Retrosheet Board Meeting, Burlingame, CA (San   Francisco  Airport Marriott)
June 27, 1998; start time: 7:40 am; adjournment: 9:00 am

Fifth Meeting of the Board

Present:                                                Absent:
            David Smith, president                            Ron Rakowski, director
            Sherri Nichols, vice-president
            David Vincent, secretary
            Luke Kraemer, director

Non-voting attendees:
Arnie Braunstein                      Scott Fischthal                         Greg Spira
Marc Stephenson                       Pete Palmer                             Victor Wilson
Rich Topp                             Bob Davids                              Bob McConnell
Evelyn Begley                         Tom Tippett                             Neal Traven
G. Jay Walker                         Don Malcolm                             Joe Dittmar
Mark Pankin                           Dave Raglin                             Clem Comly
Cliff Kachline                        Evelyn Kachline                         Lyle Spatz
Doug Pappas                           Ed Luteran                              Michael Schell
Keith Woolner                         Tom Ruane


Sponsor            Purpose                                 Result
Smith              Approval of 1997 minutes                by acclamation

Smith              Amend By-law Section 5.5                4-0-0-1 (Rakowski)

Kraemer            Accept report of Nominating Comm        4-0-0-1 (Rakowski)

Smith              Election of new Board member: Clem      4-0-0-1 (Rakowski)

Vincent            Secretary's report (attached)           by acclamation

Nichols            Treasurer's report                      by acclamation

Smith              President's report                      by acclamation

Smith              Approval of web site box score          4-0-0-1 (Rakowski)
                   interactive program concept;
                   Vincent to pursue with Pankin

Vincent            Move to adjourn                         4-0-0-1 (Rakowski)

Other discussion:

Review of Nominating Committee's procedures as performed this year.
Sources of income via donations.
Donation of $150.00 by Tom Tippett of Diamond Mind, Inc as percentage of income derived
from data donated by Retrosheet; accepted with thanks by President

Old Business:

Status of tax exempt application (application filed using incorrect form; refiling
under way)

New Business:

When to release incomplete seasons (how many missing games is significant?)
Possible change to data files to create "box score event file" when no sheet is available for game
Links to commercial web sites (generally thought to be bad idea)
Possible change to manner of acting in board election (future discussion)