Palace of the Fans Lasts
Cincinnati, OH

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Game 10/12/1911 Cubs 3, Reds 4
  Umpires Mal Eason, Bob Emslie
  Managers Clark Griffith, Reds
    Frank Chance, Cubs
  Starting Pitchers Bert Humphries, Reds
    Cy Slapnicka, Cubs
  Attendance 400
  Batter Wilbur Good (pop out)
  Hit Cy Slapnicka (single)
  Run Vic Saier
  RBI Cy Slapnicka
  Single Cy Slapnicka
  Double Hank Severeid
  Triple Jimmy Esmond
  Home Run Ed McDonald (09/29/1911)
  Grand Slam Tex Erwin (07/28/1911)
  IPHR Ed McDonald (09/29/1911)
  Stolen Base Jim Doyle
  Sacrifice Hit Bert Humphries (10/09/1911 game 1)
  Sacrifice Fly Johnny Bates
  Cycle Chief Wilson (07/03/1910)
  Win Bert Humphries
  Loss Cy Slapnicka
  Shutout Bob Harmon (10/08/1911)
  Hit by Pitch Ray Boyd hit Heinie Zimmerman
  Wild Pitch Ray Boyd (10/09/1911 game 2)
  Balk Bert Hall (09/17/1911 game 2)
  No-Hitter NONE
  Putout Eddie Grant