Tokyo Dome American League Firsts
Tokyo, Japan
Used for two games by the American League in 2004, 2008, and 2012; also used by the NL for two games in 2000.

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Game 03/30/2004 Yankees 3, Devil Rays 8
  Umpires Joe West, Brian Gorman
    Jerry Meals, CB Bucknor
  Managers Joe Torre, Yankees
    Lou Piniella, Devil Rays
  Starting Pitchers Mike Mussina, Yankees
    Victor Zambrano, Devil Rays
  Ceremonial Pitch Junichiro Koizumi, Prime Minister of Japan
Rudolph Giuliani, Former Mayor of New York
  Attendance 55,000
  Batter Derek Jeter (ground out)
  Hit Hideki Matsui (double)
  Run Hideki Matsui
  RBI Jason Giambi
  Single Gary Sheffield
  Double Hideki Matsui
  Triple Kenny Lofton
  Home Run Jason Giambi
  Grand Slam NONE by AL player
  IPHR NONE by AL player
  Stolen Base Jose L. Cruz
  Sacrifice Hit Dustin Pedroia (03/25/2008)
  Sacrifice Fly NONE by AL player
  Cycle NONE by AL player
  Win Victor Zambrano
  Loss Mike Mussina
  Shutout NONE by AL player
  Save Jonathan Papelbon (03/25/2008)
  Hit by Pitch Geremi Gonzalez hit Derek Jeter (03/31/2004)
  Wild Pitch Geremi Gonzalez(03/31/2004)
  Balk NONE by AL player
  No-Hitter NONE by AL player