President’s Report


At the 2005 meeting, I announced that we had reached the 1 million mark in visitors to our site.  That count began in January of 2002.  Since the 2005 meeting, which was in August, we have had another 500,000 hits, which is a remarkable increase.  Our average is now around 2000 per day with spikes whenever we are mentioned in the New York Times, or in an ESPN column or a newspaper in a major league city.


As required by Board resolution, I ask for donations to support Retrosheet’s costs.  Our largest fixed cost is the monthly server fee of around $215.  In addition, we hope to be buying some more microfilm rolls of official daily records from the Hall of Fame




Volunteer Opportunities (under New Business)


Our largest need continues to be for help in transcribing daily records from microfilm to digital form, either spreadsheet or text file. Either format is fine and is the choice of the volunteer.  Having this information in digital form with help with our proofing activities as well as in making the “box score” files so that we can post box scores for games lacking a play by play account.