Negro League Players: W

Lee Wade
Van Wade
Hal Wagner
Rube Walberg
George Walden
Ollie Waldon
Bill Walker
Edsall Walker
George Walker
Hoss Walker
Jack Walker
R.T. Walker
Roy Walker
Tom Walker
Tony Walker
Bo Wallace
Dick Wallace
George Waller
Augie Walsh
Johnny Walters
Junk Walters
Lloyd Waner
Paul Waner
George Wannamaker
Pinky Ward
Willie Ward
Archie Ware
John Ware
Willie Ware
Frank Warfield
Sam Warmack
Lon Warneke
Jack Warner
Ciscero Warren
Jesse Warren
William Warrick
Rabbit Warstler
Fay Washington
Jasper Washington
Johnny Washington
Kenny Washington
Namon Washington
Pete Washington
Ted Washington
Art Watkins
George Watkins
Murray Watkins
Sherman Watrous
Amos Watson
Johnie Watson
Dick Watts
Eddie Watts
Herman Watts
Dick Weaver
Jim Weaver
Ken Weber
Dan Webster
William Webster
Lefty Weinert
Jesse Welch
Philip Welch
Winfield Welch
Ira Wells
Leo Wells
Willie Wells
Willie Wells
Roy Welmaker
Charles Wesley
Edgar Wesley
Jim West
Max West
Ollie West
Price West
Gus Westbrook
Ernie Westfield
Isaac Weston
David Whatley
Sam Wheeler
Jack Whipple
Burlin White
Chaney White
Charlie White
Clarence White
Eddie White
Eugene White
James White
Ladd White
Sol White
Willie White
Earl Whitehill
Carl Whitney
Dave Whitney
Don Whittington
Dick Whitworth
Frank Wickware
Joe Wiggins
Red Wiggins
Doc Wiley
Joe Wiley
Jimmy Wilkes
Roy Wilkinson
Biggie Williams
Bill Williams
Bobby Williams
C. L. Williams
Charles Williams
Charlie Williams
Chester Williams
Clarence Williams
Clarence Williams
Clyde Williams
Cotton Williams
Curley Williams
Dib Williams
Eddie Williams
Eli Williams
Eugene Williams
Frank Williams
Frank Williams
Fred Williams
George Williams
Gerard Williams
Harry Williams
Henry Williams
Henry Williams
Jesse Williams
Jesse Williams
Jim Williams
Joe Williams
Joe Williams
John Williams
John Williams
John Williams
Johnny Williams
Koney Williams
Lefty Williams
Lemuel Williams
Leroy Williams
Lilly Williams
Lincoln Williams
Lonnie Williams
Mack Williams
Marvin Williams
Nish Williams
Poindexter Williams
Roy K. Williams
Roy S. Williams
Sammy Williams
Sidney Williams
String Bean Williams
Ted Williams
Tom Williams
Wilmore Williams
Woody Williams
Jim Willis
Will Willoughby
Alfred Wilmore
Alec Wilson
Artie Wilson
Bob Wilson
Chuck Wilson
Dan Wilson
Elmer Wilson
Emmett Wilson
Felton Wilson
Fred Wilson
Hack Wilson
Henry Wilson
James Wilson
Jimmie Wilson
Jimmy Wilson
John Wilson
Jud Wilson
Lefty Wilson
Percy Wilson
Ray Wilson
Tommy Wilson
Bill Windle
Jim Winford
David Wingfield
Al Wingo
Doc Wingo
Bobby Winston
John Winston
Nip Winters
Shine Winters
Les Witherspoon
Larry Woodall
Parnell Woods
Sam Woods
Tommy Woods
Willie Woods
Buster Woodworth
Nathaniel Wooten
Bob Worthington
Fred Worthy
Bricktop Wright
Bruce Wright
Danny Wright
George Wright
Glenn Wright
Henry Wright
Johnny Wright
Lee Wright
Red Wright
Tom Wright
Wild Bill Wright
Zollie Wright
Yats Wuestling
Ralph Wyatt
William Wyatt
Steve Wylie
Willie Wynn
Johnny Wyrostek
Biff Wysong

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