Interracial Baseball Games: 1939

Five interracial baseball games involving predominantly major-league players have been found for the 1939 off-season, of which box scores have been found for four. The first two games were a doubleheader played in Baltimore (for which we have only found a box score for game 1) between a team of Negro National League All Stars (NNS) and a team of (white) Major League All Stars (MLS). The other three games were played in Los Angeles between a white All-Star team organized by Joe Pirrone (PIR) and a barnstorming team that called themselves the Philadelphia Royal Giants (PRG).

At least one other game has been located which pitted a Negro League barnstorming team (the Royal Giants) against a team of white players (the White Kings), some of whom were major-league players but a large number of whom were minor-leaguers. This game has not been included here for now.

The four games for which box scores have been constructed are summarized below with links to box scores. The box score files and team rosters for these games can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page. In addition, the California Eagle (an African-American weekly newspaper in Los Angeles) printed a play-by-play account of the first game of the PIR - PRG doubleheader of October 8th. An event file for this game is included in the download link at the bottom of the page.

October 8, 1939 at Oriole Park, Baltimore, Maryland, game 1
NNS  000 010 000   1  6  2
MLS  210 000 000   3  4  2
WP: Appleton, LP: Miller
Retrosheet box score

October 8, 1939 at Gilmore Field, Los Angeles, California, game 1
PIR  000 000 111 2   5  9  3
PRG  100 002 000 0   3  9  1
WP: Bonetti, LP: McDuffie
Retrosheet box score and play-by-play

October 8, 1939 at Gilmore Field, Los Angeles, California, game 2
PIR  000 210 0   3  7  1
PRG  200 000 0   2  4  0
WP: Bittner, LP: Glover
Retrosheet box score

October 11, 1939 at Gilmore Field, Los Angeles, California
PIR  010 000 100   2  4  0
PRG  000 020 03x   5  6  1
WP: McDuffie, LP: Stine
Retrosheet box score

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