Proposed Plans and Tasks for Retrosheet for fiscal year beginning

July 1, 1994.


  1. Establish a quarterly newsletter for Retrosheet.  This

     newsletter will keep members informed of activity within the

     organization as well provide a vehicle for short articles of

     special interest to Retrosheet, such as odd plays discovered

     during a translation.  Ron Rakowski has volunteered to edit

     the newsletter and it is hoped the first issue will be

     distributed by the end of the summer of 1994.


  2. As of June 16, 1994, 1179 games from the 1983 season have been

     entered into the computer.  The completion of this season

     remains a high priority and new volunteers are steered in this

     direction unless they have some other preference.


  3. As the collection of scoresheets from teams nears its

     completion, other sources of game accounts should be pursued.

     Sportswriters and broadcasters have been contacted with some

     success, although it appears that avenue is reaching an end.

     The last remaining large collections of game accounts are to

     be found in newspapers prior to 1950.  Hopefully there can be

     organized efforts to obtain photocopies from microfilm of the

     accounts from each of these cities.


  4. The corporation by-laws require the development of a conflict

     of interest policy.  No draft policy exists at present.


  5. The collection of scoresheets and other game accounts which is

     the basis of our work is, interestingly enough, not the

     property of Retrosheet at this time, with the possible

     exception of the games received from the St. Louis Cardinals.

     Most of these accounts were obtained by David Smith before

     Retrosheet was incorporated and most of the expense was his,

     although some donations were gratefully received along the

     way.  It is therefore necessary for a formal transfer of

     ownership to be completed between David Smith and Retrosheet.

     This transfer may need to be deferred until the IRS status of

     the corporation is clarified.