No Decision Games

Although they are virtually unheard of today, there have been quite a few games that have not been played to a win, loss, or tie decision. Often these were due to games being protested. To make things even more confusing, at times the players' performances of these games were included in the official records, but at other times they were not.

Pete Palmer, an expert in the field of baseball data and records who has helped improve them in many ways, has generously provided the following list he has compiled along with many explanations and references. (Tattersall is John Tattersall, a SABR member who compiled many records from baseball's early history; Macmillan refers to the Macmillan Baseball Encyclopedia, which was first published in 1969 and was the most complete compilation of baseball records and data at the time of its publication.) Pete was an editor for the first seven editions of Total Baseball first published in 1989, which is another encyclopedia that, if anything, goes beyond Macmillan. He is an editor of the Barnes and Noble Baseball Encyclopedia that has had two editions so far with the next one due out in 2006. Bob Tiemann also helped to develop the list.

The list is in chronological order for the most part. Names in parentheses are the managers of the teams.

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