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Data are available for download for all seasons for which Retrosheet has released Negro League data. The links below will download ZIP files which contain the following information: Game Files for all games within the season Box-Score Files for all games for which box scores have been found Event Files for all games for which play-by-play accounts have been found or deduced Game Log with summary details about all games Roster file which includes a list of teams, roster files for all teams, a list of ballparks in which games were played, and a list of umpires

'Full' Seasons

1948    1947    1946    1945    1944

Earlier Seasons: Notable Games only

1943    1942    1941    1940    1939
1938    1937    1936    1935    1934
1933    1932    1931    1930    1929
1928    1927    1926    1925    1924
1923    1922    1921    1920    1916
1915    1913    1912    1904    1903

East-West All-Star Games: 1949-1962

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