Retrosheet Board Meeting, Louisville, KY
June 22, 1997; start time: 9:30 am

Fourth Meeting of the Board

Present:                                             Absent:
            Sherri Nichols, VP (presiding)                 Luke Kraemer
            David Vincent, secretary                       Ron Rakowski
            David Smith, president (via phone)

Non-voting attendees:
Arnie Braunstein                        Lyle Spatz                  Joe Colosi
John F. Jarvis                          Joe Dittmar                 John Rickert
Rob Neyer                               Rich Hansen                 Neal Traven
Pete Palmer                             Tim Cashion                 Clem Comly
Hal Smith                               Bill McMahon                John Pardon
Jerry Wachs                             Tony Colosi                 Scott Fischthal

President David Smith was unable to attend this meeting in person because he remained 
home waiting the impending birth of his son,  Graham. He "attended" via phone.


Sponsor            Purpose                                    Result
Nichols            Approval of 1996 minutes                   2-0-0-3 (Smith, Kraemer, Rakowski)

Vincent            Amend by-laws (Attachment B)               3-0-0-2 (Kraemer, Rakowski)

Vincent            Elect David Smith, Sherri Nichols to       3-0-0-2 (Kraemer, Rakowski)
                   open board seats

Nichols            Elect David Smith President                3-0-0-2 (Kraemer, Rakowski)

Smith              Elect Sherri Nichols Vice-President        3-0-0-2 (Kraemer, Rakowski)

Smith              Accept Secretary's report                  3-0-0-2 (Kraemer, Rakowski)
                   (Attachment C)

Vincent            Accept Treasurer's report                  3-0-0-2 (Kraemer, Rakowski)
                   (Attachment E)

Vincent            Accept President's report                  3-0-0-2 (Kraemer, Rakowski)
                   (Attachment F)

Vincent            Amend Policy Manual                        3-0-0-2 (Kraemer, Rakowski)
                   (Attachment D)

Smith              Adjourn                                    3-0-0-2 (Kraemer, Rakowski)

Other discussion:

1.  Lyle Spatz wished to thank Retrosheet for our continuing effort to pass along newly discovered record changes.
He especially wished to commend Greg Beston and told the Board that Greg should get a raise.  The president 
immediately doubled Greg's salary.

2.  David Vincent asked members to send all instances of unusual plays directly to him for inclusion in The Retro
Sheet instead of sending them to Dave Smith ("let's eliminate the middle man.")  He promises to keep the
president informed.

3.  The Treasurer's report included $2400.00 in unreimbursed donations.  These come mostly from Dave Smith 
and Clem Comly to which all members say "Thanks!"