Replayed Homer Calls in 2008

Here are the plays that have been changed due to instant replay.

9/19 Twins @ Rays
In the bottom of the fourth, Carlos Pena hit a ball to right center that a fan tried to catch, but did not and the ball was ruled in play. After a review by crew chief Gerry Davis, the call was changed to a home run. It was just the third use of replay in history. This play did not involve the catwalks suspended above the field, which are covered by ground rules and not subject to reviews by replay.

9/26 Dodgers @ Giants
In the bottom of the sixth, Bengie Molina's fly ball hit a few feet to the left of the 'Splash Hits' sign in right field at AT&T Park. Molina held at first while Pablo Sandoval ran from first to third. Giants manager Bruce Bochy had told Emmanuel Burriss to run for Molina if he got on base, so Burriss immediately popped out of the dugout and replaced Molina. Then Omar Vizquel said he thought the ball hit the green metal awning along the right field wall, which is a home run. Bochy saw a baseball with green paint on it and went out to the field to show it to the umpires. He asked them to discuss the play. Crew chief Tim Welke decided to use the replay system and reversed the call from ball in play to home run. However, he would not allow the Giants to put Molina back in to run out his homer, saying that once the player is in the game the substitution cannot be reversed. Bochy protested the game, which became moot because the Giants won the contest. Molina was given credit for a home run and two RBI but no run scored, while Burriss ran out the homer and was given credit for the run scored. When Burriss returned to the dugout, Molina greeted him by saying 'Good Swing!' The total delay was 12 minutes.

Replay instances without the call being changed

  1. 9/3 Yankees @ Rays - Homer by Alex Rodriguez; crew chief Charlie Reliford
  2. 9/9 Pirates @ Astros - Double by Hunter Pence; crew chief Tim Welke
  3. 9/23 Reds @ Astros - Single by Joey Votto; crew chief Gary Darling
  4. 9/24 Angels @ Mariners - Foul ball by Vlad Guerrero; crew chief Tim Welke
  5. 9/26 Nationals @ Phillies - Homer by Kory Casto; crew chief Mike Reilly

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