Game-Ending Hits

Before 1920 when a team won the game by scoring in the bottom of the last inning, the rules stated that they could not win by more than one run. A player hitting a home run to end the game might have been given credit for a lesser hit depending on the number of bases advanced by the runner who scored the winning run. The hit was a homer if the batter's run was the game-winner. However, if a runner already on base at the time of the game-ending hit scored the winning run, the hit was not a home run according to the rule. Thus no one actually “lost” a homer. The following is the list of known instances of these game-winning hits.

Additions/changes to list:
08/24/2011: Wally Pipp on 6/24/1918
02/14/2010: Hugh Duffy's triple on 06/24/1894 corrected to a double on 06/20/1894
08/27/2009: added first game of DH indicator for 07/08/1918
12/19/2005: added Kirke on 05/06/1913
02/28/2005: single on 08/16/1890; change to team names for 06/17/1890

Date Batter Team Opponent Credited Hit
06/17/1884 Roger Connor NY NL BSN single
09/06/1884 Hardy Richardson BUF NL BSN triple
04/21/1885 Fred Mann PIT AA LOU double
07/30/1885 Tommy McCarthy BSN NL DET double
08/20/1885 Paul Hines PRO NL BSN single
07/10/1888 Bob Caruthers BRO AA STL double
06/05/1890 Sam Thompson PHI NL BRO single
06/17/1890 Mike Griffin PHP PL NYP double
07/30/1890 Al McCauley PHI NL CHN triple
08/16/1890 Bill Joyce BRP PL PHP single
05/07/1891 King Kelly CIN AA BOS single
09/13/1891 (1) George Wood PHI AA MIL double
07/07/1892 Buck Ewing NY NL SLN single
05/13/1893 Lou Bierbauer PIT NL LOU single
08/09/1893 George Van Haltren PIT NL CHN double
06/20/1894 Hugh Duffy BSN NL BAL double
08/27/1895 Bill Lange CHN NL WAS single
09/02/1895 Mike Tieman NY NL CLE triple
09/27/1895 Duke Farrell NY NL BAL triple
07/27/1896 Charlie Irwin CIN NL CLE triple
06/04/1897 Parke Wilson NY NL LOU double
07/15/1899 Jimmy Collins BSN NL PIT single
07/24/1899 Ginger Beaumont PIT NL PHI triple
07/24/1900 Jimmy Collins BSN NL SLN single
07/27/1900 Chick Stahl BSN NL PIT single
05/17/1901 Bill Coughlin WAS AL PHA single
09/01/1902 Ed Gremminger BSN NL CIN double
06/26/1903 Pat Moran BSN NL CHN triple
08/31/1903 (1) Barry McCormick WAS AL BOS triple
09/10/1904 Roger Bresnahan NY NL PHI double
05/05/1906 Sherry Magee PHI NL BRO triple
06/02/1906 Tim Jordan BRO NL BOS double
04/30/1908 Frank Bowerman BSN NL NY double
05/25/1908 Joe Tinker CHN NL NY double
09/28/1908 Cy Seymour NY NL PHI single
04/23/1910 Doc Crandall NY NL BRO single
08/24/1911 Tex Erwin BRO NL CHN triple
05/06/1913 Jay Kirke BSN NL PIT double
06/17/1914 Sherry Magee PHI NL SLN double
04/19/1917 Ping Bodie PHA AL BOS triple
04/19/1918 Irish Meusel PHI NL BSN triple
06/24/1918 Wally Pipp NYA AL BOS double
07/08/1918 (1) Babe Ruth BOS AL CLE triple
07/18/1918 (2) Home Run Baker NYA AL DET single

Hits by League
AA 4
NL 32
PL 2
AL 6
Hits by Type
Single 15
Double 16
Triple 13

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