NNL All Stars(N) (NNL) 8 NAL All Stars(N) (NAL) 1

Game played on Sunday, September 26, 1937 at Oriole Park, Baltimore MD
All-Star game

NAL All Stars(N)                    1 0 0  0 0 0   -   1     0
NNL All Stars(N)                    3 0 0  0 5 x   -   8     0


NAL All Stars(N)                     AB   R   H  RBI    BB  SO    PO  A
Percy Miller p                                                          
Porter Moss p                                                           
Willard Brown c                                                         
Totals                                    1                       15    

Team LOB:  

NNL All Stars(N)                     AB   R   H  RBI    BB  SO    PO  A
Edsall Walker p                                                         
Josh Gibson c                                                           
Totals                                    8                       18    

Team LOB:  


NAL All Stars(N)                     IP      H   R   ER  BB  SO  HR  BFP
Percy Miller L                                                       
Porter Moss                                                          
Totals                               5           8                   

NNL All Stars(N)                     IP      H   R   ER  BB  SO  HR  BFP
Edsall Walker W                      6           1                   
Totals                               6           1                   

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Umpires: HP - ?

Time of Game: ?   Attendance: 5000

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