Replay in 1999

Illegal Use in 1999
On May 31, 1999, the Cardinals were playing the Marlins in Florida. In the bottom of the fifth inning, the fly ball by Cliff Floyd hit on or above the LF scoreboard and was first ruled a double by second base umpire Greg Gibson. Floyd and the Marlins argued the ball hit the facade behind the scoreboard and should be a homer. After conferring, crew chief Frank Pulli changed the call to a home run. The Cardinals then argued and Pulli, who later said he was confused by the ground rules, decided to look at replays shown on a TV camera in the dugout. He overturned the call back to a double. The Marlins protested the game, but it was denied. Pulli was admonished by NL President Len Coleman, and a specific directive was issued barring future replays. The play would have been eligible for review under the replay rules adopted in 2008.

Play-by-play of the game

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