Polo Grounds V American League Lasts
New York, NY
The park was used by the Giants (1911-1957) and Mets (1962-1963).

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Game 09/10/1922 Athletics 1, Yankees 2 (game 2)
  Umpires George Hildebrand, Billy Evans
  Managers Miller Huggins, Yankees
    Connie Mack, Athletics
  Starting Pitchers Waite Hoyt, Yankees
    Slim Harriss, Athletics
  Attendance 40,000 (est.)
  Batter Joe Hauser (strike out)
  Hit Unknown
  Run Jimmy Dykes
  RBI Frank Welch
  Single Unknown
  Double Jimmy Dykes
  Triple Babe Ruth
  Home Run Wally Pipp (09/10/1922 game 1)
  Grand Slam Babe Ruth (07/06/1922 game 1)
  IPHR BibbFalk (08/19/1922)
  Stolen Base Jimmy Dykes
  Sacrifice Hit Babe Ruth
  Sacrifice Fly Wally Schang (09/10/1922 game 1)
  Cycle NONE by AL player
  Win Waite Hoyt
  Loss Slim Harriss
  Shutout Herman Pillette (07/22/1922)
  Save N/A
  Hit by Pitch Slim Harriss hit Wally Pipp
  Wild Pitch Walter Johnson (09/08/1922)
  Balk Dixie Leverett (05/08/1922)
  No-Hitter Ray Caldwell (09/10/1919 game 1)
  Putout Wally Schang