Pitch Count Mistakes

The following list developed by David Vincent and has been continued with the assistance of Major League Baseball. It contains the known instances of plate appearances in which the ball and strike count was not kept correctly. Please contact Retrosheet President Tom Thress at the following email address: (Replace -ATsign- with @) Please start your subject line with "Retrosheet: " with corrections and additions. Click on the date to see the box and play-by-play for the game.

Date Visitor Home HP Umpire Crew Chief Batter Inning Play
4/17/1914 Pirates Cardinals Cy Rigler Cy Rigler Chief Wilson 1 Three-ball walk
8/29/1928 Indians Tigers Bill Guthrie George Hildebrand Harry Heilmann 3 Walk plus one more pitch (ground out)
6/10/1953 Braves Giants Larry Goetz Larry Goetz Daryl Spencer 8 Five-ball walk
6/2/1954 Dodgers Braves Lee Ballanfant Al Barlick Johnny Logan 4 Three-ball walk
9/6/1962 Giants Dodgers Ed Vargo Al Barlick Chuck Hiller 1 Five-ball walk
5/5/1978 Mets Phillies John Kibler John Kibler Lenny Randle 9 Walk plus one more pitch (triple)
8/28/1992 Brewers Blue Jays Don Denkinger Don Denkinger B.J. Surhoff 8 Five-ball walk
9/22/1992 Twins Orioles Dave Phillips Dave Phillips John Castino 5 Three-ball walk
8/24/1998 Astros Cubs Jim Quick Jim Quick Shane Reynolds 5 Three-ball walk
4/30/2007 Cardinals Brewers Dan Iassogna Dale Scott Albert Pujols 6 Three-ball walk
9/4/2008 Angels Tigers Tim Welke Tim Welke Sean Rodriguez 4 Walk plus one more pitch (strikeout)
7/3/2010 Dodgers D-Backs Bruce Dreckman Gary Darling Xavier Paul 2 Three-ball walk
7/10/2010 Royals White Sox Greg Gibson Gerry Davis Gordon Beckham 6 Walk plus three more pitches (fly out)
10/3/2010 Rays Royals Wally Bell John Hirschbeck Reid Brignac 2 Three-ball walk
4/21/2011 Indians Royals Angel Hernandez Joe West Asdrubal Cabrera 5 Three-ball walk
6/25/2011 Mets Rangers Mike DiMuro Tim Welke Nelson Cruz 2 Walk plus two more pitches (strikeout)
7/2/2011 Padres Mariners Phil Cuzzi Tom Hallion Cameron Maybin 5 Three-ball walk
7/10/2011 Mariners Angels Gerry Davis Gerry Davis Bobby Abreu 3 Three-ball walk
8/31/2012 Mets Marlins Scott Barry Gary Darling Mike Baxter 5 Three-ball walk
9/30/2012 Giants Padres Gary Cederstrom Gary Cederstrom Will Venable 4 Walk plus two more pitches (fly out)
5/11/2013 Yankees Royals Mark Wegner Mike Winters Lorenzo Cain 5 Three-ball walk
9/12/2013 Yankees Orioles Jim Reynolds Jim Joyce Chris Stewart 2 Two-strike strikeout
4/22/2014 Twins Rays Paul Schrieber Ted Barrett Yunel Escobar 5 Walk plus one more pitch (strikeout); incorrectly upheld by replay
5/30/2014 Rangers Nationals Scott Barry Jeff Nelson Wilson Ramos 6 Five-ball walk
6/12/2014 Braves Rockies Jordan Baker Paul Emmel Tommy La Stella 7 Three-ball walk
7/23/2014 Rays Cardinals Dan Bellino Kerwin Danley John Jay 7 Walk plus two more pitches (strikeout)
4/21/2015 Astros Mariners CB Bucknor Dale Scott George Springer 5 Walk plus one more pitch (strikeout)
5/23/2015 Athletics Rays Rob Drake Joe West Max Muncy 6 Five-ball walk
5/31/2015 Nationals Reds Paul Emmel Jerry Meals Joey Votto 7 Three-ball walk
8/24/2015 Mets Phillies Tom Hallion Tom Hallion Cesar Hernandez 1 Five-ball walk
5/6/2016 Mariners Astros Manny Gonzalez Jeff Nelson Jose Altuve 7 Three-ball walk
6/15/2016 Twins Angels Tim Timmons Mike Everitt Yunel Escobar 7 Three-ball walk
8/8/2017 Astros White Sox Sean Barber Ted Barrett Yoan Moncada 4 Five-ball walk
5/3/2018 Orioles Angels Brian Gorman Brian Gorman Ian Kinsler 3 Walk plus two more pitches (strikeout)
7/27/2018 Blue Jays White Sox CB Bucknor Fieldin Culbreth Lourdes Gurriel Jr. 8 Walk plus six more pitches (double)
5/17/2019 Cardinals Rangers Bill Miller Bill Miller Logan Forsythe 8 Walk plus one more pitch (fly out)
9/23/2020 Phillies Nationals Joe West Joe West Mickey Moniak 9 Walk plus three more pitches (single)
10/7/2020 (NLDS) Marlins Braves Dan Bellino Mark Wegner Adam Duvall 2 Walk plus one more pitch (flyout)
5/28/2021 Yankees Tigers Vic Carapazza Jerry Meals Gio Urshela 6 Three-ball walk
6/26/2021 Astros Tigers Sam Holbrook Sam Holbrook Kyle Tucker 6 Five-ball walk
4/22/2022 Rangers Athletics Brian Knight Bill Miller Andy Ibanez 9 Five-ball walk
8/3/2022 Red Sox Astros Jim Wolf Angel Hernandez Yordan Alvarez 3 Strikeout plus one more pitch (ground out)
8/15/2022 Mariners Angels Laz Diaz Laz Diaz Carlos Santana 9 Three-ball walk
9/30/2022 Phillies Nationals Marvin Hudson Marvin Hudson Victor Robles 7 Walk plus one more pitch (strikeout)

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