The 1941 Negro League Season

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Negro American League
Regular-Season GamesAll Games
Birmingham Black Barons25181183156342712572676226
Chicago American Giants818093144193612593135619
Jacksonville Red Caps12250109190152821392274510
Kansas City Monarchs31111244149532224022627742
Memphis Red Sox22191207186463144093328118
St. Louis - New Orleans Stars15221206217193122603095225
Negro National League
Regular-Season GamesAll Games
Baltimore Elite Giants30180317219492704583087650
Homestead Grays43212389280602835513689158
Newark Eagles24221273281313213423616455
New York Black Yankees13180120162213402122915541
New York Cubans18211197223244243064267044
Philadelphia Stars13410187318175102433776855
All Games
Team  WLTRS RA  GamesBoxes
East All Stars(E)1008311
West All Stars(W)0103811
Eastern Colored Giants040152343
Major League All Stars(M)1004111
NAL All Stars(NAL)1003211
NNL All Stars(NNL)0102311
Pirrone All Stars30014932
Ted Williams All Stars(TW)1009611

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Player Game Logs for 1941
Ballparks used in 1941

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Main Page for Negro League Baseball

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