Secretary’s Report

2000 Board Meeting


Votes taken since last meeting


Date                 Topic                                                                            Method             Result

8-16-1999                    Reimburse David Smith $960.00 for copying 96 rolls          e-mail               5-0

of NL daily sheets microfilm (Move Vincent; second



3-4-2000            Extend the next term of the Vice-President (starting          e-mail               5-0

July 1, 2000) to four (4) years.  (Move Vincent,

second Comly)




Newsletters published (3)

September 8, 1999         (vol. 6, #3)

December 16, 1999        (vol. 6, #4)

March 29, 2000              (vol. 7, #1)

June 1, 2000                  (vol. 7, #2)



Web Site program

In process

We are talking with about hosting this part of our site.  There is a large amount of data to store related to the Game Result Logs (the new official name for these files.)  It is possible that the technical resign might change but we are working on it.