Negro League Players: H

Mule Haas
Red Hadley
Billy Ray Haggins
Hal Haid
Jesse Haines
Harold Hairston
Sam Hairston
Chet Hajduk
George Halas
Red Hale
Red Haley
Bad News Hall
Buddy Hall
Charley Hall
Clem Hall
Perry Hall
Art Hamilton
Eppie Hamilton
J.C. Hamilton
Jim Hamilton
Eppie Hampton
Lewis Hampton
Bill Handy
George Handy
Fred Haney
Fred Hanis
Truck Hannah
Leo Hannibal
Curtis Hardaway
Lovell Harden
Mel Harder
Wesley Hardiman
Ed Hardin
Halley Harding
Willie Hardwick
Paul Hardy
Walter Hardy
Charlie Hargreaves
Lincoln Harmon
George Harney
Dave Harper
Charlie Harris
Curtis Harris
Donnie Harris
Earnest Harris
George Harris
Isiah Harris
Joe Harris
Lonnie Harris
Mo Harris
Ned Harris
Roger Harris
Sonny Harris
Tommy Harris
Vic Harris
Willie Harris
Willie Harris
Wilmer Harris
Garrell Hartman
J.C. Hartman
Bill Harvey
Bob Harvey
Buddy Hassett
Joe Hassler
Rufus Hatten
John Hawkins
Lemuel Hawkins
Chicken Hawks
Bun Hayes
Charley Hayes
Frankie Hayes
Johnny Hayes
James Haynes
Sammy Haynes
Claude Hayslett
Bob Haywood
Buster Haywood
Jehosie Heard
Jeff Heath
Bob Hedington
Don Heffner
Art Hefner
Jim Hegan
Harry Heilmann
Fred Heimach
Ken Heintzelman
Benny Helgeth
Ed Hemingway
Johnny Hemminger
Dick Hemphill
Rollie Hemsley
Bill Henderson
Curtis Henderson
Duke Henderson
Leonard Henderson
Les Henderson
Rats Henderson
Dutch Henry
Joe Henry
Preacher Henry
Logan Hensley
Ramon Heredia
Babe Herman
Alberto Hernandez
PaĆ­to Herrera
Pancho Herrera
Leroy Herrmann
Bobby Herron
Harry Hesse
Ed Heusser
George Hewitt
Joe Hewitt
Al Heyl
Alonzo Hicks
Jimmy Hicks
Heliodoro Hidalgo
Barney Higdon
Mush Higgins
Pinky Higgins
Ben Hill
Charley Hill
Jesse Hill
Jimmy Hill
Johnny Hill
Johnson Hill
Pete Hill
Sam Hill
John Hines
Archie Hinton
Fred Hobgood
Kenny Hogan
Shanty Hogan
Bill Hohman
Bill Holland
Flit Holliday
Curtis Hollingsworth
Stamp Hollly
Crush Holloway
Robert Holloway
Eugene Holmes
Lefty Holmes
Philly Holmes
Tommy Holmes
Frog Holsey
Eddie Holtz
Dozier Hood
Wally Hood
Leniel Hooker
Emmett Hopkins
Johnny Hopp
James Horn
Will Horn
Billy Horne
Rogers Hornsby
Bill Hoskins
Dave Hoskins
Charley House
Jesse Houston
Art Houtteman
Bill Howard
Carrenza Howard
Elston Howard
Percy Howard
Red Howard
Telosh Howard
Jesse Hubbard
Larry Hubbard
Palmer Hubbard
John Huber
Willie Hubert
Willis Hudlin
Willie Hudson
Robert Hudspeth
Eddie Huff
Irvin Hufft
Roy Hughes
Sammy Hughes
Charlie Humber
S.M. Humphries
Johnny Hundley
Bill Hunnefield
Grover Hunt
Bert Hunter
Claude Hunter
Don Hurst
Fred Hutchinson
Willie Hutchinson
Cowan Hyde

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