Retrosheet Board Meeting, Milwaukee, WI
July 15, 2001; start time 8:00 a.m. CDT; adjournment 8:49 a.m. CDT

Eighth Meeting of the Board  
Present:                                                                        Absent:
            David Smith, president                                                    Sherri Nichols, vice-president
            David Vincent, secretary
            Luke Kraemer, director
            Clem Comly, director

Non-voting attendees:
Clay Davenport                         Dixie Tourangeau                       Dave Raglin
Brian Morrow                           Doug Pappas                            Mat Olkin
John Jarvis                            R.J. Lesch                             Harry Higham
Mike McCardel                          Evelyn Begley                          Jeff Bower
Neal Traven                            Mark Amour                             Paul Matthew
Bob Meyerhoff                          Rob Neyer                              Don Zminda
Sean Forman                            Ron Selter                             Jim Sandoval
John Rickert                           Rich Hansen                            Herm Krabbenhoft
Bob Yahr                               Arnie Braunstein                       Zack Scott
Tom Tippett                            Tom Ruane                              John Matthew IV
Cliff Kachline                         John Swistak                           Gary Skoog
Steve Mau                              Bill Slankard                          James G. Robinson
Bob McConnell

Due to the wording of the Section 5.3 of the By-Laws, Clem Comly's term as Director expired on June 30.
The first two votes were taken with a four-member Board (one absent) and he re-joined the Board after the second vote.


Sponsor            Purpose                                    Result
Smith              Accept Minutes of 2000 Meeting             3-0-0-1

Kraemer            Elect Clem Comly Director                  3-0-0-1

Vincent            Accept Secretary's Report *                4-0-0-1

Comly              Accept Treasurer's Report                  4-0-0-1

Vincent            Accept President's Report                  4-0-0-1

Kraemer            Adjourn                                    4-0-0-1

* - separate document

Other discussion  
Old Business:
Proofing of event files
Web server

New Business:
New web data files: game logs and box scores [ ]
e-Bay purchases picking up scoresheets (Luke Kraemer)