Negro League Players: C

Lorenzo Cabrera
Luis Cabrera
Rafael Cabrera
Joe Cade
Marion Cain
Benito Calderon
Earl Caldwell
Ray Caldwell
Frank Calhoun
Lefty Calhoun
Marty Callaghan
James Calleran
Jack Calvey
Clint Cameron
Dolph Camilli
Roy Campanella
Archie Campbell
Bullet Campbell
David Campbell
Gilly Campbell
John Campbell
Joe Campini
Jim Canada
Caldonia Canatienzo
Avelino Canizares
Walter Cannady
Richard Cannon
Denio Canton
Ben Cantwell
Lefty Capers
Bill Caplinger
Francisco Cardenas
Oscar Cardenas
Max Carey
Matt Carlisle
Sylvester Carlisle
Cleo Carlyle
Ollie Carnegie
Andy Carpenter
George Carr
Wayne Carr
Clemente Carreras
Ed Carroll
Leo Carroll
Frank Carswell
Charles Carter
Cliff Carter
Jim Carter
Kid Carter
Lee Carter
Marlin Carter
Paul Carter
Spoon Carter
William Carter
Menske Cartledge
Al Cartmill
Mickey Casey
Bill Cash
John Cason
George Caster
Irwin Castille
Joe Castillo
Joe Cates
Willie Cathey
John Cavanaugh
Pelayo Chacon
Marvin Chalmers
Guy Chamberlain
Johnnie Chambers
Rube Chambers
Spud Chandler
Leonardo Chapman
Sam Chapman
Jack Chappelle
Oscar Charleston
Porter Charleston
Bill Charter
Edgar Chatman
Eli Chism
Thad Christopher
Bill Cissell
A. Citrano
Moose Clabaugh
Alex Clark
Cleveland Clark
Danny Clark
Morten Clark
Bob Clarke
Calvin Clarke
Stu Clarke
Sumpter Clarke
Webbo Clarke
Bus Clarkson
Zack Clayton
Ralph Cleage
Verne Clemons
Duke Cleveland
Luther Clifford
Harlond Clift
Flea Clifton
Sweetwater Clifton
James Coachman
Mickey Cochrane
Phil Cockrell
Johnny Cogdell
Andy Cohen
Jim Cohen
Syd Cohen
Pancho Coimbre
Carlos Colas
Jose Colas
Bob Colborn
Cecil Cole
Arthur Coleman
Elliot Coleman
Gilbert Coleman
Ralph Coles
Gene Collins
Ripper Collins
Alex Colthirst
Jim Colzie
Jack Combs
Monchile Concepcion
Jocko Conlon
Bruce Connatser
Bill Conroy
Henry Cook
Les Cook
Andy Cooper
Anthony Cooper
Army Cooper
Bill Cooper
Darltie Cooper
James Cooper
Mort Cooper
Tom Cooper
Walker Cooper
Charles Corbett
Claude Corbitt
Sam Corley
Willie Cornelius
Francisco Correa
Jess Cortazzo
Pete Coscarart
Hooks Cotter
Sherman Cottingham
Ramon Couto
Johnnie Cowan
Alphonso Cox
Comer Cox
Dick Cox
James Cox
Roosevelt Cox
Harry Cozart
Joe Craig
Doc Cramer
Jimmie Crandall
Sam Crawford
Dewey Creacy
Creepy Crespi
Alejandro Crespo
Rogelio Crespo
Tony Criscola
Leroy Cromartie
Ned Crompton
Bill Cronin
Walter Crosby
Norman Cross
Will Crowder
George Crowe
Martin Crue
Alex Crumbley
James Crump
Jimmie Crutchfield
Chance Cummings
Marion Cunningham
Goose Curry
Reuben Curry

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