The 1927 Baltimore Black Sox Game Log

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Date # Vis Home Type Site Result Winning Pitcher Losing Pitcher Save Atten. Time D/N Box? 19270515 2 Game File CUE BLS regular BAL13 W 8- 0 Laymon Yokely Bernardo Rodriguez y 19270731 1 Game File HIL BLS regular BAL13 W 2- 1 Joe Strong Bullet Campbell y 19271009 Game File ASB BLS exhibition BAL13 W 5- 4 Laymon Yokely Dave Danforth 0 -1 day y 19271016 Game File ASB BLS exhibition BAL13 W 5- 2 Laymon Yokely Dave Danforth 5000 -1 day y 19271023 Game File ASB BLS exhibition BAL13 W 8- 7 Bob McClure Bill Sherdel 5000 -1 day y 19271030 Game File ASB BLS exhibition BAL13 W 7- 6 Laymon Yokely Eddie Rommel 5000 -1 day y

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