Burns Park Lasts
aka West End Park (1902)
Detroit, MI
Used by the Tigers for Sunday games, 1901-02

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Game 09/07/1902 Orioles 6, Tigers 11
  Umpires Silk O'Loughlin
  Managers Frank Dwyer, Tigers
    Wilbert Robinson, Orioles
  Starting Pitchers Wish Egan, Tigers
    Snake Wiltse, Orioles
  Attendance 1,787
  Batter Unknown
  Hit Unknown
  Run Arch McCarthy
  RBI Doc Casey
  Single Unknown
  Double Doc Casey
  Triple Topsy Hartsel (08/10/1902)
  Home Run Socks Seybold (08/10/1902)
  Grand Slam Deacon McGuire (05/18/1902)
  Stolen Base Billy Gilbert
  Sacrifice Hit Unknown
  Sacrifice Fly No sacrifice fly in rules at this time
  Cycle NONE
  Win Arch McCarthy
  Loss Snake Wiltse
  Shutout Unknown
  Hit by Pitch Snake Wiltse hit Jimmy Barrett
  Wild Pitch Snake Wiltse
  Balk NONE
  No-Hitter NONE
  Putout Unknown