Fenway Park National League Lasts
Boston, MA
Braves used this park in 1913(4 games), 1914(29), 1915(52), and 1946 (2). Also used it for World Series Games in October 1914.

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Game 04/28/1946 Phillies 1, Braves 2 (Game 2)
  Umpires Lee Ballanfant, Al Barlick, Babe Pinelli
  Managers Billy Southworth, Braves
    Ben Chapman, Phillies
  Starting Pitchers Johnny Sain, Braves
    Al Jurisich, Phillies
  Attendance 20,735
  Batter Andy Seminick (Unknown out)
  Hit Johnny Sain (Single)
  Run Bama Rowell
  RBI Phil Masi
  Single Johnny Sain
  Double Bama Rowell
  Triple Johnny Hopp (04/28/1946 Game 1)
  Home Run Rabbit Maranville (07/13/1915 Game 2)
  Grand Slam Rabbit Maranville (09/26/1914 Game 1)
  IPHR Rabbit Maranville (07/13/1915 Game 2)
  Stolen Base Herbie Moran (07/24/1915)
  Sacrifice Hit Skippy Roberge
  Sacrifice Fly Not in rules at this time
  Cycle None by NL player
  Win Johnny Sain
  Loss Al Jurisich
  Shutout Pat Ragan, Tom Hughes (07/26/1915)
  Save Tom Hughes (07/26/1915)
  Hit by Pitch Dick Mulligan hit Tommy Holmes
  Wild Pitch Al Jurisich
  Balk None by NL player
  No-Hitter Iron Davis (09/09/1914 Game 2)
  Putout Unknown