Negro League Players: O

Charles Oakley
Dan Oberholzer
Willie O'Bryant
Johnnie Oden
Dave Odom
Sam Odom
Lefty O'Doul
Rube Oehme
Mose Offutt
Jack Ogden
Jim Oglesby
Cliff Ograin
Jimmy Oldham
Red Oldham
Jim Oliver
John Henry Oliver
Martin Oliver
Vern Olsen
Walter Olsen
Jim Omar
Alejandro Oms
Buck O'Neil
Charles O'Neil
Emmett O'Neill
Steve O'Neill
Grady Orange
Clarence Orme
Ernie Orsatti
Felix Ortiz Correa
Rafaelito Ortiz
Julius Osley
Guy Ousley
Albert Overton
Aubry Owens
Albert Owens
Dewitt Owens
Judge Owens
Mickey Owen
Oscar Owens
Roosevelt Owens
Smoky Owens
Sylvester Owens
Will Owens

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