Gordon and Koppel Field Lasts
aka Federal League Park
Kansas City, MO

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Game 09/28/1915 Baltimore Terrapins 2, Kansas City Packers 3
  Umpires Barry McCormick, Joe O'Brien
  Managers George Stovall, Packers
    Otto Knabe, Terrapins
  Starting Pitchers Nick Cullop, Packers
    George LeClair, Terrapins
  Attendance Unknown
  Batter Pep Goodwin (single)
  Hit Pep Goodwin (single)
  Run Johnny Rawlings
  RBI Pep Goodwin
  Single Pep Goodwin
  Double Duke Kenworthy
  Triple Yip Owens (09/27/1915 game 2)
  Home Run Jack McCandless
  Grand Slam Art Kruger (05/23/1915)
  IPHR Jack McCandless
  Stolen Base Johnny Rawlings
  Sacrifice Hit Nick Cullop
  Sacrifice Fly Jim Hickman
  Cycle Ed Lennox (05/06/1914)
  Win Nick Cullop
  Loss George LeClair
  Shutout Gene Packard (09/26/1915 game 1)
  Save Chief Johnson (09/24/1915)
  Hit by Pitch Chief Johnson hit Harvey Russell (09/27/1915 game 1)
  Wild Pitch Chief Johnson (09/27/1915 game 1)
  Balk Bill Bailey (08/13/1914)
  No-Hitter None
  Putout Jack McCandless