Exposition Park III Players League Lasts
Pittsburgh, PA
This park was used by the National League 1891-1909 and Federal League 1914-15.

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Note that Pittsburgh, as the home team, batted first in the game.

Game 10/04/1890 Boston Reds 7, Pittsburgh Rebels 3 (game 2, 6 innings)
  Umpires Bob Ferguson, Bill Holbert
  Managers Ned Hanlon, Rebels
    King Kelly, Reds
  Starting Pitchers John Tener, Rebels
    Ad Gumbert, Reds
  Attendance 2,388
  Batter Hardy Richardson (fly out)
  Hit Tom Brown (single)
  Run Bill Daley
  RBI Dan Brouthers
  Single Tom Brown
  Double Joe Quinn
  Triple Billy Nash
  Home Run Joe Visner (10/04/1890 game 1)
  Grand Slam None by PL player
  IPHR Joe Visner (10/04/1890 game 1)
  Stolen Base Unknown
  Sacrifice Hit N/A
  Sacrifice Fly N/A
  Cycle None by PL player
  Win Ad Gumbert
  Loss John Tener
  Shutout Harry Staley (10/03/1890)
  Save N/A
  Hit by Pitch Al Maul hit Harry Stovey (10/04/1890 game 1)
  Wild Pitch Bill Daley (10/04/1890 game 1)
  Balk Willie McGill (9/9/1890)
  No-Hitter None by PL pitcher
  Putout Jocko Fields