1947 Negro League World Series: New York Cubans (NNL) def. Cleveland Buckeyes (NAL), 4-1-1

The 1947 Negro League World Series pitted the NAL Champion Cleveland Buckeyes (CVB), who had won the World Series two years earler, against the New York Cubans (NY6) of the Negro National League, who were making their first World Series appearance.

With the integration of the American and National Leagues in 1947, the attention of much of the African-American press began to shift from the Negro Leagues to the newly integrated American and National Leagues. For example, Jackie Robinson's appearance in the 1947 World Series for the Brooklyn Dodgers was covered on the first page of the Cleveland Call and Post while the Negro League World Series appearance of the local team was relegated to the sports pages. As the most extreme example of this weaker coverage, no box score has been found for Game 5 of this series, a 9-2 Cubans win played at Comiskey Park in Chicago.

Because of the generally weaker coverage here, Retrosheet has not attempted to deduce play-by-play accounts for these games (yet). Instead, only box scores are presented (for five of the six games).

SABR Article

September 26, 1947 at Comiskey Park I, Chicago IL
Postseason Championship Series
Cleveland Buckeyes                  0 0 0  0 0 1  0 0 1   -   2  7  4
New York Cubans                     0 1 3  1 0 4  0 0 0   -   9 14  1
WP: Lino Donoso, LP: Chet Brewer
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