Astrodome Lasts
Houston, TX

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Game 10/03/1999 Dodgers 4, Astros 9
  Umpires Brian Gorman, Phil Cuzzi,
    Jerry Crawford, Alfonzo Marquez
  Managers Larry Dierker, Astros
    Davey Johnson, Dodgers
  Starting Pitchers Mike Hampton, Astros
    Robinson Checo, Dodgers
  Attendance 52,033
  Batter Raul Modesi (strike out)
  Hit Mark Grudzeilanek (single)
  Run Dave Hansen
  RBI Mark Grudzeilanek
  Single Mark Grudzeilanek
  Double Dave Hansen
  Triple Stan Javier (10/01/1999)
  Home Run Ken Caminiti
  Grand Slam Ken Caminiti (08/31/1999)
  IPHR Tony Womack (07/21/1999)
  Stolen Base Jeff Bagwell
  Sacrifice Hit Craig Biggio
  Sacrifice Fly Ken Caminiti (09/29/1999)
  Cycle Andujar Cedeno (08/25/1992)
  Win Mike Hampton
  Loss Robinson Checo
  Shutout Jose Lima, Billy Wagner (10/02/1999)
  Save Billy Wagner (10/02/1999)
  Hit by Pitch Dennys Reyes hit Carl Everett (09/29/1999)
  Wild Pitch Mike Maddux
  Balk Joe Grahe (09/13/1999)
  No-Hitter Darryl Kyle (09/08/1993)
  Putout Tony Eusebio