4 Homers in a Row

Back-to-back-to-back-to-back homers have happened seven times in major league play.

Click on the date to see the boxscore and play-by-play when available.

6/8/1961 - Braves on the road against the Reds in the top of the 7th:

  1. Eddie Mathews (off of Jim Maloney)
  2. Hank Aaron (Maloney)
  3. Joe Adcock (Marshall Bridges)
  4. Frank Thomas (Bridges)

7/31/1963 - second game, Indians at home against the Angels in the bottom of the sixth :

  1. Woodie Held (off of Paul Foytack)
  2. Pedro Ramos (Indians pitcher) (Foytack)
  3. Tito Francona (Foytack)
  4. Larry Brown (Foytack)
    Note: Foytack was relieved after giving up the fourth one.

5/2/1964 - Twins on the road against the Athletics in the top of the eleventh:

  1. Tony Oliva (off of Dan Pfister)
  2. Bob Allison (Pfister)
  3. Jimmie Hall (Pfister)
  4. Harmon Killebrew (Vern Handrahan)

9/18/2006 - Dodgers at home against the Padres in the bottom of the ninth:

  1. Jeff Kent (off of Jon Adkins)
  2. J.D. Drew (Adkins)
  3. Russell Martin (Trevor Hoffman)
  4. Marlon Anderson (Hoffman)

4/22/2007 - Red Sox at home against the Yankees in the bottom of the third:

  1. Manny Ramirez (off of Chase Wright)
  2. J.D. Drew (Wright)
  3. Mike Lowell (Wright)
  4. Jason Varitek (Wright)
    Note: It was Drew's second time, and Red Sox manager Terry Francona is the son of Tito Francona who was part of the Indian's quartet in 1963.

8/14/2008 - White Sox at home against the Royals in the bottom of the sixth:

  1. Jim Thome (off of Joel Peralta)
  2. Paul Konerko (Peralta)
  3. Alexei Ramirez (Peralta)
  4. Juan Uribe (Robinson Tejeda)

8/11/2010 - Diamondbacks on the road against the Brewers in the top of the fourth:

  1. Adam LaRoche (off of Dave Bush)
  2. Miguel Montero (Bush)
  3. Mark Reynolds (Bush)
  4. Stephen Drew (Bush)
    Note: Stephen Drew is the the brother of J.D. Drew, who has been part of four in a row twice. They are the only brothers to have participated in such a string of homers.

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