Team Nicknames History

The file linked below is comma delimited. For the current teams, it contains the history of their locations, leagues/divisions, and commonly used nicknames.

The fields are:

Current franchise ID
Franchise ID (may the same as current one) for earlier data
Division (blank before divisional play)
Location name (e.g. Brooklyn, Texas)
Alternate nicknames (blank if none for the period)
Date of the first game with this combination
Date of the last game with combination (blank if current one)

The league codes are:

NA = National Association
NL = National League
AA = American Association
AL = American League

Posting history:
4/27/2010: First release
5/2/2010: Added A's (Athletics alternate), modified Pittsburgh in 1880s, 1890s)
5/3/2010: A few modifications to data for 1961-2009

Team Nicknames File

The Franchise Directory contains teams' annual won-lost records, standings, managers, and other data: Franchise Directory

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