Negro League Players: F

Isidro Fabre
Bob Fagan
Gerves Fagan
Ferris Fain
John Fallings
Selden Fant
Greene Farmer
Luther Farrell
Thomas Favors
Benny Felder
Buck Felder
Bob Feller
Bob Ferguson
Bernard Fernandez
Jose Maria Fernandez
Nanny Fernandez
Pepe Fernandez
Rodolfo Fernandez
Angelo Ferraris
Toots Ferrell
Willie Ferrell
Coco Ferrer
Pedro Ferrer
Tom Ferrick
Amancico Ferro
Lou Fette
Chick Fewster
George Fiall
Benny Fields
Wilmer Fields
Rafael Figarola
Jose Figueroa
Tite Figueroa
Joe Fillmore
Rayford Finch
Johnny Fine
Tom Finley
John Finner
Ed Finney
Carl Fiore
George Fisher
Showboat Fisher
G. Fitzgerald
John Fitzgerald
Jack Fitzpatrick
Freddie Fitzsimmons
Michael Flaherty
Jigger Flonnoy
Jesse Flores
Willis Flournoy
Jake Flowers
Johnny Flowers
William Fold
Lew Fonseca
Robert Footes
Frank Forbes
Bill Force
Bill Ford
George Ford
Jimmy Ford
Rogers Ford
Sylvester Foreman
Zack Foreman
Pedro Formental
Percy Forrest
Ralph Fortson
Rube Foster
Willie Foster
Jack Fournier
Robert Fowler
Ervin Fowlkes
Jimmie Foxx
Bill Francis
Bud Frank
Fred Frankhouse
Mike Frankovich
Al Frazier
Vic Frazier
Johnny Frederick
Larry French
Ray French
Frankie Frisch
Johnny Fugal
Paul Fugit
Chick Fullis
Liz Funk
Fred Fussell

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