Negro League Players: R

Joe Rabbitt
Alex Radcliff
Henry Radcliffe
Ted Radcliffe
Don Rader
Jack Radtke
Billy Raimondi
Larry Raines
Ramiro Ramirez
Laymon Ramsey
Chuck Randall
William Randall
Johnny Rawlings
Johnny Ray
Kenneth Ray
Otto Ray
Francis Reardon
Al Reavis
Connie Rector
Ulysses Redd
Dick Redding
Wilson Redus
Allen Reed
Eddie Reed
Johnny Reed
Jimmy Reese
John Reese
Donald Reeves
Pedro Regalado
Bill Regan
Herman Reich
Ambrose Reid
Emil Reitz
Chico Renfroe
Moses Renoy
Bill Reynolds
Jimmy Reynolds
Billy Rhiel
Army Rhodes
Gordon Rhodes
Harry Rhodes
Earl Richardson
Gene Richardson
Glenn Richardson
Ken Richardson
Ray Richardson
Ted Richardson
Tom Richardson
Vicial Richardson
Beryl Richmond
Bill Ricks
Vernon Riddick
Marshall Riddle
Jack Ridley
Bill Riggins
Ed Rile
Jack Riley
Lee Riley
Matias Rios
Jimmy Ripple
John Ritchey
Charlie Rivera
Phil Rizzuto
Alvin Roane
Curtis Roberts
Roy Roberts
Sarah Roberts
Specs Roberts
Ace Robinson
Bobby Robinson
Booker Robinson
Charles Robinson
Clarence Robinson
Frazier Robinson
Harold Robinson
Jackie Robinson
Jacob Robinson
James Robinson
Jim Robinson
Mel Robinson
Neil Robinson
Newt Robinson
Norman Robinson
Ray Robinson
Sheriff Robinson
Skin Down Robinson
Bernardo Rodriguez
Bienvenido Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez
Vicente Rodriguez
Ed Roetz
Bullet Rogan
Nat Rogers
Ramon Rojas
Julio Rojo
Ray Roman
Bob Romby
Eddie Rommel
Clemon Rooney
Charlie Root
Ralph Rosado
Goody Rosen
Dick Ross
Don Ross
William Ross
Herman Roth
Bob Rowe
Schoolboy Rowe
Schoolboy Rowe
Bobby Rowland
Joe Royal
Leon Ruffin
Antonio Ruiz
Silvino Ruiz
Pythias Russ
Bill Russell
Branch Russell
E. Russell
Frank Russell
Jack Russell
Jim Russell
John Henry Russell
Rip Russell
Thomas Russell
Babe Ruth
Red Ryan
Mike Ryba

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