Negro League Seasons

With its latest release, Retrosheet has released games for the last five seasons for which the Negro American League (NAL) and the second Negro National League (NN2) have been recognized as major leagues (by MLB, SABR, and others): 1944, 1945, 1946, 1947, and 1948. The last of these seasons was, in fact, the last season in the history of the Negro National League.

You should read here for some discussion of the data that are being made available by Retrosheet for Negro League games. Data for these three seasons are available at the links below.

Retrosheet has attempted to be fairly liberal in its standards for what games to include. For example, after careful consideration, Retrosheet has decided to include pre-season and post-season exhibition games played between Negro League teams, as well as in-season games which did not count in the official league standings for either the Negro American or Negro National League. The primary reason for doing this is the simple view that "more data" is better than "less data". The amount of available information on games played by Negro League players and teams is sufficiently sparse that we would prefer not to summarily dismiss such data if possible. Retrosheet has attempted to identify which games were "official" and which were not so that, hopefully, researchers can choose to include or disregard these games as they see fit.
Game files, box-score files, and, where available, event files, as well as roster files for each of these seasons are available from the links above or from here. Game types (official, inter-league, exhibition, etc.) are identified within the game and box-score files.

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