Regional Postseason Series: Box Score, Play-by-Play Data Limitations

We have gone to great lengths to make the information we show on these pages as accurate as possible. However, due to limitations of what is available and that the most recent of the games was played more than seventy-five years ago, there are missing and likely a few incorrect items shown on these pages. The games for which we only show box scores, because we do not have (nearly) complete play-by-play accounts for them, are more likely to have problems or missing data.

If there were any "official" records kept of these postseason city and regional series games, they have not been preserved as best we know. Consequently, we lack information that we can check against. Our sources are mainly newspaper accounts of the time and box scores published in these papers and other sources such as guides. Unfortunately, mistakes in the boxes are not infrequent. For example, there is one that "credits" hitters with sacrifice bunts and also at bats for the sacrifices. Other boxes for the game do not make that mistake. Inconsistency among sources is another problem. For example, we have three boxes for a game with three different numbers of hits for one of the teams. In cases of inconsistencies, we choose to go with the ones with the most support or that are consistent with the information for the rest of the game.

Another problem, which is prevelant in the games that lack play-by-play accounts, is that certain items we take for granted now were either not tracked at all at the time (caught stealing, sacrfice fly) or do not show up in the typical box scores of the time (RBI, innings pitched and hits allowed). If we do not have data, the item will be left blank in the box score.

In spite of these limitations, we are confident that what you see here is by far and away the best source of data about these postseason series and games. By incorporating information found in newspaper stories about the games without play-by-play accounts, we have created box scores that are more accurate and have more information than those published at the time. Also, our play-by-play accounts for some games have corrected mistakes and resolved contradictions among the those appearing in newspapers. We are still searching for additional sources of information about these games, and from time to time, we will make corrections and additions. Those are highlighted on the main page of this section.

Page Updated: 11/26/2018

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