticed was Bonnici racing around the bases -- back to first! A completely confused Ibanez stopped between first and second, where the Dukes tagged him and then Bonnici standing on first. My best guess is that the umps ruled Ibanez out for passing Bonnici, who they left safe at first. What a mess! The play was scored a base hit, so I came up with S8.1-1;BX2(84). Care to comment? :) This play had a hilarious footnote. A few innings later, with Bonnici on first, Ibanez crushed a ball to almost the identical spot, but Williams made a great catch on this one. Once again, Bonnici tore around the bases -- crossing home plate just as the Dukes were tagging first for an easy double play. Absolutely unbelievable!

We have this report of the game of the Twins vs Rangers on June 27, 1980: "In 109o heat, Gaylord Perry pitched his 52nd career shutout -- a four-hit (Roy Smalley banged out three of them), no-walk, 82-pitch (!) masterpiece. Given his pitching, the Rangers' four-run first iced the game, a 5-0 win over the Twins. The game took only 1:49 to play -- to the relief of everyone involved, I'm sure.

In the Mets game of October 3, 1981: the two scoresheets started completely on the wrong foot, disagreeing on the very first play -- K vs 5/L. *ouch* I wonder who arrived late.

8/28/79 (MIL at KCA): Top of the eighth with one out and runners on first and second. Ben Oglivie doubles into a DP: D8/DP.2XH(842);1XH(2). Nice base running by Gorman Thomas from first. This is a play that Carlton Fisk performed once for CHA; the catcher here is Darrell Porter.

8/29/79 (MIL at KCA): Final score: KCA 18 MIL 8. Among the pitchers for the Brewers were

Sal Bando 3 IP 3 H 2 ER
Jim Gantner 1 IP 2 H 0 R
Buck Martinez 1 IP 1 H 1 ER 1 BB

The "real" pitchers surrendered 15 ER and 13 H in 3+ IP. KCA sent 12 batters to the plate in the fourth inning and 9 in the fifth.

7/30/25 (SLA at NYA): Earle Combs struck out but catcher Pinky Hargrave dropped the pitch; he threw to first to get Combs but first baseman Harry Rice dropped the throw. Score it K.BX1(2E3)

On 8/28/1969 playing for Pittsburgh in Forbes Field, Bruce DalCanton entered the game with 3 Braves on base and Hank Aaron batting. As Bruce tells the story, Aaron hit the ball over the clock on top of the scoreboard and his shortstop came in to the mound with his glove covering his laughter. The only comment was "Way to get out of the jam in a hurry!"

I can't imagine this has happened many times in the history of baseball. On 5/27/64 (NYN @ CHN), both Frank Thomas and Ron Santo were called out for getting hit by their own batted balls in fair territory. I don't think I've ever seen this happen once in my lifetime let alone twice in the same game.

Most scoresheets have a space for weather information, which is usually ignored. (When they do record the wind speed, the direction is invariably noted as a compass direction rather than in relation to the field.) The scoresheets from Astros announcer Gene Elston are very interesting. Not only does he record all of the weather data Retrosheet needs, he also has a space for humidity! And the funniest thing of all is the apparently irrelevant information scorers choose to scribble in the margins. My favorite was from the Yankees scoresheet where the scorekeeper noted that it was Beach Ball day but not the names of the umpires or the attendance.

4-25-59 (LAN at SLN): Solly Hemus, the Cardinals player-manager, starts himself at third base, moving All-Star Ken Boyer to shortstop. Hemus singles in first off Drysdale. In second against McDevitt, he uses Jablonski as a pinch-hitter for himself, and Ray hits a home run. Great managing!

5-14-72 (SFN at NYN): This is the first game for Willie Mays against the Giants in New York after he was traded to the Mets. For SFN, McDowell opens game with W,W,W,HR,K,K,K. He allows no more runs and ends up with no decision as the Mets win 5-4. He allowed one more hit (D to Fregosi) and one walk (intentional).

5-10-59 (PHI at PIT, suspended, completed 7-21): Jim Hearn lost a game after his retirement, which occurred before the game was completed. Ted Kluszewski, who was the first batter after the game was resumed, homered. Both pitchers who were in the game at the time of the suspension stayed in to pitch in the resumption. PHI made three defensive changes (Willie Jones had been traded in the interim), and, of course, there were new umpires.

In one 1965 game the Twins scorer gives Oliva a single and the Yankees a walk. These differences show up in their totals for the day as well.

Here's a double play following an error:
E4/DP.2-H(NR);1XH(252);BX2(26) with this explanation: Weis booted a ball to start the play allowing Killebrew to score. Then, Mincher was caught in a short rundown between third and home. In the meantime, Kindall (the batter) tried to sneak over to second and was also caught.

In the ongoing debate of how many players pinch-hit for Henry Aaron (Chuck Tanner was not one of them), John Blanchard did so on September 11, 1965 vs the Mets.

In the game of July 20, 1965, the Braves won 7-1, scoring all 7 in the 7th inning, the last two on a home run by Henry Aaron off Larry Miller. "After the game, Stengel is quoted after being asked why he'd bring in a mediocre lefty to face Hank Aaron: 'You don't bring in the best surgeon when the patient is already dead."

The 1953 Tigers were a pretty grim team, but they encountered a streak where they lost 7 of 9, all in last at bat, 3 in extra innings.

On June 23, 1940 Ted Williams, running after an eventual inside-the-park home run, collided with Doc Cramer and was knocked unconscious.

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