Retrosheet Board Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA
June 17, 1995; start time: 9:30 am EDT

Second Meeting of the Board

In Attendance:                         Absent:
      David Smith, Chair                  Luke Kraemer 
      Sherri Nichols, VP
      David Vincent
      Ron Rakowski

      Herm Krabbenoft
      Alan Boodman
      David Nichols
      Susan Nichols
      Dave Lamereaux
      Pat Lamereaux
      Dan Lamereaux
      Doug Pappas
      Joe Dittmar
      Scott Fischthal
      Mike Gershman
      Mark Pankin
      Jim Johnston
      Arnie Braunstein
      Tom Tippett
      Mark Bernstein
      The Dreaded Pete DiCoursey
      Lyle Spatz
      Clem Comly
      Dave Raglan
      Walter LaConte
      Neal Traven
      John Rickert
      Chris Long
      Clay Davenport


Sponsor        Purpose                       Result
Smith          To accept minutes             By acclamation
               as amended:  change Sherry
               to Sherri in motion electing
               Sherri Nichols as VP

Smith          To amend ByLaws sec 6.1:      4-0-0-1 (Kraemer absent)
               adding “a Secretary” as in
               "Vice-President, a Secretary,
               and a Treasurer,"

Smith          Nominate David Vincent        3-0-1-1 (Vincent abstain;
               as Secretary                           Kraemer absent)

Smith          Select Ron Rakowski to        4-0-0-1 (Kraemer absent)
               fill open Board position

Smith          Amend ByLaws:                 4-0-0-1 (Kraemer absent)
               Create Nominating Committee
               of two to be the two Board
               members (excluding the Pres.)
               with the longest unexpired

Smith          To direct David Vincent       4-0-0-1 (Kraemer absent)
               to create a Policy Manual
               by July 30

Vincent        To include in Policy Manual   4-0-0-1 (Kraemer absent)
               a statement about cost of 
               data distribution at $5.00
               for a disk and $2.50 for
               each additional disk in the
               same order

Nichols        To adjourn                    3-0-0-2 (Kraemer, Vincent

Other discussion:

1.  Data distribution policy, especially the cost of transmission
2.  Report on status of Retrosheet:
    a.  Approximately 100 volunteers
    b.  Publicity:  Winfield book, Ripken stats for Orioles, 
        Paul White column in BB Weekly, BB Quarterly Review,
        Spike Lee, NY Daily News book on BRO 1955
    c.  Koufax career computerized, Brett/Ryan in progress
    d.  Summary of games processed