Exposition Park III National League Lasts
Pittsburgh, PA
This park was used by the Players League 1890 and Federal League 1914-15.

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Game 06/29/1909 Cubs 1, Pirates 8
  Umpires Hank O'Day, Bob Emslie
  Managers Fred Clarke, Pirates
    Frank Chance, Cubs
  Starting Pitchers Lefty Leifield, Pirates
    Mordecai Brown, Cubs
  Attendance 5,545
  Batter Jimmy Archer (strike out)
  Hit George Gibson (double)
  Run Johnny Evers
  RBI Solly Hofman
  Single Johnny Evers
  Double George Gibson
  Triple Frank Schulte
  Home Run Red Murray (06/16/1909)
  Grand Slam Honus Wagner (06/03/1909)
  IPHR Red Murray (06/16/1909)
  Stolen Base Dots Miller
  Sacrifice Hit Tommy Leach (06/19/1909)
  Sacrifice Fly Sherry Magee (06/21/1909)
  Cycle Bill Joyce (05/30/1896 game 1)
  Win Lefty Leifield
  Loss Mordecai Brown
  Shutout Vic Willis (06/09/1909)
  Save N/A
  Hit by Pitch Howie Camnitz hit Larry Doyle (06/18/1909)
  Wild Pitch Jack Pfiester
  Balk Ed Reulbach (09/05/1908)
  No-Hitter Nick Maddox (09/20/1907)
  Putout George Gibson