Negro League Players: P

Tom Padden
Ernie Padgett
Juan Padron
Jack Paepke
Andy Pafko
Ted Page
Pedro Pages
Lefty Pahlman
Satchel Paige
Bob Palm
Clarence Palm
Curtis Palmer
Lefty Pardew
Art Parker
Sonny Parker
Tom Parker
Charlie Parks
William Parks
Roy Parmelee
Roy Parnell
Agustin Parpetti
Manuel Parrado
Clyde Parris
Roy Partee
Roy Partlow
Hal Patchett
Archie Pate
Max Patkin
Gabe Patterson
John Patterson
Pat Patterson
Willie Patterson
Herb Paymond
Andrew Payne
George Payne
Rusty Payne
Warren Peace
Frank Pearson
Lennie Pearson
Maurice Peatros
Howard Peckman
Eustaquio Pedroso
Nat Peeples
Donald Peerman
Don Pelham
Eddie Pellagrini
Jim Pendleton
Harry Peneski
Art Pennington
Jose Pereira
Javier Perez
Jose Perez
Luis Perez
Bill Perkins
Cecil Perkins
Cy Perkins
John Perrigan
Alonzo Perry
Carlisle Perry
Eddie Perry
Walter Perry
Bill Pertica
John Peters
Charles Petersen
Bill Pettus
Bruce Petway
Shirley Petway
Fred Pfahler
Babe Phelps
Roy Phelps
Lefty Phillips
Norris Phillips
Richard Phillips
Eddie Pick
Al Piechota
Bill Pierce
Bill Piercy
Rogers Pierre
Leonard Pigg
Luis Pillot
Diamond Pipkins
Cotton Pippen
Joe Pirrone
Don Poindexter
Robert Poindexter
Robert Pointer
Rafael Polanco
Spottswood Poles
Nat Pollard
Nick Polly
Claude Poole
Dave Pope
Edgar Pope
James Pope
Willie Pope
Andy Porter
Birney Porter
Dick Porter
James Portier
Bartolo Portuondo
Bill Powell
Jake Powell
Melvin Powell
Roy Powell
Russell Powell
Willie Powell
Les Powers
Harry Powley
Henry Presswood
Al Preston
Jackie Price
Jerry Priddy
Charlie Pride
John Henry Prince
Wilbert Pritchett
George Proctor
Howard Prost
William Prout
Anderson Pryor
Johnny Pugh
O'Neal Pullen
Herman Purcell

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