Negro League All-Star Games

The Negro Leagues played their first All-Star game in the same year and same ballpark as the American and National Leagues: Comiskey Park in 1933. The East-West Classic became an annual event, played at Comiskey Park from 1933 through 1960 with a second game played in an Eastern ballpark several times as well. At least through 1948, these games were the highlight of the Negro League season and got tremendous newspaper coverage from the African-American press. And because these were All-Star games, the quality of the teams and players performing in these games was the highest possible in Negro League baseball.

Negro Leaguers also participated in additional All-Star games through the years, including, for example, several North-South All-Star games played in New Orleans and other Southern cities in the 1930s and 1940s.

East-West All-Star Games
North-South All-Star Games
Other All-Star Games

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