Braves Field American League Lasts
Also used by the National League
aka Bee Hive
Boston, MA

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Game 05/29/1932 Athletics 3, Red Sox 0 (Game 2)
  Umpires Dick Nallin, Red Ormsby
  Managers Shano Collins, Red Sox
    Connie Mack, Athletics
  Starting Pitchers Ed Durham, Red Sox
    Rube Walberg, Athletics
  Attendance 6,000 (est.)
  Batter Earl Webb (unknown)
  Hit Unknown
  Run Doc Cramer
  RBI Al Simmons
  Single Unknown
  Double Ed Connolly
  Triple Hal Rhyne ((07/26/1931 Game 2)
  Home Run Jimmie Foxx (05/29/1932 Game 1)
  Grand Slam None
  IPHR Charlie Gehringer (06/22/1930 Game 2)
  Stolen Base Jimmy Dykes
  Sacrifice Hit Rube Walberg
  Sacrifice Fly Not in rules at this time
  Cycle Joe Cronin (09/02/1929 Game 1)
  Win Rube Walberg
  Loss Ed Durham
  Shutout Rube Walberg
  Save N/A
  Hit by Pitch Joe Bowman hit Bennie Tate (05/29/1932 Game 1)
  Wild Pitch Wilcy Moore (05/15/1932)
  Balk Wes Ferrell (06/02/1929)
  No-Hitter None
  Putout Unknown